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Hello everyone, I hope y’all are having a nice day.

Another Mythic Hero joins the fray as a playable character, at first it was thought to be Líf because of his weapon data had two changes, the most notorious is a boolean variable called enemy_only which determines if a weapon is bound to only enemy characters, once it’s set to false it’s never touched ever again:

…that’s what happened and now, the Mythic Hero you’ve been looking forward to:


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EPITHET Lethal Swordsman
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MEDIA INFO Kozaki Yusuke

Edward Bosco


HP+5, +SPD+4


Known as the Lethal Swordsman and Cohort of the Dead, Líf is a General of the Realm of the Dead and an enemy to the Order of Heroes. He is named after the first King of Askr, who formed an Alliance with the Divine Dragon Askr and with the Dragon’s Blood gained the power to open gates to other worlds. During the events of the story, it is revealed that Líf is actually Prince Alfonse of Askr from another world, one in which Askr sided with Embla and managed to defeat Hel, but at the cost of the death of all life. Líf serves in Hel’s army, according to an agreement they had that if he were to fight on her behalf, she would gradually bring the people of his world back to life. Having being resurrected by Hel, he has turned into a cold-hearted killer set on destroying all worlds. It’s shown that his disheartened personality is because of guilt over witnessing the death of everyone he ever cared about due to his own actions, with Sharena’s death being the breaking point. As a result, he is so desperate to serve Hel in exchange to restore his Askr, even if it meant the destruction of Alfonse’s world.

:briefcase: Special thanks to @GamingBro1 for writing the bio!


Being finally made a playable character after the end of Book III, Líf sports a fresh kit while still bringing along his trustworthy weapon:

  • [Sökkvabekkr]: it grants invisible buffs of +4 to all stats and guaranted follow-up attack only by having an ally within a 3-square radius, this comes at the price that the closest ally/allies to Líf will get hurt (lose 20HP) however this backfire can be used for an easy activation of builds involving {brazen}, [Vantage] and/or [Desperation] sets as this damage is non-lethal (will not kill an ally but leave them alive with at least 1HP), this is a sample of its activation:
  • [Open the Future]: that’s NY!Alfonse’s special, what it does is boost damage by 50% of the user’s defense while restoring the HP by a quarter of the damage dealt.
    The cooldown is relatively lower than [Aether], being at 3 and giving him some nice sustain.
  • [Distant Counter]: will let him counter at range 2, he actually can make good use out of it but you may change it for more defensive abilities.
  • ☆[Deadly Balance]: when a fight starts the game will calculate if his HP is above half its maximum or if he has any form of debuff that lasts until moving, if that’s true this ability will inflict attack and defense -5 during combat and +1 CD charge, this gives him the edge to become tankier and have faster sustain, all in an easy to meet condition. It’s recommended to leave this skill untouched.
  • [Time’s Pulse 3]: no longer exclusive to Sothis, this skill will give his special a charge at the start of each turn but ONLY if the special is completely uncharged, so if it’s 3 it’ll go down to 2.
    Having guaranteed doubles will let him proc the special on the second hit during his phase


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  • Superboon: attack
  • Superbane: speed, resistance

That’s his statline, he’s kind of slow but not that much and it’s actually a workable stat.
His selling point is the attack superboon which is his generally best asset as it’s a super one and will favor damage greatly, it helps his [Sökkvabekkr] guarantees a follow-up, making speed best for avoiding doubles or for when you use other weapons to focus on his defensive capabilities. Speed can also compliment with his speed boost in [AR-O] for preventing more follow-ups via AS.
He has a nice mixed bulk of 76/71, giving him a somewhat good tanking potential, having 5 points more in defense than resistance to go with his [Open the Future] special which takes 50% of this stat for extra damage (along with any buff on it).

I’ve thought of two units that have somewhat similar statlines:


L!Ike is still a great unit but a Mythic Hero has beaten him in magic bulk and slightly by attack power, however L!Ike has the advantage of having [Ragnell] which has only [Distant Counter] and 16 Mgt., he’s still a viable unit you can run with more flexible sets.


Itsuki is even more accurate for comparison as he has a good weapon for more attack and defense depending of allies/enemies that moved and effectiveness against dragons plus more mixed bulk, both are powerful units all-around but Líf gives them a run for their money with ☆[Deadly Balance] and [Sökkvabekkr].

All in all, Líf is a respectably solid unit with strong PRF skills at his disposal.

Statline rating: 9/10

Inheritance options

[Distant Counter] and [Time’s Pulse 3] makes the best combo but your choices are limited to infantry melee units as they’re the only combination able to receive both in one SI.
But if you want an easier choice: [Time’s Pulse 3]… it’s way rarer than [Distant Counter] due to being in two Mythic Heroes so far and you can get [Distant Counter] from some regular pool units, your choices will open to ranged infantry alongside melee infantry


His artwork in FEH

Facial expressions

While his artwork between the facial expressions doesn’t differ much I still felt like adding it, there are subtle differences in these arts after all:

Sample quote:

(Click/tap for quotes)

I admire artwork like this where cold colors and a deathly essence are the main topics, even other details add to it — for example look at the fur cape, it compliments him so well. And the design of his sword, enveloped in darkness, is one of the best I’ve ever seen.
And his voice acting is really befitting, there’s nothing I can complain about it or artwork itself


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Líf L!Eliwood F!Byleth

L!Ephraim L!Lucina P!Lukas

L!Hector Yune Hilda

L!Leif Loki Caineghis


  • Red: it’s the best color, Líf is accompained by L!Eliwood and F!Byleth, the former a great support unit that grants [Bonus Doubler] status to the ally with highest attack and F!Byleth who has either great fodder or utility (9/10)
  • Blue: it has L!Lucina, L!Ephraim and P!Lukas… the last kind of ruins the color but is nice to collect, L!Ephraim has been suffering powercreep but he’s still a good unit and L!Lucina is a competent unit under your hands or that of the AI (7.5/10)
  • Green: Hilda gets a rerun on this banner along with Yune and L!Hector, certainly a good color to pick some strong units with a good chance to pick up good L/M Heroes or a strong unit (8/10)
  • Colorless: the only thing salvaging this color is the good fodder we have here, mainly [Distant Def 4] and of course L!Leif.
    But asides that this color has a poor choice of units, we have TWO 5★ regular pool rerunning for a second time on a Mythic Hero banner, Loki was in Duma’s banner (Jan/2019) and Caineghis on Sothis’ (Jul/2019), they already had their time on different banners and I.S. lags behind with the wait list of units yet to get a rerun in L/M banners, mainly seasonals. IMO a really poor decision of their part (4/10)

Overall this banner is really good, and offers many strong units and fodder packed in, but I.S. will have to give more limited or newer units a chance to shine in future banners of this nature.
I strongly recommend the red pool if you like Líf and the other units accompaining him, while colorless is the least I can recommend

Calendar of returning L/M Heroes

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:warning: L!Marth was initially planned to return in February but his rerun was pushed to April
:link: Feel free to share this chart wherever you like, but please don’t edit it!
:card_index_dividers: You may also check out u/Hax_r_us_kappa's Reddit account for their latest chart


  • Artwork rating: 10/10
  • Voice acting rating: 10/10
  • Banner rating: 7/10

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As always I hope you enjoyed this work!




I always love reading every one of these reviews. The amount of work you put into them is very commendable :feh_birbpeek:
It’s also always nice to see somebody else’s viewpoint on new banners in a well organized manner. Nice job :feh_hridexcited:
The bio written by @GamingBro1 was also quite the read :feh_arvisboneappetite:


He’s wonderful :feh_royyes:

I’ll see by the end of the Banner whether or not I can try for a merge, but I’m really happy with em. Guys with tragic backstories have always been great to me, and it helps that he’s so edgy too, gotta love that. I just love his voice lines. I think he’s mighty fine as a unit too, nothing too crazy, but that’s never what I’ve been after. Was looking for a bulky red. :fgo_buster:

I’m just honored you came to me asking if I could write the bio, didn’t expect that. T’was neat doing so. Glad I could do a decent job.


Not to derail, but do you think my profile is edgy enough:

Figured I’d get into the theme of my pfp. :feh_felixperish:


Ouch, the edge. I cut myself on it.

Great review as always, my guy. Looking forward to your next one. :ok_hand:


Much edge. Such wow. :feh_nino:
Looks good :feh_birbpeek:


Noice! The review is really well written, and gratz to @GamingBro1! That bio was awesome, I thought it was official! :feh_sothishook:

Also I see that Idunn pic join us. :feh_reinyes:

I’m really loving this banner too, honestly.

By the way, how would you build Líf if you [already] had/have him, @af1899?


Good review ! I like the little details on his chibi like the steam coming out of his mouth, I got him with bad IV and I will probably fodder Time Pulse but I have to find someone who also want DC :feh_claudetea:


Thanks! I’m really glad you liked it :feh_excidunn: I’ve been thinking of how opening myself more to others for writing the bios (at least) is being a really well received feature, I’ll start contacting out people that knows about a specific character (or more) — I’m feeling it’s a really good idea :+1:

Thank you! I hope you can get that merge if you plan to roll once more, a great unit indeed — all around :feh_arvisboneappetite:.

You did a great job writing the bio, I really mean it and I’m glad to have asked! Thank you for your contribution :slightly_smiling_face:

Edgy but I love it :feh_arvisboneappetite: also beautiful cover there :eyes: :feh_excidunn: the colors combine quite well so that helps!

Thanks! The next one should be out soon after a possible Feh Channel (assuming we get one but here’s hoping so!)

Thank you! :feh_excidunn: he wrote an amazing bio, I sure liked it a ton!. Yes he should join our gang! :feh_idunnstare:.

For build I’d likely leave his kit intact for the most part but maybe add [Reposition] for assist, change his C-skill to [Atk Smoke 3] and for S-skill [Fierce Stance 3] :thinking: why change [Time’s Pulse 3]? Because when the enemy counters or attacks him it’s often on the second attack where he’ll proc the special anyways, at least I’m trying to picture a battle.
Sadly I didn’t get him so I can’t test his base kit performance but I only free summoned

Thanks! Yes his chibi version was really well done.
You can consider just getting [Time’s Pulse 3] as it’s the much rarer skill and [Distant Counter] is on regular pool units, but if you need candidates for both I’m thinking of sword infantries like Ayra, Larcei… :thinking:


Amazing review, as always ! It’s always a pleasure to read your work :feh_birbpeek:

While I’m pulling in the banner mainly for F!Byleth (I still don’t have her :feh_elisad:), I admit that Líf looks really cool. Not only as an edgy character as I like them, but he looks pretty unique as a Sword infantry unit. His Sökkvabekkr looks really fun and it will probably allow some wild combos.
So yeah, here I am, in the hellish red color and hoping to get Byleth and maybe a Líf. I hope the spirit of the Smash Byleth will help me to get her ! :feh_birbpeek:

Oh, and bravo for @GamingBro1 for his bio. It was amazing and I even thought for seconds it was an official one :feh_birbpeek:


Great review as always and great job @GamingBro1 for the bio.
The little admiration for Lif’s artwork really made me appreciate his design even more so thanks for that!

I compared Lif to Seliph whose one of the best AR-D IP tanks in the game and I thought Seliph was better overall due to his miracle built and best user of Vengeance.

But Lif already has DC naturally and can be paired with other IP users like Brave Ike, Ninian or Virion while using Infantry Pulse 3 himself or use a Slaying Edge (which gives more HP) with Time’s Pulse to launch his special easier while giving a good blessing to others.

I’ll definitely consider him if I can ever get him. I still wish he was an offensive light mythic. He’d be very useful on Infantry Galeforce teams and not being another AR-O flier would’ve been refreshing.

Thanks for the review!


Great review as always, glad you’re back to writing these! I’m so confused how Lif has times pulse, because only Sothis and Byleth should be able to have it :feh_marththink: oh well it’s jusy IS giving us good fodder lol. Not the best mythic hero tho imo and doesn’t really work well with Thrasir, and considering Thrasir is much better I don’t personally think that Lif will have much of an impact. His stat line is good but doesn’t have too much of any stat so not great


Perfect :feh_felixperish:

@Tac_Tacc I would’ve considered if I even had her in Heroes, but I’m not sure about being part of a harem. :eyes:

@af1899 you’d say that :feh_bklul:, the colors are the biggest reason I chose it. Works pretty nicely. I’m not a fan of her so I can join

And glad y’all liked it. I took some inspiration from the Wiki, so that might explain it’s official vibe, but I’m happy to have helped. :pkmn_sphealcool:


Great job af and bro! :clap:


technically it would be a reverse harem

But even then it’s not that, we’re just people that share…a common interest.









just according to Keikaku