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Hello everyone!, I hope you’re having a good day.

Recently we’ve got a new Feh Channel, it’s time we review it as there’s a good share of news:

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Listing of news

(Resume of the announcements)
(MM:SS in the video)
New event announcement: [Mjölnir's Strike] 1:00
Shortcuts to manage a Hero(ine)'s skills from their status screen 14:09
New Heroes banner initial announcement 15:09
Book IV announcement 17:44

[Mjölnir’s Strike]

What is this?

:warning: Explanation with a load of images, open if you want to know about this game mode.
:no_entry: Also some information may be wrong (subject to changes!), please let me know what needs correction at any time and it’ll be fixed.

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It’s a new game mode where the summoner (you) will defend your Askr kindom from the oppresing might of Thórr’s army, this game mode consists of four phases:

  1. Brace: you’re given time to prepare your map for defense, place your units, structures, etc. — you can test your map on three difficulty levels.
  2. Shield: it’s in this time where you’re participating the most, during this phase you can enter in battles, there’s the choice of three difficulty levels against Thórr’s minions.
  3. Counter: during this phase you’ll be attacking the enemy squad leader with lances using an Askran tank that has a huge range of reach.
  4. Rest: Your army may or may not have won by the time this phase arrives and you’re given a break from this game mode, you can focus more on other things on and off the game.

I’ve done a test battle to have a glimpse of how this mode works but first I’ve built my set-up:

The game will give you a tutorial to set-up your team.
Also, do you see the icon above Sonya and Brunnya?, this is what it means:
Now check my map. Your allies in the red area will be ignored by their enemies, they still can retaliate but this gives you the edge to bring your strongest combatants in here.

The other three slots is where your allies will be fighting in the bottom area bordered with light blue, they get a boost to one of three stats by +10 depending on their spot so Nino will get 63 speed on here—

"Wait @af1899, did you say… 63 SPEED?!": that’s what I said, take a look at the screenshot where phases are shown (above), do you see now?, yes…
This mode has a structure system that you can build and improve with a special coin unique to this event in the same fashion as [Aether Raids], placing the advertised structure (in this case the [Múspell Pyre]) gives your units +4 to all stats.
Everyone here is deployed as a pair, the unit at the top is in front by default, the unit at the bottom is their cohort.

Mythic Heroes can also get a boost to their stats if their element matches the season:

The element at the bottom means that the light Mythic Heroes (Eir and Peony) get +4 to all their stats and HP, but dark ones (Yune and Sothis) are granted +2, this similarly applies with all the other possible combinations of two that are illustrated there

Building your set-up

It works in the same fashion as [Aether Raids], except that there are limits in where you can place everything:

  • Your battlefield is only this one.
  • The screenshots above show where you can place structures (up to four are allowed) and your allies from the blue spots, the “ignored by enemies” allies can’t be changed of place.

    You’re given a quick tutorial on how to build your set-up and after completion you’re given 500 units of the coin this game uses exclusively for structures creation and upgrade.

Testing run

Now, I’ve chosen “beginner” to test how the fights go:

And boosts are applied:

Comparison of Nino's and Altina's stats

:chart_with_upwards_trend: First picture of each unit is with boosts applied, everything stacks
:chart_with_downwards_trend: Second picture of each unit is without the boosts



To note that supports work even if units are on different sides of the map and a unit from one side can attack an enemy in the other:

Generic reinforcements will appear each turn, your goal is to defend the two gates that shine below:

They can be broken by a sole attack of the enemy so make sure no one escapes your grasp.
If both of them are broken it’s game over, your units must defend them for seven turns.

Structures have a variety of effects:

While we’re at it I can’t explain at all why they decided to blur one of the structures, it’s this one:

Anyways, you can build them and there’s a good variety of them, they can be used by tapping the flower-like icon on the interface after selecting them, also do you see this?:
It’s a cooldown, they can’t be spammed, once this quantity of turns passes after the use you can use it again.

The Counter and Rest phases

Depending of your score during the Shield phase you’ll be awarded with lances that are used as ammo for the Askr Blaster:

Multiple lances can be used at the same time, this is similar to the [Voting Gauntlet] event:

When the Rest phase arrives you’ll be awarded based on your scoring and an Askr level which is equal for everyone:

And that’ll mark the end of the event.

Also there are [Divine Codes], it’s a new type of coin apparently, their purpose is unknown so it’s recommended to save them for later on

Event duration (debut)

Opinion about this mode

Well, I like its concept and setting referencing the Norse mythology, I find it fun but not as interesting as [Hall of Forms], it opens the possibility to strengthen your units there to disgusting levels which can unbalance it.
The music is “APPROVE!”:

(Open video in a new tab)

Rating: 7/10

Book IV

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Book IV’s theme is at last announced:

New FEH OCs (click/tap to open/close)

The setting is in Ljósálfheimr, it’s a land of dreams. Peony is a Ljósálfar, a fairy of light that resides in this world, it’s being invaded by Dökkálfar (fairies of darkness), we’re introduced to two of them that seem to play a major role in the plot: Triandra and Plumeria.

What do I think about this new book?

Well, it’s too early to give a detailed insight about this book, at the end of it I plan to review it but I’ll think of that.
Anyways the setting seems fine, it has inspiration from Norse mythology which this game’s based on and I’m not displeased with anything to say the least, the characters have interesting details reflecting their side in all of this, with Peony having floral hair and Triandra and Plumeria having hair with thorns. The designs of the last two characters is somewhat fanservice but it isn’t a big deal, I love these though.
It promises enough and is somehow exciting, we’ll see how it goes.

Setting rating: 7/10

New Heroes: [Peony and More]

In the Feh Channel we’ve got news of an upcoming Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 banner, and New Heroes are added with this update:

  • Eyvel
  • Mareeta
  • Osian
  • Peony
  • Tanya
  • Kempf

“In America!” :us: :eagle:

:arrow_right: Click/tap here to open my review about them

New feature

Yes, aside the new Book IV, New Heroes and the [Mjölnir’s Strike] event we get a new feature to manage our unit’s skills:

You can now change your units’ skills and seals from their status screen so long as you’re NOT between chain battles or inside a battle you can use these buttons.

That’s it

So… how was this Feh Channel for me?

They’ve spent exactly 12 minutes and 59 seconds covering an entire game mode, while it’s good it was rather unnecesary to give that much coverage…
The update had so little new stuff for the game compared to the previous ones, this isn’t worthy of the beginning of the fourth “major” release of FEH.
The New Heroes from Thracia look great and Feh gave a basic but fine insight about their profile :feh_arvisboneappetite:.
Don’t get me wrong, I like what was announced as I expressed above, what’s irksome is how little was announced in 23 minutes and 17 seconds, but have a look again at how much they’ve covered the new game mode (used calculator):
55.762347888332144% is slightly more than half of the video…

It was a decent channel at best, I’ll not deny that the new mode is fun and that I love the designs of the Dökkálfar and New Heroes (Jugdral love is highly appreciated as always so no complaints on that) but looking at what we’ve got this leaves more to desire for a “major” update that’s just more like a minor one.

Feh Channel rating: 4/10


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:information_source: Temporary central glossary/symbology (will be replaced later on here and the other reviews)
:link: The reaction images are from Davie504’s videos


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As always thanks a ton for reading me out :feh_rinea_smile:


Oh wow, what a great guide!

although I still don’t know how to play the new mode because I’m dumb :catroll:

But thanks for the info!


You’re very welcome!, don’t worry we’ll eventually learn more about the event, I’m still not completely sure about a few things but we’ll learn as it goes on :+1:


While kinda true, the sad part is that book 3 had even less. https://gamepress.gg/feheroes/feh-content-update-121018-book-3


Face reveal?


No lol, he’s the :b:ASSIST :feh_bigbeauty:


Waouh I didn’t know it was so long.
I posted the same meme with the 200 american Kempf yesterday ! We have the same tastes in memes.

Also prepare yourself because I will cry a lots for your thracia review banner, whereeee issss Saaaraaaa.


Dang, that doesn’t sound good doesn’t it…

Anywho thanks for the info!, I’ll make sure to check this with more detail in Book V if it’s made :catroll:


Yeah. Book 3 was basically not different than any other update. Kinda sad. Anyways, great review as always man!


Yes, they took their while.
I thought the meme would add a comic relief to my review, it’s noice :feh_arvisboneappetite:.

Oof, don’t worry we’ll cry together :catsob:.

Man why didn’t they give us Sara…


It’s even more by the fact she could have been on the banner instead of the mythic.
I’m sure IS is saving her for the next Thracia banner because they always need a big name (like Mareeta or Igrene) to sell these niche banner.


Great job on this channel review! it was another nice read.

I can agree this was a bit short. I believe Book 3 was pretty short as well but it felt like it had more content to show. It had Aether Raids mythic mechanic (Which ruined the F2P appeal of the mode within a month), the trailer and Introduction of Eir our first mythic.
I kinda miss her on the app icon. :feh_eiriana_grande: but the new girl’s face makes up for it.

I really hope the new mode of the game will remain fun and accessible to everyone.

My biggest hope for Book 4 is for Sharena to the same treatment as Alfonse this book. The designs look nice and the area looks interesting.

Most importantly, LOOK AT PEONY!!! She looks and sounds so precious!!! I WANT HER!

Thracia 667 are a welcome but no Farfeteched/Brave Redux banner this year? Maybe in January?
Also Kempf “IN AMERICA!”

Also the changes to Arena and the ability to change the character’s skills from their profiles is great!

Overall a nice announcement but nothing too grand.
Looking forward to your review!


May I subscribe? :feh_birbpeek:

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Of course! :white_check_mark:, starting the upcoming review you’ll be tagged once on each of them :+1:


Great review. 100% agree with it.

That ridiculously long explanation of the new game mode was… So unnecessary. Other than that? It was alright.

Honestly they could have just revealed the Book IV trailer and left out the rest and I probably would have been satisfied.


Hello, I just want to say that I really like those reviews you do.
…and I also want to subscribe, thanks.


Hi, much appreciated!, starting next review you’ll be mentioned then :ok_hand:t2:.
(Next one is for the New Heroes, should be out by later in today)

I didn’t find any typos this time. :feh_bigbeauty:

Neat review though, handy considering I never saw the FEH channel.

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Just gonna assume this is you.

Anyway, great review, as always ! :feh_birbpeek: