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New Mythic Hero, new review.
This time, I’ll be covering a Mythic Hero I’ve been waiting for so long and finally made her way onto #fire-emblem-heroes, that’s…


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EPITHET Goddess of Love
WEAPON TYPE Colorless Dragonstone
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page | Gamepedia
MEDIA INFO Yamada Akihiro

Monica Rial


HP and DEF +5 base stats boost to self and allies blessed with Light in [Aether Raids] during Light season



:briefcase: Written by @Dei-Dei


  • :lock: ☆[Nurturing Breath]:
  • [Rally Def/Res+]: this assist skill grants the ally you use it on visible buffs of defense and resistance +6 for a turn. This skill makes its worth on [Arena] due to its steep SP cost
  • ☆[Bracing Stance 3]: :fgo_buster:
    This A-skill will grant to her in-battle buffs of defense and resistance +6 on top of a special charge delay onto the foe she’s battle per each attack in the battle, it doesn’t stack with any other skill that also delays enemies’ specials
  • [Sabotage Atk 3]: if an enemy is next to another one and they have a base resistance 3 or more points lower than hers then these enemies will get a debuff of attack-7 until thier next action
  • :lock: ☆[Mila’s Turnwheel]:
    (Proof that the extra turns effect stacks here)

Stats & gameplay

Her stats were briefly shown at the end of the battle No.1/2 (see at 0:34):
But anyways, we have the datamined stats now and with that, a C H A R T :feh_obotank:

LINKS Source Enlarge picture | Datamine

:arrow_double_up: DEF, RES | :arrow_double_down: HP, SPD

This is her statline, her speed is rock-bottom but in return she provides amazing mixed bulk with super assets on her defense and resistance. Said stats are used for her base kit, with defense being one of the best choices to apply [Isolation] on a few more units — but overall I think she’ll enjoy a resistance asset a tad more since it helps her to proc {sabotage} skills and a {ploy} seal more consistenly while giving her an extra in mixed tanking capabilites.
Going all out in support is certainly a good idea, equipping on her {fortress} skills help and since these exist as seals then you can stack them or use one of each stat.
She can be built even as a pure tank, although you might like to change her weapon since it’s more support-oriented and has a synergy with ☆[Mila’s Turnwheel].

The impact she’s going to have on [Aether Raids] can be potentially high since she can boost supertanks and extend the maximum turn count in [AR-O] during Light season, and since that last effect stacks you can get up to 13 turns.
She can also inflict [Isolation] somewhat easier as DEF checks are easier to pass than HP ones.

I only thought of Garon for comparison, just similar stats and a guy long powercrept, but he still has its uses I suppose:
:no_entry: No super stats | :star: Added: 9/14/2018

Inheritance options

First, get [Bracing Stance 2], some prime sources are Conrad and the Flame Emperor who have it at 4★, although the best of the two is the former since you don’t waste rare fodder. Then…there are two routes you can take, you should go for either of them:

1: ☆[Bracing Stance 3] + [Rally Def/Res+] (RECOMMENDED)

I recommend you take this route because only staff units can’t inherit both, giving you plenty of other choices, plus you can use both skills for better scoring on [Arena]

2: ☆[Bracing Stance 3] + [Sabotage Atk 3]

You can give {sabotage} skills to anyone, unless you forego ☆[Bracing Stance 3] (which you shouldn’t) then this choice is still limited to anyone that isn’t a staff user.
But anyways, this route can give you the least benefit since {sabotage} skills are best used with skills that boost base stats (unless your recipient will run 2+ builds) but it’s still a good choice, I only can recommend it if you don’t care about scoring at all

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

Her artwork in FEH

Sample quote:

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(Heroes marked with an "*" were reviewed before)
R L!Eliwood Líf* Larcei*
B L!Julia L!Lucina L!Ephraim
G L!Hector Osian* Annette*
C Mila* L!Leif* L!Alm


  • Duration: 2020-05-29T07:00:00Z2020-06-06T06:59:59Z

  • Red: it’s rocking solid, mighty useful fodder all-around and valuable red swordies as units you can use such as Larcei who includes a way to mitigate damage and is a hard-hitter on her own: L!Eliwood who can provide extremely beneficial support to your ally/allies with highest base attack in the form of [Bonus Doubler] status; and Líf who can make a good addition to your [AR-D] in Anima season, remember his weapon has backfire damage to his nearest ally/allies so you may want to consider making a formation that takes advantage of it

  • Blue: blue has one of the strongest nukers and one that sends dragons into oblivion, plus a totally sweet and lovely one — that’s L!Julia; there’s also L!Lucina who’s still nice to have for different defensive maps where her [Future Vision] unpredictability can still wreck some havoc around; and uh… L!Ephraim, he’s still a decent physical wall/offensive unit that can provide a DEF+4 base boost to your Earth-blessed allies anywhere, for as long as it’s said season

  • Green: green is also topped with some exquisite skills to inherit as well such as [Distant Counter] and even scoring tools. As units, generally they’re great: Annette’s movement-increasing [Crusher] provides your allies (barring ranged cavalry) that li’l bump they can use to move further into the enemy lines and she even inflicts [Guard] on some enemies; Osian is a respectable mixed tank with killing special procs and attack power; and L!Hector is still good, he provides the ideal support to your {tactic} teams (teams that don’t have 2+ units of a same move type) in the form if a special charge at turn 1.
    And like L!Ephraim (and the other L/M Heroes) he may occasionally show up as a bonus in PvP

  • Colorless: hands down the best color, no contest here, not only it’s blessed with Mila’s presence, it resonates with potent fodder choices or units you can collect.
    Mila is being analyzed on the other sections of this review so there’s nothing I can add here; L!Leif is a prime candidate for [Vantage 3] sets, offensive or dual phase, and with his A-skill now being no longer being solely on him there’s not much value in his fodder, might as well merge him up!; Lastly we have L!Alm who’s a monster of true damage and speed, his kit works around his speed and he’s a powerful armor delete button, often used in [AR-O] like L!Leif

Calendar of returning L/M Heroes

LINKS Enlarge

:link: Feel free to share this chart wherever you like, but please don’t edit it!


  • Artwork: honestly? I like the concept of the art itself and the creativity put into adding some few extras, like when she’s attacking or using specials we can notice changes on her legs and hands (like her skin turning green and her nails size increasing — these are common temporary changes of manaketes when shifting into their dragon form…and that’s not really different on Mila since she’s technically one.
    But still, I don’t like the artist’s take, it just takes a look at Hidari’s style and then compare it to Yamada Akihiro’s, it feels like a downgrade when I put it that way — I was browsing her gallery of official art in order to find any further discrepances and I’m bothered by a few other things like the size of her ears, they’re pointy of course but they seem to be bigger, so is her horn on the attack/special arts, and the facial expression on the special art is kinda unsettling.
    But I don’t get to hate this art, it just could’ve been done better
  • Voice acting: voice acting is another story however, her voice is the same as Shadows of Valentia and is the same as the Mila we know — calm and compassionate when at the castle.
    She even talks a little about Valentia’s lore (the place where her origin games’ events take place).
    Overall I enjoy it

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The End

Thank you as always for your support and reading my work, remember you can subscribe to get notified of each release.

Although I did get her it wasn’t without first taking on a few other 5★s but she did come, with one of the worst possible banes :feh_lynstare:

But alas, glad she came at least, she’ll be one of the bonuses in the next season of [Aether Raids] which’ll be Astra.
I also got to check her sprites and animations and of course got to admire the level of detail in her weapon’s.



Nice job mate.


Thanks for the great review as per usual!

Mila imo is pretty broken. She just made Light season way too heavily swaying on ARO. Good thing I don’t focus on light and dark season, because Mila pretty much makes ARD nearly unwinnable.

But oh well. This banner is cool. Every colour except green is pretty great, especially red and colourless, with blue being great too.

Thanks @Dei-Dei for the bio!


Good job! This review was really nice :feh_arvisboneappetite:

It was really fun to read as usual

Keep up the good work! :feh_caspar:


Thanks for the review @af1899 and thank @Dei-Dei for the bio! It was a good read.

I like Mila’s design and personality so I’m so thrilled she’s finally here and yet I’m not sure how I feel about her AR presence. I think her C skill is overkill like granting an extra turn is understandable (true to her game) but combined with her huge drive spectrum, turn stacking and the isolation part seems way too unnecessary. It feels like another create the problem, sell the solution done completely wrong.Knowing IS they’ll add a turn reducing defense mythic afterwards…IN ANIMA SEASON.

Maybe I’m just upset that I can’t pull for her now since I’m saving all my orbs for Duma… :catcry: This banner is better than one Duma will be on too. Oh well, maybe next time when she appears with Bramimond I can get her.

Anyways, Thanks again!


She seems scary in AR but a welcome addition to the group of mythics
Mila Turnwheel might be what everyone is worried about but im more concerned about the spectrum buffs
This plus Duo Micaiah will be scary
But great review as always and I cant wait to see who’s the next mythic (Mirabilis or Triandra plz)
Hope you can get a second Mila to fix the IVs or a Julia


Thanks! Yes, she’s going to be very interesting, even if I don’t get a merge now it’ll be someday

Here’s hoping so too :crossed_fingers:t2: when the time comes I’d be happy to count on you to write their bios


Nice review as always! Mila does look like a lot of fun to use.

Unfortunately though When I summoned I got bamboozled by rng and got pitybroke by larcei while sniping on colourless. That took over 200 orbs too!

Sadly, this has happened once too many times on these banners, so I don’t want to summon on these types of banners anymore.

I just wanted Mila to go along my boi Duma.


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