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Hello everyone!, I hope you’re having a good day.

New Year, New Heroes arrive in FEH soon after its start, they are…!

[Heir of Light]

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List of additions:

  • Shannan
  • Altena
  • Ced
  • Larcei
  • ⊕Travant


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The lance in Travant’s sprite is a mistake from the author themselves, now imagine giving him Cordelia’s refine…

New Heroes


EPITHET Wielder of Astra
AKA Shanan
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page

He is the son of Mariccle the previous King of Isaach and is next in the line to the throne, he’s a full-blooded descendant of Od, allowing him to brandish [Balmung].

In FEH he arrives as an infantry sword wielding the national trasure from his Kingdom, along with a strong skillset of his own:

  • ☆[Balmung]: this 16 Mgt. weapon grants him [Speed +3] alongside debuff neutralization and +5 to all stats during battle provided his target starts the combat and/or is healthy… a really easy to meet condition.
    This weapon will mostly shine on enemy phase where he excels at but you can also try a more offensive set for player phase if you want to
  • ☆[Imperial Astra]: this skill is the same as Ayra’s [Regnal Astra] as it grants 40% of speed as extra damage upon activation with a relatively low cooldown of 2, [Wrath 3] is there to further boost his damage with the special providing he meets the HP requirement, that can be really helpful with the rest of his kit on [Røkkr Sieges]. Also, [Even Spd Wave 3] gives him an extra edge on even turns (2, 4, 6, …)
  • ☆[Steady Posture 3]: with this we have LV3 {dual stance} skills covering 4 of the 5 stats. This does the same as the one in Osian 'cept boosting different stats: +6 to speed and defense and [Guard] when foe initiates

:warning: Regarding ☆[Imperial Astra]: this special skill has generated a lot of confusion as to whether or not it’s inheritable due to its name and wording in its description, it’s NOT inheritable and it’s like a mirror of Ayra’s [Regnal Astra], both do the same anyways and are locked to their owners. Also the names in Japanese are gender-specific, please refer to this post in the FEH subreddit


These are his stats:
palemoon,Heroes__Fire_Emblem_Heroes_Wiki_-GamePress-_Pal_2020-01-09_06-01-28-158 palemoon,Heroes__Fire_Emblem_Heroes_Wiki_-GamePress-_Pal_2020-01-09_06-03-17-504

  • Superboon: attack
  • Superbane: resistance

I’m comparing him to L!Marth who is a good comparison point but also can get buffs quite easily too.
Both have different niches and have their share of pros/cons but remain useable, a nine point BST difference separates them.
His defense is also about as high than what Eyvel can reach, Shannan is really thick physically and fast.
Overall a fun unit to use who can easily stack up stats too

Statline rating: 9/10

Inheritance options

A quick rundown of what to do if you summoned him for SI:

  1. Take [Steady Posture 2] from Thea or Reyson, both have this at 4★
  2. When going to inherit choose: ☆[Steady Posture 3]
  3. Then add either of his other passive skills, [Wrath 3] is really good but you may also consider [Even Spd Wave 3] if you like collecting rare skills and/or will find it useful, even though Astram has it at 5★ it’s still good to keep that in mind as it can factor in your decision
  4. :feh_inherit:

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

His artwork in FEH

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EPITHET Luminous Rider
AKA Altenna
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page

She’s Quan and Ethlyn’s daughter and Leif’s older sister, being a full-blooded descendant of Njörun lets her wield the [Gáe Bolg], she’s also a minor descendant of Baldr thanks to her mother.
After certain tragic events that ocurried during the Yied Massacre Travant kidnaps her and also takes the [Gáe Bolg] so that he has a potential wielder of it to use, and he raises her as his own daughter.
Much like her mother, Altena is described to be kind-hearted yet strong-willed and brazen.

In FEH she arrives as a flying lance unit with a relatively simple kit:

  • ☆[Earthly Gáe Bolg]: it grants her [Defense +3] alongside a conditional [Lull Atk/Def] effect — going into detail, as long as her foe isn’t a flying unit her target suffers ATT and DEF -5 during battle alongside blue buff neutralization to these two stats
  • [Reprisal]: switch it out immediately — okay, if you feel like it but this special skill won’t do her much favors sadly, [Bonfire] for example will do much better
  • [Sturdy Stance 2]: it gives her ATT and DEF +4 during any combat her target initiates, this skill is rare on its own as it was on H!Dorcas at 4★ and L!Ephrain but she brings a way to obtain it
  • [Brash Assault 3]: this is an odd choice for a B-skill as it gives her a guaranteed follow-up if she initiates a combat with half or more of her HP lost against an enemy that can counterattack

That’s it, her kit gives her a dual-phased functionality but with SI you can improve it.
Good news though, poor skillset means likely:

Demote candidate

Her kit screams demote right and left, all of these skills (barring [Sturdy Stance 2] which may require using grails) hint to this chance, I pray it comes into reality :pray:t2:

Inheritance options

[Sturdy Stance 2] is your best choice here as it’s finally made available on the regular pool… but at 5★… [Brash Assault 3] is also an option but I don’t see any incentive in taking it over the former skill as you have Bartre at 4★ for this


This is her statline:

  • Superboons: speed and defense
  • Superbane: resistance

She excels at being a physical wall while having a high attack power in a similar fashion to Lukas, except she’s flying.
She can be compared to Valter:


That’s because of his similar statline to Altena and she can have a speed superboon to be an even more precise comparison.
Still, both have PRFs that set them apart and can fill different roles, she’s a fun unit to build particularly with that speed superboon which’ll leave her speed at 34 when fully merged and with the DF boost

Stats rating: 9/10

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

Her artwork in FEH

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EPITHET Hero on the Wind
AKA Sety
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page

He’s Lewyn’s son and next in lineage to the throne of Silesse, being a full-blooded descendant of Sety[1] lets him use [Forseti].
He’s defined as a selfless person, often looking after others and unable to turn back at people in distress.

In FEH he arrives as an infantry green tome unit wielding… uh… what’s this weapon?:

  • ☆[Winds of Silesse]: [Speed +3]… [Atk/Spd Solo 3]… that’s all his weapon has, it’s not useless but not a great PRF, his father will still stand out more. I’m shook we don’t even see a special version of [Forseti] on him
  • [Luna]: will reduce his enemy’s RES by half on the attack it activates
  • ☆[Spd/Res Solo 3]: he completes the family of {solo} skills with the one that boosts speed and resistance by +6 each during a battle so long as he’s not adjacent to an ally
  • [Pulse Smoke 3]: it’ll pull the CD of his enemies by 1 after combat, the targeted enemies are the one that fights him and anyone within 2-square radius of the target’s location, this skill is useful to shut down teams that rely on [Infantry Pulse 3] which are prevalent in [Aether Raids]


This is his statline, his only superboon is HP:

Well, he’s similar to his father:

But despite the 10 BST gap Lewyn remains a competent unit with high speeds and a excellent PRF that give him the edge in offensive, making the BST increase Ced has just a boon for [Arena].

Ced is good by default and will have a nice RES like Sonya, except Ced can reach a whooping 51 speed on his own

Statline rating: 8.5/10

Inheritance options

☆[Spd/Res Solo 3] is a good skill I can consider taking because it’s only on him and it’s boosts may prove to be useful but [Pulse Smoke 3] is more useful overall and still rare, he’s the second regular pool unit with it after all

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

His artwork in FEH

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AKA Lakche
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page

She’s Ayra’s daughter and a minor descendant of Od.
Her personality is slightly hot-headed yet she can tend to become hyperacttive, she looks up on Shannan who teacher her the way of the sword and takes care of.

In FEH she arrives as another red infantry sword boasted with plethora of rare skills as usual:

  • ☆[Larcei’s Edge]: this eponymous weapon grants max CD reduction by 1 alongside +4 to all stats during battle and blue buff neutralization to her target (its main use is disable {blade} tomes and [Laevatein]) only by passing a speed check or a fight with a healthy foe is started by either of the combatants… nearly free boosts :feh_lynstare:
  • [Regnal Astra]: it’s a technique passed down by the people of Isaach, this grants her extra damage based off 40% of her speed upon proc in a CD of 1…
  • [Atk/Spd Solo 3]: it’s there to speed her up and deal more damage, all while helping her activate her weapon and reducing damage with this skill:
  • ☆[Repel 3]: it’s [Close Call 3] but instead of its holding moving a space away from their target it shoves the enemy on combats initiated by the holder… looks like we’ll have the rest of the movement B-slot skills “greenified” but this was expectable. This skill will reduce the damage she receives on either phase if she passes an speed check which is easy.
  • [Panic Smoke 3]: aaaaand we get another premium skill in the regular 5★ pool (initially only on Thrasir, a Mythic Hero), what this’ll do is inflict [Panic] on targets and enemies within 2-square radius of it


This is her statline:

  • Superboon: speed
  • Superbane: defense

Welp, much like OG Mareeta you can make Larcei quite tanky while being speedy and landing deadly hits.
Comparing her to Mareeta won’t make much sense, instead… let’s compare her to her mother!

Their mixed bulk isn’t entirely similar but asides that they do have similar stats, while Larcei has powercrept her mother it doesn’t make her less useful, and she’s yet to get a refine :eyes:.

Still Larcei is a strong and quite resilient unit you might like to bring along.

Stat rating: 8.5/10

Inheritance options

☆[Repel 3] is a great option but you don’t need it when you have [Close Call 3]… unless you have strategies involved around shoving the enemy on initiation of combats.
[Panic Smoke 3] is also amazing fodder as panicking enemies can be quite deadly for the enemy team

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

Her artwork in FEH

Ayra's artwork in FEH
Original art

FE4 - Ayra's and Larcei's mugshots

Ira Lakche

:warning: To note: we’ll make a comparison with Ayra’s art, also drawn by Asatani Tomoyo.

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EPITHET King of Thracia
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page
MEDIA INFO Soeda Ippei

Jason Marnocha


Travant is the King of Thracia, Arion’s father and Altena’s adoptive father, being a full-blooded descendant of Dáinn allows him to wield the [Gungnir], after the unfortunate events in the first generation of the game Travant takes a young Altena along with the [Gáe Bolg] to raise her as her own daughter.
While being ruthless and cunning due to growing in the harsh southern region of Thracia he’ll do what it takes to secure the future of his country.

In FEH he arrives as a flying lance unit wielding… a really poor kit:

  • [Silver Lance+]: …that’s it, he already passed down [Gungnir] to his son, Arion
  • [Ignis]: it’s a really good default skill on him to make use of that thick defense
  • [Vantage 3]: he doesn’t have that much to make good use of this, however not having a PRF weapon helps you decide what lance to give him with relative ease, so things like [Ridersbane+] might help him shine with this skill
  • [Flier Guidance 3]: it’s really helpful for a flier emblem team where their mobility can define a battle


These are his stats:
He’s much like Altena, except a lack of PRF sets him apart and makes him overall a less viable choice of a unit to work on.
He’s also comparable to Valter since he has the most similar statline, we don’t have much slow lance fliers:


Also powercrept, but both have their traits, if you like them go for it, they’re still good choices on their own

Stats rating: 8/10

Inheritance options

If you have the feathers to spare and need [Flier Guidance 3] then go for it… at 4★ he has… [Vantage 3] and his weapon isn’t useful for anything but collecting

Aesthetics reference

Official art:

His artwork in FEH

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  • Duration: 2020-01-09T07:00:00Z2020-01-30T06:59:59Z


The choice of units is fine, for the most part we get four of the children from the second generation from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War making their way into FEH but there are three things that irk me, though to a minor degree:

  • Where’s Ulster?: he’s Larcei’s twin brother, naturally I feel he should’ve come along
  • Where’s our insta-demote?: we didn’t get a unit that’s added straight into the 3★/4★ pool this time, that spot would have been a good one for Ulster to fill but IS has decided not to include a sixth unit ths time
  • Two infantry swords: Intelligent Systems continues to ignore the issues of the red pool by adding more 5★ units, they’re infantry swords too, we’ve got two of these on the [Peony and More] banner

Aside these nitpicks it’s still a respectably good banner and with a good GHB unit to boot


Another banner with a lot of excellent art, did you see Shannan’s? Now this is some quality design, see his special art… it’s full of colorful slashes, his attack art shows a carefully drawn [Balmung], I really like the tone in his voice too.
The others have really good arts and voice acting in general.
Altena is my favourite though, her design isn’t entirely loyal, her clothing and armor isn’t entirely the same but still it looks respectably gorgeous. Shannan makes a close second place.
I want to mention something about Larcei’s design however, her art is quite similar to that of Ayra’s, but that’s due to their similarities in their original arts+mugshots, alongside being of the same family, it’d have been better if it was done more differently but at least I love this reference. For convenience I’ve placed their arts+mugshots above for comparison


Choice rating: 8/10
Arts rating: 9/10
Voice acting: 10/10

Associated event data

  • Event type: [Forging Bonds]
  • Name: “Beyond Blood”
  • Duration: 2020-01-09T07:00:00Z2020-01-23T06:59:59Z

Multiplier chart

LINKS Source Enlarge

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  1. The wind crusader’s name is the same as Ced in the fan and official translations, to avoid confusions I referred to the crusader as “Sety” which is also Ced (character) previous name in the fan translation, there’s no easy way out of this one

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EPITHET Lewd Dream

Nicole Gose

FIRST SEEN Book IV → Chapter 3 → Part 5

LINKS Source Enlarge

Screenshot of stats+skills

Her artwork

Facial expressions

(Click/tap for quotes)


Yes, you’re seeing right, her epithet/title is… “Lewd Dream”…

:feh_lynstare: They’re even using a synonym in her description (“salacious”)… it’s not a big deal to me though but this and Plumeria’s design overall show what kind of direction Intelligent Systems is taking to show content for a more mature audience. But that’s me, it’s not like we’re seeing 18+ content, they just haven’t been treating the male character as much.

Anyways, let’s see… her role is based on that of a succubus in which she delivers salacious dreams to mortals, not much going on here except she doesn’t like her job, she wants to quit but she can’t. She appear at the final part of the third chapter in book IV trying to stop our Heroes from any further advance but failing in doing so, she’ll come back with Triandra, the other dökkálfar we already saw.

It’s too early to say something definitive about her since we need to see what’s her character development across the Book IV but we can have first impressions:
Well, to me Triandra will always win over Plumeria… but there’s a big pair of reasons for me to love her design—

No, I’m talking about arts and voice acting :catroll:… Yoshiku (who also drew B!Caeda and Lene :heart_eyes:) did her arts and they’re good, I’m a sucker for their style… if you look back at older designs like that of Lene’s it’s not as bad but it’s still kinda revealing to an extent.
The voice acting is made by yet another new VA in FEH who voiced her just as expected with an enticing tone.
But the best part is possibly the animation:


While it’s not as detailed as Triandra’s it’s still EPIC, see that ball of darkness with bolts being fired at her foes.

Gameplay-wise she’s really easy to dispose of, her kit doesn’t help her much but so does that speed and defense, she’s surely wanting to quit her job :catroll:


  • Arts: 7/10
  • Voice acting: 9/10
  • Character first impressions: 6/10

:warning: To note

Unllike Triandra, Plumeria is fully voiced, she even has map voice lines so we may see her as a playable character somewhere or anytime soon, so if you want her, save your orbs.


This is one of the new characters we saw in the introductory video of Book IV, his art:

ARTIST Yoshiku

It’s an easy 10/10 for his art, he sure inspires the presence of a King, the nature colors combine really well and his staff is really detailed.
I look forward to more of his designs to be able to say even more but this style already delivers

The End

Thank you for reading my review and supporting my job, it means a lot to me! As always I hope you find it both a useful resource and a good read of thoughts

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Impressive how you needed more than 32K characters for this. :eyes:

Time to read. :feh_bigbeauty:


Yes :eyes: actually I needed 35075 characters :catroll: anyways take your time! I hope it’s a good read :+1:


Honestly, while I’ve never played Genealogy/Thracia, it’s low-key sad how dirty they did Travant. I’ve heard some very interesting things about him, how he was never truly evil, wanted only the best for his country, and was desperate to do whatever it takes for it. He cares about it more than he cares about himself, and I can respect a guy like that. I just wish they swapped his Spd and Res, it would’ve been an impactful difference :catroll:

But ah well, naught to be done about it. At least he’s got pretty good art. Could’ve been worse.


Much can and has been said on Shannan’s amazing statline. With his weapon complimenting it perfectly.
Basicly his niche being that he’s got no strange special effects or unique style.
He’s just the pinnacle of a swordsman’s raw combat power. Stacking up stats like a boss.

But I also want to talk about Ced.
He’s easily ignored, but like Shannan Ced is king if you need a mage with an amazing atk/spd/res spread. He has no double B skills or AoE bombs up his sleeve. Just raw duelist combat power. And very cheap to build.

Finally for the Altena and Travant situation.
It’s really all down to that demote.
If Altena demotes, rip Travant 100%. She’s got basicly the same stats but with a prf.
But if she doesn’t Travant is an improved blue version of Gerome/Haar. One without the obvious rival as 4*. Since 40 def is giant especially on a non-armor.

Ah well, at least Travant can have one niche as panic bot (since you won’t be running Altena without Gáe Bolg anyway)


Maybe he’ll get an alt someday. :feh_maethink:


It’ll be a while before that happens :catroll:

But who knows, anything can happen. :eyes:


Ah noice! Loving how detailed and comprehensive this review is! And how well you’ve linked sources and such.


Yes pls demote her I want her to be a merge project alongside Echidna so bad :sob: And no it’s not also cause I already gave her Mirror Stance 3, I had 5 Osains okay? So I still have 4 of him

He really could have been a solid choice for it if we had gotten one. :feh_elisad: Would it have been a 3rd sword infantry on this banner basically? Yes, but it would given a high bst new sword infantry that wasn’t 5 star locked like the other 4 recent ones.


Too bad I got only one Altena -DEF from this banner. If Altena is demoted it will surely be my merge project. Really a great banner with lots of premium skills and units with great traits.

Nice job af! :clap::clap::clap:


Thank you! Indeed I hope Altena demotes here, if that’s the case I’m making her my next project after Kagero, if not then I guess I’ll stick to the plan of working on Nowi.
Either way I’m sure you’ll get that bane patched! How you’d like to build her? I’m thinking of something like this:


Nice build. I hope to get SP3 sometime. I was thinking about this build:

A slot can also be: ATK/DEF Solo
C Slot can also be: Rouse Def/Res 3


I think Fliers might not be able to get Rouse skills.


Ohhhhh. Thanks for the correction.


Yeah unfortunately only Cavs and Infantry can inherit Rouse skills. Fliers can inherit the Oath skills though.


MrShinyGyarados is right, sadly she can’t get a {rouse} skill because she’s a flier:

But don’t worry it’s still an amazing build, she’s gonna be a tough one with this set :fire:


Someone’s copying her brother

Kidding, kidding. I do really like your suggested build. Like her father, her speed isn’t great but this is a good way to get around that and incorporates the Leonster skill pattern.

I hope she demotes as well and she does seem to be following a pattern of the recent demotes of having a skill that was harder to obtain than it deserved to be available at 4 stars. Echidna had Drive Atk 2 which was on only five star locked units and Grail units, Python had Blue Tomebreaker which was only available on female Robin, Norne had Spd/Def Link which wasn’t even in the normal pool, Tethys had Spd/Res Bond which also isn’t in the normal pool, Brady had Atk/Res Push which was new but Push skills weren’t very useful until their Tier 4 versions came along, and Mercedes had Odd Res Wave which has only on Aversa, Fallen Berkut, and Summer Takumi.

Maybe I’m just being overly hopeful and looking for patterns where there are none but I’d like to think there’s something to this


Pretty sure Mikoto actually has Brazen Atk/Res. :eyes:

Don’t think anyone had it before Brady. :thinking:

1 Like

No, you’re right, he has Infantry Flash like Mikoto and I mixed up the two