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Hello everyone! I hope you’re doing well.

We’ve recently learnt the identity of the new Legendary Hero, this time it’s…!


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EPITHET Crowned Exalt
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page
MEDIA INFO Hino Shinnosuke

Matt Mercer


HP+3, Pair-Up, BST push to 180


The Prince of Ylisse, brother to Lissa and Emmeryn and a distant descendant of Marth, he’s one of the wielders of the divine sword used to slay dragons, the [Falchion].
He’s the leader of the Shepherds, a Ylissean elite force tasked with the protection of its kingdom and peace.
He’s greatly fond of Robin who also became his most valuable tactician.

He eventually becomes the next Exalt of his kingdom and gives birth to his daughter, called Lucina.

He’s described to be a caring, protective and direct person comitted to his goals, unwavering to see them through. He’s very faithful to other people, that’s shown when he first mets an unconscious in the ground Robin, Chrom firmly believes what they claim about not remembering their past and knowing only his name despite Frederick believes otherwise


Crowned as the new Exalt of Ylisse, Chrom gets his Legendary Hero variant as a blue bow archer much like his daughter, but with glaring differences in terms of gameplay elements, let’s start with his base kit:

  • ☆[Randgríðr]: it grants a boost of [Attack +3], the class effectiveness against fliers but this one is also effective vs. armors.
    It’ll check if the foe starts or is initiated with max health (check made at the start of combat), if this happens then he’ll eliminate any debuff on himself during the battle and reduce target’s attack and defense b y -6
  • ☆[To Change Fate!]: it has the effect of [Reposition], self-refreshment (being able to again) and grant a visible buff of attack +6 to both L!Chrom and his cohort (NOT repoisitioned unit). Upon use, the pair will be inflicted with [Isolation], preventing potential abuse of this skill
  • [Close Counter]: and we still see this skill on limited time units…
    Well, together with his statline and attack debuffing capabilities he’s well-suited to fight back melee enemies that attack him
  • [Lull Atk/Def 3]: this skill will reduce the target’s attack and defense by -3 on top of disable the visible buffs these stats have, but only during any combat
  • [Rouse Def/Res 3]: it’ll grant visible buffs of defense and resistance +6 at the start of any turn he’s not adjacent to an ally

With this kit he’s more of an enemy phase nuke of sorts but he can be used during player phase just fine. The minimum recommendation would be to fill his special slot, [Glimmer] will suffice since upon proc the effectiveness against flier/armor would help escalate the damage dealt

:sparkle: Trivia: “Randgríðr” is a valkyrie name from Norse mythology, the name may mean: “Shield-truce” or possibly “shield-destroyer”


LINKS Source Enlarge | Datamine

  • Superboon: speed
  • Superbanes: attack, defense, resistance

With this statline he’s focused on delivering easy one shots to the enemies, mainly fliers and armors… he’s the first archer with such an staggering attack base, resting at 42.
His speed is low but odd enough it’s a superboon, this makes it tempting to try out an speedy take, you can actually make him quite well versed in terms of pure offense.
Mixed bulk is pretty good but his resistance will need a little extra support for it to be of use, specifically against units like dragarmors which he has potential to take down.

I’ve thought of these three for comparison, though in reality, we don’t have archers with an statline like that before L!Chrom so I’ll stick to even loosely similar choices:
Both Leon and Jamke have middling speeds but the former has access to an asset, they both share the high attack and defense but 30s speed and low RES, these units still stand as strong choices and have the advantage to be colorless.

Lastly but not least, L!Chrom is the second infantry blue bow, coincidentally enough the first unit of his kin is his daughter, our beloved Lucina:
The BST difference is really big, that’s the most noteworthy thing but in the rest she’s really not falling behind, and remains a competent unit. She’s the advantages of being naturally fast, have good attack and no need for defenses which are a good part of why L!Chrom has bigger BST.

L!Chrom is an overall strong unit, kind of broken but he’ll provide you with armor smashing capabilities

Inheritance options

[Close Counter] and [Rouse Def/Res 3] is the best combo IMO, but you may also take [Lull Atk/Def 3], both are premium skills after all, but the latter is slightly easier to find.
Whatever is your choice, make sure you’re pulling for giving a ranged unit his skills

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

:globe_with_meridians: This art comes from the Fire Emblem Cipher 8th series of cards released in March 16th, 2017. Drawn by Yamada Kotaro.

His artwork in FEH

Sample quote:

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RED L!Eirika Sothis Phina
BLUE L!Julia L!Azura L!Chrom
GREEN Gunnthrá L!Lyn Gerik
COLORLESS L!Alm Duma F!F!Corrin


  • Duration: 2020-02-27T07:00:00Z2020-03-05T06:59:59Z

Colors summary

  • Red: it has L!Eirika, Sothis and Phina… overall a nice color with an amazing refresher and two fast reds that get stronger when fighting next to no one. (8/10)
  • Blue: it has Julia, Azura and Chrom (all legendaries), this color offers the strongest choice of units for you including a powerful dragon nuker, the cancerous support we all know and our new Legendary Hero that I’m covering (9/10)
  • Green: it has Gunnthrá, L!Lyn and Gerik… this color has the weakest backup, I can’t really recommend it but Gerik’s fodder will prove to be useful. The other two units are okay, you can get them for the stat boosts in wind season and/or because you like them (6.5/10)
  • Colorless: it has L!Alm, Duma and F!F!Corrin… I like it, it’s also great backup providing generally fast offensive units and a Mythic Hero for anima season defenses in [AR-D]— wait, I knew it but something was off… F!F!Corrin gets a second rerun in a L/M banner :feh_hecstare: (7/10)

Calendar of returning L/M Heroes

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Regarding aesthetics…

They’re actually good! I like the arts in general since they’re reminiscent of the Awakening designs in the cutscenes, but those hands in his normal art are quite big — the rest is very likeable.
For as long as Matt Mercer continues to voice Chrom it’ll be the iconic voice for our main Ylisse Lord we’d always prefer, no complains here.


Banner rating: 7.6/10
Statline rating: 8/10
Artwork: 9.5/10
Voice acting: 10/10

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Thank you very much for reading yet another review of mine and supporting their continuity. While L!Chrom isn’t a Legendary Hero I feel particularly excited to I’m glad for his fans, now to wait for Seliph to get his version, he really deserves it.
That aside, I’ve been thinking of yet another thing to improve my chart of reruns… add icons, this’ll quickly let you know the season an L/M Hero is more useful for and the boost it grants, feel free to distribute it for as long as it remains unedited, any corrections should be reported to me.

Anyways, I hope you’re excited for the next release! And remember you can volunteer for writing a bio of a character, it’ll be appreciated.
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Once again, thanks a ton and see you in the next release!


Thanks for taking all your time for the reviews. :slight_smile: I’ll read it later today. ^^

Not that much interested on this banner and looking forward to the ones on March and May though. ^^


All Great except… I really don’t like his artwork , huge hands and small head (also where is his neck?)
Despite this I like this leggendary hero , also his Abyssal is taking too much


Isn’t Faye a good comparison to him? :thinking:

He looks fine, but nothing I require. Wouldn’t mind getting him eventually at all though.


I was thinking of Faye too but her attack stat didn’t strike me as much for comparing it:

That and that her refine gives her a niche of sorts :thinking:


They both fulfill the role of EP tank, both have decent mixed bulk and the same low Spd. Chrom is basically her but blue with a much bigger Atk stat and different PRF.


Yes, but the stat boost part of Faye’s refine works only against ranged on enemy phase (described here), that said asides attack her other stats are kind of similar to L!Chrom — I still didn’t think it was completely fair as the other two I used (Leon and Jamke) seemed quite close to him.

This aside, I could say something while we’re at it:

Faye may have low attack but she has a refine providing her with some boosts VS. ranged enemies on attacks such enemies initiate.
L!Chrom however has more or less the defenses swapped and a larger attack on top of having an armor killing weapon and in-battle debuffing (to attack and defense) — he’s made to counter many melee threats and even some ranged physical ones, he might be able to work something with his RES unlike Faye who has it easier against ranged magic


Wait…did they pushed L Ike back to July? Wasn’t he supposed to return on May together with Lif?

Damn that is a big bummer for me. Still interesting but not that great for me anymore like it would have been with Lif and Ike together in the red pool.


Ah yes, they did, this was announced in-game:

F… good luck on whichever banner you decide to pull!


I love how the pfp looks here. :feh_tooobinyes:


Hey! Nice review and a shorter one seeing as there’s only one new colour.

Imo best colours are


This banner looks alright overall nothing of too much value UNLESS you don’t have L!Azura in which case Blue is very good.

The new legendary looks alright. Not too broken I personally think, but maybe I’ll be wrong. Anyways I think L!Lucina is still better due to being an offensive unit and thus having a lot of use in AR defence. I’m looking forward to the next set of new heroes, and I’m hoping that it’s a 3h banner (still undecided if I actually want Marianne to be released yet)

Too bad that 3 of the water legendaries are blue that sorta sucks, but oh well. Also it’s sorta weird that L!Chrom’s pair up ability gives him 180 imaginary BST instead of the usual 175. :feh_marththink:




Something is missing here :feh_marththink:


It’s the weapon triangle.

I just luckily pulled a duma and I have less than zero interest in him. Is there any value in def res solo?

Yeah some tanks can use it if they have a built in DC or just need stats. Treat it like Fort Def/Res


Hmm, do you have any mixed tank that could have this skill as a better option? Like Nobody says you can give it to a unit that has a weapon with the [Distant Counter] effect built-in :thinking: