@af1899 reviews [Shared Purpose] --- New Heroes of Jan/2021! 🌪

Hey guys! New Heroes banner, and the perfect one to start the year for me… I’ll advice you, I’ll talk a bit more than what I normally do, about a certain character’s addition (hint: look at the cover below), so I needed three posts to share the whole review. :crazy_face:

Let’s get started.

[Shared Purpose]

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Everyone’s stats


New Heroes


EPITHET Windswept Youth
DESCRIPTION «A wind mage from a small city in Ulster, Hrest. Undertakes a long journey in search of Leif in order to fulfill his pledge.»
ORIGIN GAME Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
WEAPON TYPE Tome (Green)
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page | Gamepedia article
PREV. RELEASES This is his debut.


:briefcase: Written by: @Petra.286


☆[Grafcalibur]: :lock: Pref. | :crossed_swords: Might = 14
It reduces the maximum cooldown amount for al special skills by 1 as well as dealing additional damage against flying foes (unless [Iote’s Shield] or any skill imbued with its effect is on the foe), in addition to that, if he initiates an attack or is within a 2-square radius of any allied unit: he gets a boost of +5 to all stats during battles either/both conditions are met, as well as disabling any visible/field boost the foe has (from skills like those from the {hone} family).

[Moonbow]: :feh_inherit: Can’t: staff users | :rewind: 42 | :feh_special: Cooldown: 2 → 1
Upon next strike, foe’s total of defence or resistance (in his case, he can only target the latter) will be treated as if it was 30% lower.

[Fury 4]: :feh_inherit: Can’t: staff users | :rewind: 5 | :crown: High cost | :arrows_counterclockwise: Alters various base stats
It raises all of his base stats by 4 points each (except HP) but makes him receive 8 points of damage after every combat he survives, this can’t kill him, however, if he has 8 or less HP, it’ll stay at 1 after any subsequente battle where his HP didn’t recover enough.

[Mystic Boost 3] reduces the damage taken by [Fury 4]'s side effect to 2, adding another instance of [Mystic Boost 3] makes it so that the user recover 4HP after every battle.

[Null Follow-Up 3]: :feh_inherit: Infantry units only | :rewind: 8
This skill allows him to always make follow-up attacks whenever he’s 5 points faster than the foe (no skill can prevent he makes a follow-up attack). Ex.: [Wary Fighter 3] won’t work on the enemy.

It also lets him prevent the enemy makes a guaranteed follow-up attack on him. Ex.: [Quick Riposte 3] won’t let the foe make a follow-up attack even if Asbel initiates and the foe is healthy.

☆[Spd/Res Oath 3]: :feh_inherit: Inf./Fly. units only | :rewind: 0
At the start of each turn he’s next to an ally, his speed and resistance receive a visible boost of +5 until the next turn.

Stats & Gameplay

Asbel is depicted as a very fast unit with moderate resistance right off the bat, giving him some use as an enemy phase unit if paired with someone to keep his weapon active as often as possible, that also makes {joint drive} skills great to use on him, he can also be built as a dual phase unit, but most of the time, you’d prefer him to be a player phase unit, his weapon allows him to launch special skills faster as well as shred flying units without much effort in most cases.
A great and easily attainable skill for him is [Desperation 3], he already comes with [Fury 4] and if you add [Brazen Atk/Spd 3], you’ll have a really good and independent offensive unit.

:arrow_double_up: Spd, Res | :arrow_double_down: HP

For comparison, there were a few candidates with the same class as him, but I’ve decided to roll with one of the more recent ones… not so much but, Young Merric is the one.
The guy is… pretty fast yeah, but Asbel runs over him by a small amount in exchange for no [Null Follow-Up 3] effect in the weapon, this but Young Merric requires that his HP is above 50% for that to work so… not really good for [Desperation 3] unless you have it easy to keep his HP in check between the rather tight threshold, Asbel doesn’t have that problem, but his weapon doesn’t include [Null Follow-Up 3] or the part that guarantees he can follow-up, which is great to run different B-skills.
:arrow_double_up: Spd | :arrow_double_down: HP, Res | :eight_spoked_asterisk: Added: 2020-04-20T03:00:00Z | :notebook: Was reviewed

Inheritance recommendations

feh_review_bfd [Fury 4] + [Null Follow-Up 3]

The most recommendable I’d say, for utility that is. A Hinata at 4★ is all that’s needed for [Fury 3].

feh_review_rcd [Fury 4] + ☆[Spd/Res Oath 3]

This is a good combo on him as it includes two rare skills but it may not be as benefitial, once again, all you need is a Hinata at 4★.

feh_review_ncf Any other combo

Either they’re more difficult to attain or less efficient Imo, if you wanted to get [Null Follow-Up 3] and ☆[Spd/Res Oath 3], well, you could, but you end up needing another source to fodder the skill up to level 2 and another skill that can easily be fully taken in the remaining two fodder steps… and that’s quite difficult as all the other sources have something else you might end up valuing more… or are best foddered with the full skill and something else that can be fully taken.

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

His artwork in FEH

Sample quote:

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EPITHET Villager of Iz
DESCRIPTION «A hunter from the village Iz. Has a strong sense for right and wrong, and a stronger distaste for pirates.»
ORIGIN GAME Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page | Gamepedia article
PREV. RELEASES This is his debut.


:briefcase: Written by: @Monica


☆[Indignant Bow]: :lock: Pref. | :crossed_swords: Might = 14
Like all bows, his attacks will be effective against fliers (again, there are ways to prevent that, however).
He also gets [Resistance +3] and… if the foe starts a fight with him and/or his HP is full, the following effects take place:

  • On foe: attack is reduced by 6 points during the battle, if the foe has a visible boost on the stat, it’ll be negated, too.
  • On Ronan: attack increases by 6 points during the battle, and if his attack was penalized, the penalty will be nulled.

[Rally Spd/Res+]: :feh_inherit: Can’t: staff users | :stars: Type: booster | :rewind: 1 | :crown: High cost
Another one in the regular pool. :fgo_jeannecheer:
Anyway, this skill raises the target ally’s speed and resistance by 6 points until the next turn.

☆[Swift Stance 3]: :feh_inherit: Can’t: staff users | :rewind: 0 | :crown: High cost
This skill works only when the foe attacks its user: if so, then he gets a boost of speed and resistance +6 during the battle, as well as inflicting on the foe a special skill cooldown point delay per attack from either side.

[Joint Drive Spd]: :feh_inherit: All | :rewind: 2 | :crown: High cost
During battle, it grants a boost of speed+4 during battles both him and any allied unit(s) within a 2-square radius of him participate, it does nothing if there’s no allied unit within the specified area.

Stats & Gameplay

Ronan is a potent enemy phase magical tank, being able to absorb a large amount of attacks already and running an “improved” version of [Spendthrift Bow+] on himself, but with a few extras and no drawbacks, skills like [Aether] or [Noontime]/[Sol] and [Lull Spd/Def 3] are excellent on him.
For IVs, I would say more attack is best as he could use the extra damage output and his kit alone + [Lull Spd/Def 3] would give him rather high chances to double several foes, but most of the time, you’d like him to be an enemy phase unit as his weapon activates most consistently that way. More speed or resistance is also fine too but you won’t really need a slight extra of resistance when his base and weapon are helping him to be more durable against magic foes. Ideal bane would be defence, followed by HP.

:arrow_double_up: HP | :arrow_double_down: Def

New Year Anna came up to mind for the comparison even though she’s a differently colored bow user, but they have that similar issue of advantages and disadvantages. At this point, Anna runs better either her base skills for support or something to focus on her offensive, which is still pretty good, but as an enemy phase magical tank, Ronan will do much better overall, with a weapon of difference and some resistance points.
:arrow_double_up: Spd | :arrow_double_down: HP, Def | :eight_spoked_asterisk: Added: 2019-12-25T03:00:00Z | :notebook: Was reviewed

Inheritance recommendations

feh_review_bfd AiO pack

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to run into a [Swift Stance 2] source, let alone at Lv.1, right now, they’re Ewan (your only one in the regular pool) and Spring Sharena which is a seasonal… if your recipient happens to be a red mage then here’s a series of steps you can follow:

  1. Ensure you have a Shigure at 3★ at the very least. You’ll also need a 4★ Tailtiu and a source of [Spur Spd 1] or [Rally Speed]/[Rally Resistance].
  2. Fodder him for [Darting Stance 1], you may add the Lv.2 skill if you have/want to promote him to 4★ so that you can get [Darting Breath] and [Atk/Spd Oath 3] from a Fallen Ike.
  3. Fodder your Ewan for [Swift Stance 2] and [Rauðrserpent+].
  4. Fodder [Spur Spd 1].
  5. Fodder [Drive Spd 2] and [Rally Spd/Res] from your Tailtiu.
  6. Fodder the entire pack of skills from Ronan.

If your recipient isn’t a red tome, you’ll certainly need to exclude [Rauðrserpent+], not that it’s a big deal now that the next unit we’ll cover in this review happens to be a fully demoted source.

feh_review_rcd [Swift Stance 3] and [Joint Drive Spd]

You’re still required to get a Tailtiu for the [Drive Spd 2] but this combo fodders two overall very useful skills in one go without a significant cost.
[Rally Spd/Res+] is considered the least useful since its primary use is on [Arena], where you need kits full of high [SP] cost skills on your team if you’re a competitive player.

feh_review_ncf One of the skills

If you really don’t want to think much of it, ☆[Swift Stance 3] is a great skill to take along, others are… okay at best, alone that is, they’re best taken along with at least 1~2 skills.

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

His artwork in FEH

Sample quote:

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EPITHET Willful Princess
DESCRIPTION «Princess of Ulster who was held hostage by Grannvale. Strong-willed but not without a gentle side.»
ORIGIN GAME Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page | Gamepedia article
PREV. RELEASES This is her debut.


:briefcase: Written by: @CrystalElemental


[Rauðrserpent+]: :feh_inherit: Red tome users only | :crossed_swords: Might = 12 | :rewind: 1
It works only if the foe begins a battle with its user and they use any sort of ranged weapon — if that’s what’s happening then she gets a boost of defence and resistance +6 during the battle.

[Ardent Sacrifice]: :feh_inherit: Can’t: staff users | :place_of_worship: Type: HP transfer | :rewind: 14
It allows the user to donate 10 HP to the target (i.e.: lose 10 HP and give that amount to the target ally), if the user has 10 or less HP, the user’s HP falls down to 1 instead and the HP donated is equal to the loss.

☆[Seal Atk/Res 2]: :feh_inherit: Can’t: staff users | :rewind: 0 | :star: Available at 5★
It allows the user to inflict a reduction of -5 to the attack and resistance of any foe after a combat, the effect lasts until the enemy’s next turn or action.

[Spd/Res Gap 3]: :feh_inherit: All | :rewind: 1 | :star: Available at 4★

Stats & Gameplay

Next is Miranda, her statline gives her some flexibility on how she can be built but a player phase set might be ending up her best bet, with her resistance being a boost for [Iceberg] or [Glacies], since she’ll be a fully demoted unit, she’ll be easily mergeable, skills such as the classic [Fury 3] + [Desperation 3] will do but she’ll likely need some help with her speed.
For IVs, I think speed is the best on her overall, her attack stat is already good enough and she could use the chance to double attack more enemies.

:arrow_double_down: HP

For comparison, I chose Ewan, he’s slightly slower, but that doesn’t mean he’s worse, he’s just… harder to merge as his base speed is slightly lower, but he has a few advantages in return such as higher stats on most areas and three superboons.
:arrow_double_up: Att, Def, Res | :arrow_double_down: HP | :eight_spoked_asterisk: Added: 2019-11-06T03:00:00Z | :notebook: Was reviewed

Inheritance recommendations

feh_review_bfd [Rauðrserpent+] + ☆[Seal Atk/Res 2]

Dumb as this combo may be to recommend, [Rauðrserpent+] is still a good weapon to take along, and seeing [Seal Atk/Res 2] requires to have either [Seal Atk 1] or [Seal Res 1], might as well take it completely too, to make use of the 4 slots.

feh_review_rcd [Spd/Res Gap 3]

Probably your best bet as it’s a rare skill (prior to Miranda, only Larum (a 5★ exclusive colorless unit) had it) and it can be useful to support a {solo} fighter like the Fallen Corrins, from the backs.

feh_review_ncf Anything else, alone

I don’t think there’s no reason to try to combo two skills together, or take [Spd/Res Gap 3] along too.

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

Her artwork in FEH

Sample quote:

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:arrow_down: Part 3



EPITHET Lady of Loptr
DESCRIPTION «Granddaughter of Lord Manfroy, archbishop and great priest of the Loptr Church. Hates Manfroy for what he did to her parents.»
ORIGIN GAME Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page | Gamepedia article
PREV. RELEASES This is her debut.


:briefcase: Written by: @CrystalElemental


☆[Kia Staff]: :lock: Pref. | :crossed_swords: Might = 14

:film_strip: Animation: this chart has 5 pages, but all of the pages contain different illustrations and explanations so the next one appears every 15 seconds, to view each page individually, check the album here instead.

☆[Return+]: :feh_inherit: Staff users only | :test_tube: Types: healing, movement | :rewind: 0

[Atk/Spd Push 4]: :feh_inherit: All | :rewind: 9 | :crown: High cost
At the start of any battle she enters, if her HP is greater or equal than ¼ of her maximum she gets a boost of attack and speed +7 (each) for the duration of the fight, but if she attacked at least once, then she loses 5 HP after the fight is over.
To offset the HP loss, [Mystic Boost] seal may be fully upgraded to let Sara recover 1HP after each battle the condition is met and she attacks, or 6HP if she didn’t attack at all.

[Dazzling Staff 3]: :feh_inherit: Staff users only | :rewind: 7
It lets her prevents ALL counterattacks from foes, unless those foes possess [Null C-Disrupt 3] or a skill imbued with its effect.

[Joint Drive Res]: :feh_inherit: All | :rewind: 2
During battle, it grants a boost of resistance+4 during battles both her and any allied unit(s) within a 2-square radius of her participate, it does nothing if there’s no allied unit within the specified area.

Stats & Gameplay

:warning: Important: to raise her level without the use of [Level Up] feature, equip [Heal] or [Reconcile] on her, those skills are equipped by default on her.

Sara’s assets reside in her potent healing potential, while also rescuing allies from danger by repositioning them, her high attack and super asset on it allow her to recover a lot of HP to her allies, while also possessing mid-to-high speed, those two stats and her base skills allow her to hit moderately hard on a large bunch of enemies, just keep in mind her damage potential is susceptible to [Mystic Boost] effects and [Null C-Disrupt 3], but other than that she’ll be a nice offensive unit, and her resistance stat doesn’t fall behind either, so she has a pretty good ability at absorbing magic attacks right from the start… HOWEVER, you should keep her health in check and avoid piting her against physical foes, use the maxed out [Mystic Boost] seal to prevent her base [Atk/Spd Push 3] reduces her health and also makes her more resilient against other staff attackers.
She also provides a pretty convenient support thanks to ☆[Kia Staff] which can help an ally in the most dire of the situations, and it covers a pretty wide area, it can be specially useful in [AR-O] particularly, where stat reductions and ailments are frequent obstacles in conquering a map.
What’s her best asset? It depends of what do you want her to do: attack improves her healing and offense pretty well while also slightly raising her BST for [Arena], but the ability to make follow-ups more consistently via an speed asset is very helpful, +resistance is a third good option but not really necessary, unless using debuff skills like {ploy} and {sabotage} ones… not really recommended though since other units are better fit for this, such as Groom Rafiel.

:arrow_double_up: HP, Att | :arrow_double_down: Def

Finding a comparison point was pretty difficult, there aren’t much healers that could at least be a close enough comparison point, one of the reasons being her rather high offensive spread and then, brand new preference weapon to boot, but Elise — even though a mounted healer, offers great support capabilities thanks to her personal refine, while also granting her some boosts offensively when she initiates on the foes, that effect also benefits nearby allies that initiate too.

:no_entry: No super stats | :eight_spoked_asterisk: Added: 2017-02-02T03:00:00Z

Inheritance recommendations

feh_review_jir Your best bet is…

…to keep her, I mean, why would you get rid of someone this precious, right? :hugs:
(Ofc, this is a joke, please don’t take it to heart, I’ll never fodder mine, though.)

feh_review_bfd Three skills at once:
  • ☆[Return+] + [Atk/Spd Push 4] + [Joint Drive Res]: this is one of the most useful combos, it’s hard to do as you’re required of a Petrine at 5★ and also, one source of [Drive Res 2], the latter of which is found on Soleil at 4★.
  • ☆[Return+] + [Dazzling Staff 3] + [Joint Drive Res]: for this combo it’s assumed that either your recipient has [Dazzling Staff 2] and the [Drive Res 2] skill. The former is easily attainable if your possess Spring Bruno’s manual, which is a normal one in the Heroes, it may be compiled by up to 2400 [Divine Codes (Part 1)].
feh_review_rcd Two of her skills

There’s a good bunch of dual combos but here are the personal best picks:

  • [Dazzling Staff 3] + [Joint Drive Res]: this is one of the best dual combos, giving you two skills easily that more offensive and magically resilient healers can use, all you need is [Drive Res 2] on the recipient.
  • ☆[Return+] + [Joint Drive Res]: another easily attainable combo, [Drive Res 1] is needed at least.
feh_review_ncf One skill

If there’s one skill you should value, it’s ☆[Return+] because it’s unique and very useful, but you should try to at least add [Joint Drive Res] to the inheritance session.

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

Her artwork in FEH

Sample quote:

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EPITHET Manfroy's Rock
DESCRIPTION «Bishop of the Loptr Church. Works to support his lord, Manfroy, carrying out the will of the church.»
ORIGIN GAME Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
(Also known as...)
[GHB] DURATION Jan. 9th, 2021 — 4 a.m. ▸ Jan. 16th, 2021 — 3:59 a.m.

Timezone: GMT-3 or America/Montevideo.
INFORMATION PAGES FANDOM | FE Wiki | FEH info | GamePress page | Gamepedia article

Edward Bosco

PREV. RELEASES This is his debut.


Veld is one of the many [Dark Bishops] from the Loptr Church, a #cult that reveres the dark god Loptous and seeks its revival to subjugate the whole Jugdral continent, all of its members employ dark magic.
He’s in charge of all of the cult’s activities at Munster District and is the person responsible for Quan and Ethlyn’s deaths at Aed Dessert, Quan’s assassination resulted an effective method to make Northern and Southern Thracia fight each other and enter an socioeconomical crisis in the Southern region.
He wields [Stone] (now labeled as [Petrify]), a long-range rare form of dark magic that, if it hits, turns his target into stone, he’s initially shown to do that on chapter 5 of Thracia 776 where Eyvel is petrified after proving to be a powerful fighter that could be later turned into an undead warrior of great skill known as a Deadlord, but petrification is restored via the [Kia Staff] which was sealed by Manfroy so that only those of his bloodline can harness its power.
He also acts as Raydrik’s benefactor, that guy is the Duke of Munster and wields the [Loptous Sword] a weapon imbued with the effect of halving the attack power (not damage) from all his foes, making him most vulnerable to a very unique relic known as the [Braggi Sword].


☆[Petrify]: :lock: Pref. | :crossed_swords: Might = 14

:film_strip: Animation: this chart has 5 pages, but since all that changes on them is the sample scenario, each page is set to last five seconds, to see each page individually, check the album here instead.

[Glacies]: :feh_inherit: Can’t: staff users | :rewind: 15 | :feh_special: Cooldown: 4
Upon next strike, he’ll deal additional damage equal to 80% of his total resistance.

[Chill Res 3]: :feh_inherit: | :rewind: | :star: Available at 4★
At the start of the user’s phase on every turn, the game checks which enemies of his has the highest base resistance stat on that team, and inflicts a resistance reduction of 7 on that foe. If there are multiple foes with same highest resistance, they’ll all get inflicted with the reduction.

[Res Opening 3]: :feh_inherit: | :rewind: | :star: Available at 5★
At the start of the user’s phase on every turn, the game checks which allies units of his have the highest base resistance stat on the team, and grants a resistance boost of 6 on that ally. If there are multiple allies with same highest resistance, they’ll all be granted the boost.

Stats & Gameplay

Veld is more of a support unit, [Petrify] makes of him a “debuffer”, a unit that’s focused around inflicting stat reductions and ailments, in his case, certain foe(s) will suffer attack, speed and movement reductions based on a rather gimmicky selector in the first five turns, which is generally enough to difficult some formations in a difficult to control situation, his HP is rather high, making of it a good boon to consider should you choose to run HP based skills such as [Infantry Pulse 3].
Attack is better for a more offensive set but it’s on a decent spot I’d say, so speed ends up being a slightly more effective choice, fully invested, it should be a bit more above 35, with nowadays’s meta, it can be difficult for him to double some of the threats, including but not limited to the speedy swordies we occasionally get.
Resistance is also good as you can run some of the resistance based stat reductors, but HP and a completely supportive build is still preferred on him.

:arrow_double_up: Spd | :feh_traitfruit: IVs can be changed with [Trait Fruits]

For comparison, I picked up Iago who also has the exact same role, but the debuffs he inflicts are different and directed differently as well, still, they play out similarly in that they enjoy implanting chaos on enemy formations, but chances are Veld will be more your liking as he can help with baiting strategies.
But what Iago offers proves to be useful for [AR-D] like Aversa, where he can apply different kinds of ailments and stats depending of if the turn is even or odd and how allies are positioned.

:arrow_double_down: Spd | :eight_spoked_asterisk: Added: 2020-04-07T03:00:00Z | :notebook: Was reviewed

Inheritance recommendations

feh_review_bfd [Chill Res 3] + [Res Opening 1]

Taking [Res Opening 1] is a good idea as you may need it for future inheritance efficiency.

feh_review_rcd [Chill Res 3]

Easily attainable and rare, simple as stat.

feh_review_ncf [Res Opening 3]

I don’t recommend it at all, Emmeryn, a regular pool unit, has it at 4★.

Aesthetics reference

Original art:

His artwork in FEH

Sample quote:

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Progress on the story

(Click/tap on a part number to check its article on Gamepedia)
Book V    →

New/updated characters

New artwork

Eitri - only normal

Fáfnir's new artwork

Thoughts on it

Well… kinda bummed the mysterious heroines (Huginn and Muninn?) from the opening movie for [Book V] are still unidentified and don’t have any artwork yet, but we get to know Eitri! She’s more akin to a dwarf as this book was expected to be at first, but she still has the aspect of a young girl, we’ll get to learn more things about her in the next chapter for sure, but so far, we know she safeguards our Heroes from Fáfnir’s relentless assaults by telling them to escape to her abode deeper in her forest full of traps, he’s unable to take damage thanks to [Niðavellir Axiom], a seal with the icon of a cog that reduces damage taken to 0, exactly the same as [Múspellflame] and [Embla Ward] — that and Fáfnir’s battle skills have exhausted our Heroes.
Overall, a not so exciting release, but not too shabby either.

For aesthetics on Fáfnir and Eitri, nothing definite I can really feel like talking about yet, but I can say that Eitri is looking cute yet intriguing so far, a detail I don’t normally see, is that a part of her hair goes through her pointy hat and is partially tied to her weapon, seemingly a sword, but that talk about the hair is just a detail. :upside_down_face: I think what I like on it is Eitri’s smug expression and the blend of yellow, gold, white and gray with all the elements involved, I like it so far.
Fáfnir’s artwork is looking awesome so far too and I think it’s worth a 10, the guy’s gotta be as menacing as he can and he delivers on the new pieces we’ve gotten.

:arrow_up: Part 1



Duration: 2021-01-08T07:00:00Z2021-01-28T06:59:59Z



First of all…

(Link to the post)

Yup, I’m really happy Sara was added, and she was done so well all-around, her statline is really fitting for her and I’ve gotta say that I feel satisfied with how I got a good part of her statline right, the BST, the HP, the resistance and the attack superboon, but the other numbers are different, I’ve even tried to predict her kit, pretty far off and, not completely unexpected they’d make [Kia Staff] a weapon… but I’m still happy they’ve ported some parts of her gameplay aspects onto FEH, not everything sadly, but it’s better than nothing for sure.

The others were pretty well done too, although Ronan could just be a high resistance player phase unit, instead of an enemy phase unit, since he has [Continue]/[Adept] and three [Movement Stars], but on the plus side, he was done well.
Asbel is also neat to have around, and I think his appearance here is even more precise than the others, then, there’s Miranda who… uhhhh… well, she’s quite good as a project at least, I’m happy to see she was demoted and I’m certainly going to consider her as a project in the future, finally Veld’s addition impressed me, everything about him is magnificently done, the way his weapon work symbolizes Thracia 776’s rather wild RNG towards who it picks to make Veld attack in the game, and more notoriously, in the hit rates of all attacks… those 13 fans of his must be really happy with his addition.

Also, Thracia 776 was one of the most under represented games in FEH, with a little less than 20 characters in if alts are excluded so I say this was an excellent batch of New Heroes… hopefully next month gives us heroes from FE15 as the game is well deserving of some representation in FEH after a long while — and that the next FE5 banner will grace us with Linoan. :feh_florina:


First of all, I want to talk a little about Sara’s voice… I love her quotes, but her voice in English doesn’t feel quite right, no… the pitch, it’s pretty lower than what I’d have hoped to. Meanwhile, you should hear her Japanese one, this is the same quote I used on her section in the review but in Japanese:

The pitch is perfect and it encompassionates better her mysterious and young character… I’m not saying that I hate the English voice, I do like it, and I must accept they’ll likely continue to use that pitch were she to get any alts in the game… on the plus side though, it’s not that bad, and her quotes are on character while also bringing new life to her persona.
But the artwork… man, let’s talk about it, it’s one of the most soothing and beautifully done pieces in the game Imo, a few details have changed, such as the shoulder pads of her dress being now black instead of yellow, but I still think her artwork was precisely done, preserving her characteristic cuteness and aura of mystique her angelical appearance suggests, as well as the designing of her dress.

About the rest, I loved the voice acting and quotes… but one thing I found rather weird, is one of Miranda’s special skill quotes:

I’m confused here, I can only think that at the beginning, she’s coughing, but I don’t think that’ll make sense all of the time, she can be healthy and still launch a special attack just fine without it really affecting her life force at all, I just think it’s a really strange detail and a minor one at that, there’s also this quote where at first she talks a tad too rushed:

The rest of her voice acting is excellent, as is that of everyone, but my special mention goes to Veld, that’s the perfect voice for him.

Artwork… I already talked about Sara, so, the rest of the people have excellent artwork, that’s for sure, Asbel’s done by Wada Sachiko, one of the veteran artists of the series who we know for their work on The Sacred Stones and their style felt in-line for the nostalgia factor and translation of Asbel’s OG artwork into something brand new for almost 22 years after.
And Asatani Tomoyo has showered us with their beautiful display of drawing skills for Mianda.
But let’s talk about Veld… guy’s rocking that artwork, I love every detail about it, specially his normal and special attacks, I’m glad [Petrify] both the sprite and design were kept as accurately as possible.


Associated event data


  • Event type: [Forging Bonds]
  • Event name: “Shared Purpose”
  • Duration: 2021-01-08T07:00:00Z2021-01-22T06:59:59Z
  • Bonus accesories: ImageGlass,Screenshot_2021-01-13-09-31-50-478_com.nintendo.za_2021-01-13_19-22-24-026
  • Note: As with all banners that add New Heroes, after pulling 40 times, you get an one-time chance to redeem one of the advertised Heroes of your choice for free, for potential [Orb] cost breakdown, please check this review.

Trivia / DYK

  • Every unit on this banner is classified as infantry.
  • The [Kia Staff] may remind one of the South Korean manufacturer of cars, vans and cargo trucks, Kia, here’s one of their cars, the Picanto from 2015:

    (Found here)
    But, according to the company: "the name “Kia” derives from the Sino-Korean characters 起 (ki, ‘to arise’) and 亞 (a, which stands for 亞細亞, meaning ‘East Asia’); it is roughly translated as “Rising from the East.” — It’s possible the staff was named after the company with this meaning in mind, as the company itself existed since about 50 years ago prior to the release of the game.
  • [Kia Staff] originally served its purpose as a staff that cures [Petrification], only those from Manfroy’s bloodline could harness its power and Sara is Manfroy’s granddaughter, thus, she can use it.
  • [Petrification], like most status ailments, wears off automatically until the end of the chapter, however, there are no real instances that normally allow to prove that.
  • Miranda promotes into a [Mage Knight], this class is able to use swords, elemental/anima and light magic.
  • Veld has his own battle theme, you may listen to it in this YT video.
  • Sara has a dialogue theme, it’s right below but you can also click/tap here.
  • Ronan’s bow is completely made up, he actually doesn’t have a personal weapon.
  • Asbel’s weapon is [Grafcalibur], in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, it was a personal wind spell of his that he learnt from Ced, the faster special skills are well justified to be in FEH as the weapon originally had a critical rate of 40% and all wind tomes were effective on flying units, here are the weapon’s stats:
  • [Return] is an unused staff in Thracia 776, all it supposedly did was to let an ally escape from the map… in the game, there were maps that required Leif and his army to escape from his pursuers, his allies had to go first, one by one, with Leif going last since anyone that didn’t make it before his leave will be left behind and considered lost. This staff could be used by anyone that has fully mastered staves, as shown below:
    For more info about it, please check the details block further below…
  • Also, [Return+] model in FEH is based on the model of the staff from the original trading card game, as shown below:

    This is the model in FEH:
  • Veld’s [Petrify] animation and also special artwork, are based on his spell from FE5, check the details block further below.
  • Sara’s [Kia Staff] animation in-battle is based on the one from FE5, its map animation was similar, but the more accurate representation in FEH is from the former case, also check below for comparison!
  • Veld’s special artwork makes a reference to the attack animation of his [Petrify] spell back in FE5.
  • Thracia 776’s intro theme plays in the dialogue after clearing B5C3P1 of the [Main Story], to hear it, click/tap here.
  • [Return+]'s animation in FEH is brand new, a comparison between that animation and the FE5 one has been provided below. Also, [Return] in FE5 didn’t have a support animation, just a map one based on its original appearance on FE4.
DYK10: HOWTO and notes

:warning: Please note it hasn’t been entirely tested yet, I’ll update this review once I test all possible scenarios with it, use with caution.

  • First of all, [Return] works perfectly, if you use it on an ally, you’ll have that ally on the next map, it’s been tested on Chapter 9, which is a escape one, but not on others.
  • It can be used on any map.
  • If you use it on Leif, you’ll be softlocked in the map as Leif needs to escape via one of the red arrows in the map, requiring you to restart the chapter or load a savestate prior to the softlock.

Now, here’s what to do… it’s recommended to save before using this code:

  1. Get an emulator that supports cheats if you haven’t, I recommend Snes9x for both Windows and Android, officially free for download.
  2. Open the emulator and play the game until you have someone with maxed out mastery on staves, the easiest unit to meet that should be Safy. You can also enable a cheat code that allows her to immediately get the mastery though.
  3. Visit this guide on GameFAQs.
  4. Follow the schematics below to check on which slot will your trained healer will be in, in my case, Safy is on the sixth slot.
    Be sure to skip any grayed out that may appear in-between your counting towards your healer of choice.
  5. Head to the items preparation screen and open up the profile of your healer, they should have at least one slot free, if not, then make one, like so:
  6. Follow the schematics below to determine what’s the location of the first free spot, in my case I have 6/7 items on Safy so the first free spot is at 7:
  7. Scroll down to the list of cheats matching the slot of the unit you want to give [Return] to, and look for the pair of cheats that match the first free item slot on that unit, like so:
  8. Copy the first of the two codes without the asterisks, in my case, the item code is: 7E5408.
  9. Go to the cheat manager of your emulator and paste the code, then, add the value “73” at the end, it should look like this:
  10. Now, press “Add”.
  11. Copy the second code and repeat the last two steps before this one, but instead of adding “73” to the code, add “03”, it’ll look like this for me: 7E540903.
  12. Add that code and tick the added cheats on the left, then press “OK”.
  13. Now, go to your unit’s profile, you’ll see the staff here, feel free to try it around! Just remember that if you place another item on the slot the cheat is using, the item will be replaced out:
    So, to disable the cheats, just go to the cheat manager and untick the cheats you added.

DYK12, DYK13: Animations and important notice.

[Petrify] — FE5:
…and in FEH:

[Kia Staff] — FE5:
…and in FEH:

:customs: Attribution: due to time constraints, I had to borrow a finished save file user TheEnd from Serenes Forest forums had provided here, I’m planning to update this review with screenshots of my own once I have a finished save file of my own.

DYK14: Animation from which Veld's special artwork takes inspiration from.


DYK16: Animation comparison.



:bookmark_tabs: Temporary central glossary/symbology (will be replaced later on here and the other reviews)
:speech_balloon: Discussion thread
:envelope_with_arrow: Third feedback round
:clock230: Click/tap here to check my other reviews
:arrow_up: Scroll up to… :arrow_down: Part 1 :arrow_down: Part 2

The End

First of all, I need to clarify why this review took way longer than expected, it’s because… I’m playing Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, at first, I was hoping I could make some recordings of animations with a file of my own, but it looks like I’ll need to leave that for an update, so… feel free to look forward to it! Though, it’s just a minor updating but I wanna do it anyway. :sunglasses:
There’s also the fact I wanted to make this review… special, it resulted on it being divided in three parts, which is crazy, but I hope you found useful information and/or an enjoyable read! As always, I keep a copy of all my charts in Excel formats, so please inform me of any mistakes if you find any, as you’d do with any other error in my reviews, thank you!

Sara’s debut — and a good start of the year with FE5 getting some rep made me extremely happy on the inside, naturally, the older installments of the Fire Emblem series like FE4 and FE5 lack a lot of recognition since they were released only in Japan… however, I feel hopeful in that someday they’ll get remakes worldwide.
To end up this review, I’ll post one of my earliest videos in my YT channel, Sara’s theme, extended:

Also, as you may know by now, I’ve made an appreciation thread, it’s expected to be consistently updated and receiving comments from my part to announce changes, share fan #art… anything regarding Sara, including my progress with her, feel free to check it out here.

Anyway, thank you once more, for bearing with me and for reading and supporting my work, it’s really appreciated.

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  2. You’ll spot a bell icon immediately on the tag’s page, click/tap it.
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    As a matter of fact, you can certainly use this with any tag.

Whenever you subscribe, you’ll get a notification like this automatically after each release:



Great review as always, Af! :feh_flaynsmile:

why are Asbel’s legs so long in his OG art lol

And it’s cool to see where the Return staff’s sprite came from :eyes:

Also, in Ronan’s inheritance section, did you mean to write [Darting Breath] instead of [Darting Stance] in one of the steps? :feh_arthurthink:


Thank you! That’s correct, I just fixed that issue so now it’s talking about his [Darting Breath].

I also have a few fixes to apply on part 3 but I plan to tackle them together with the update on the animations.


Veld’s art is such a glow up omg. I didn’t realize until now seeing them side by side

Anyway, thanks af! I’m glad you got your girl in :fgo_medealove:


Looks like the review turned out well! Lots to talk about, but all well deserved.

Honestly, I love Miranda’s voice acting. I think she’s one of my favorites in the game, alongside Eremiya. I feel like the VAs just really got the character’s core personality down in their tone and delivery. With the voice clip you commented on, you know when people are so angry they’re growling? I think that’s kinda what they’re going for, where it’s an exaggerated outraged cry before her quote, and I think it’s an absolutely fantastic touch for the angry baby princess. Sara’s voice is a lot lower than I would’ve anticipated, but I…kinda feel like it works for her? Being the creepy mystical child, having an unexpected voice feels kinda fitting for the role, in my opinion.

In any case, I’m just so happy both of my top picks from Thracia got in at the same time, and Miranda even got to be the demote. Best banner, 10/10, will whale on pay day.


Thank you for the input! I understand about Miranda’s special quote, honestly, it didn’t go over my head and that tone resulted into… something else I wouldn’t have ever expected. :feh_legion_miso: I think I’ll still leave the rating but it works well on her.
And yes, I think Sara’s voice is not the most accurate but it still fits her quite well, either way, I’m really happy for us Sara fans! The fact she’s here has been just keeping me appreciative of how well she was done… I was thinking about talking on a certain fact regarding how [Kia Staff] and [Petrify] were symbolized but I’m not sure yet if it’ll be interesting, I’ll think of adding it though!

In any case, I look forward to your pulls! If you plan to make a thread please mention me or you can even just “borrow” my appreciation thread, it’s not just for me after all — should’ve specified that in the beginning… :catroll:


Your reviews are always so high quality, it’s easy to see that you put a lot of time and effort into it. I also really enjoyed learning more about the characters, so thank you to everyone who worked on it :D

I wanted to mention that it might be worth it to wait until the spring ephemera are released before foddering Ronan. Sharena has a 50/50 chance of being one of the combat manuals featured for the Easter lineup due to Alfonse and Kagero being available in the past. This way people can grab your recommended skill chain.


I think it’d be cool to look at comparisons between their in-game functions and how FEH tries to replicate them, if that’s what you mean. I think Petrify in particular is a pretty unique one, and does a good job of capturing the idea of how it worked in Thracia.

And if it’s alright, I can post there when I have any updates. I’ve got one from today, but likely won’t have anything exciting until the 20th when I finally get paid again.


Thank you! I’m always happy to see my reviews are of help and offer an entertaining read, I think I can either comment on that in the main post while crediting you or wait until we have confirmation then bring back this thread, but I can for sure keep this in mind to look into patterns, I appreciate you notified us on this!

That’s what I had in mind, I’ve noticed both weapons target the lowest HP member of a party at turn 1 and that changes later as Veld’s weapon targets other stats, but [Kia Staff] makes a reference to its original use as a staff that heals [Stone] status, so I think about: bring her to Veld’s [Grand Hero Battle] map to directly count his [Petrify] weapon.
At core, they both are neat references to their OG appearances.

And sure! Technically, I consider anyone posting their pulls for merging up Sara is a form of appreciation and I can see you do, so go for it! I’ll keep it pinned on my profile for convenience and because I’m really proud of that creation, looking forward to make something nice once mine’s +10.


Oh, there’s no need to credit me for that, but thank you! Just do as you see fit I guess :feh_rinea_smile:


Awesome review as usual! :feh_catria:

I honestly love what they did for Veld. They somehow got this extremely dull-looking and forgettable character and made him super awesome and stand out with fantastic artwork, voice lines, and unique weapon!

It’s pretty tempting to build Veld, but I’ve got my Iago so I’m good for the time being.


I’m going to crawl out of my shell a bit and say how amazing these reviews are. Ever since I joined, I’ve set these to Watching because I loved reading your detailed reviews and I appreciate how in-depth they are and how it looks at a character as a whole

Amazing reviews as always and looking forward to more :feh_flaynsmile:


Hey! So, I couldn’t deploy the fixes I wanted to do in time, but I’m going to bump this review for anyone that missed it and because it’ll be a reminder for anyone that might want to pull as the banner ends immediately before Seiros’ banner is live.

I’ll notify here at a later date when I managed to deploy the fixes.