@af1899's Altena appreciation post & +10 showcase... plus a surprise! :feh_altenafeelings:

(Changelog - Apr 11th, 2022)
  • Modified several strings of text since the anniversary of the game in 2021 long passed.
  • Also, reworded some parts as well.
  • Added build for Leif and updated builds for Altena.

S U R P R I S E !

I had intended to make of this appreciation post a surprise of sorts, been thinking of creating it around its publication date, and seeing I already like a lot the character I’ll cover… why not? :e7_ravisob:
I’ll also mix in a little surprise as well due to a special date that was celebrated back then.

So, who this time? Well…


From: Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

:globe_with_meridians: SOURCE ▸ Fire Emblem TREASURE

That’s right, one of the motivations for this thread is her, so let’s get started.

Who’s she?

:warning: I tried to write this bio from memory at first, I’ll probably try to refine it later with what I find in the Wiki, so for now, there’ll be no links, etc. But feel free to notify me if you find any errors and/or missing info.



Altena is the daughter of Quan of Leonster and Ethlyn of Chalphy, two kingdoms located in different countries in Jugdral, she had the same parents as Leif, which makes of them siblings, with Altena being the older of the two.

Initially, after the Aed Massacre, her parents were killed in the Aed Dessert at the hands of King Travant of Thracia and his squadron, but their children were spared, with Altena being taken care of by the very man that killed her parents. She was very young, so she wouldn’t know or remember those events, but Travant wanted to raise her since she inherited major Holy Blood from Crusader Njörun, which Quan possessed, thus making Altena eligible to wield the [Gáe Bolg], one of the twelve relics gifted to the Twelve Crusaders in long gone ages.

She’s first seen in chapter 8 of the game, being ordered to attack the liberation army led by Seliph after they began recapturing various cities and locations in the Thracian Penninsula, but as she was drawing closer to the liberation army, she felt reluctancy to attack and seemingly saddened when she was watching from atop a mountain, at the potential consequences that Travant’s orders would impose if she follows them, Seliph and Ced recognized her from the distance and noticed how she was apparently feeling.
She eventually retreats from the battlefield and is scolded by Travant himself for not properly leading the assault and just walking away while the squadron assigned to her is tore apart to shreds. She’s not seen until early in the next chapter, where she’s given one more chance after Arion tries to convince his father that she’s just unaware of what she’s saying as she was trying to protest out of line, in an effort to convince him to use more peaceful methods. She then, proceeds with a new squadron to attack Seliph’s liberation army as they advance to Kapathogia, but Leif manages to speak to her and at first, she couldn’t believe that not only his brother is talking to her, she’s also unable to believe her true parents were killed by the man that raised her as her own child for the past 17 years, but Leif asks her to look into his eyes, and she realizes he’s not lying at all, so she decides to retreat and ask Travant himself, who confirms the truth about the Aed Massacre, and is shocked about that…
After Altena enters in a rage episode, she’s knocked out by Arion to save her from Travant raising suspictions about her; believing her dead; Travant then, immediately sets out to lead another assault to Seliph’s army and to recapture the cities he liberated from the Empire, but eventually, Travant is slain in battle.
Arion gets word of this and suggests Altena to reunite with Leif, which means joining Seliph’s army and eventually making of Arion and Altena enemies, this is because of the curse of the [Gáe Bolg] and the [Gungnir], the latter of which is wielded by Arion himself, where the wielders of those weapons are fated to fight each other.
Eventually, Altena manages to join Seliph’s army and fights for them, unwavering in battle and together with her brother after an unexpected reunion.

In the last chapter, Arion decides to recapture Chalphy as he appears from the southwest later in said chapter, but Altena manages to persuade him into serving her, she told him he’s so caught up in his ego and leaves her own fate to Arion (by deciding whether or not he kills her), but he comes to a realizement and agrees to help her.


Altena is depicted as a mellow individual, and protective of her citizens, companions and friends/family, even though she has no recollection of her parents, she still feels their warmth as if it was otherwordly, which has thankfully been passed down to her.
One example of her kindness is her conversation with Sharlow in chapter 10 of the game, where he wants to cast a magic protection spell to raise her resistance (since wyvern riders tend to have it very low), but… this spell comes at the cost of a little life force:
She tells Sharlow she can’t accept his offer precisely because of the cost involved and she doesn’t want him to get hurt, but he’s worried about her and insists, so she ends up accepting on the condition Sharlow will back off at the first sign of weakness, this results in Altena’s resistance going up by 5 points permanently.

Why I appreciate her?


She's without a doubt a very approachable personality with a gentle mien, in FEH, she's not that different from how we know her from FE4. She was also a girl with a rather emotive past, as I've been covering in her bio.

And I like her design so much, she's depicted as a mentally strong and beautiful woman, FEH still managing to captivate that essence perfectly; she wants to give Kiran her very best in battle, like how Nino does.


I knew I wanted her when she was added to FEH and I was really happy with her addition as demote, her extremely passable fodder really helped me to decide that I wanted to work on her.

She’s also sister to the best [Lord] in the series if there were not enough reasons for my bias towards her.

Fan #art

Because… why not? :feh_florina:
Although, sadly, she doesn’t have as much so here are 5 of the ones I liked the most. :cat:


:arrow_up: (3×) Drawn by: ちけふ (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: (2×) Drawn by: こむぎ (Pixiv)


At first, I was against using my free [Forma Soul] from the fourth anniversary since it’s extremely valuable and I wanted to use it on a seasonal I was sure I loved when they appeared.
I was also mentioning the possibility OG Idoun could appear as Forma, she was +7 back then but now she’s +10 and she’s still getting all the skills she can inherit anyway… so I slowly convinced myself I wanted Altena, until it was 4 in the morning when the [Hall of Forms] ended and finally, decided to get the last merge… yes, that copy was all that I needed to fully max Altena out, and I would love to share her builds with everyone:

The first build is what I mainly use and it’s quite a reliable one for use on both phases, she’s not the best mixed tank nor her RES is that impressive, but actually with all the skills active she’s deceptively bulky and fun to play with.
Her second build is a work in progress, thinking she needs a [Slaying Lance+] and [Heavy Blade 4] when I can afford it, and [Spd/Def Hold] once it gets out, otherwise this is more or less how I want it.
I gave her an attack [Ascended Asset] since I think it gives me great flexibility on how to use it on her builds instead of a RES buff…

As for her support mate, none less than her beloved brother and best boy:

I wish I had more skills for him, but I make do with what I have.


When I first made this thread, I had included a little extra, since back at the time, this was happening:

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War’s 25th anniversary!

:jp: Released: Japan only | Released for SFM | May 14th, 1996.

That’s right, this game was released exactly 25 years ago in 2021, and before I released this post, I’ve worked on it without telling a single soul in hopes to make of it a surprise, and although I can’t really make much for the anniversary, I wanted to share my appreciation for what I see as one of the two games that compound the pinnacle of the series, led by the true creator of the series, Shouzou Kaga:
He’s the true creator of the series and worked on the first five installments in the series, which includes Thracia 776… he left @Intelligent_Systems shortly after that game was finished, and founded a company named Tirnanog (which is named like one of the cities in Isaach, a country to the north east of Jugdral), that company released first an Emblem Saga game which was later renamed to TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga because Nintendo reported the copyright infringement from the OG name and they managed to sue Kaga for it.
Today, he still lives, and has developed a game that draws on a lot of elements from Fire Emblem, known as Vestaria Saga, you can download it officially for free in its website, but the game will be in Japanese… there’s an English version though, but it’s paid:

Aaaaanyway. :fgo_ereshpeek:
Back onto the previous topic…

H A P P Y • A N N I V E R S A R Y , F E 4 !

(Sources: Twitter | Tumblr)

I played the game around the time of the anniversary, and made it to the grand finale, it was truly beautiful, the music is outstanding and very memorable, so is the cast… there’s a lot I firmly appreciate in Jugdral and the games developing on it are worth playing, I recommend them!
As for me, I’m playing with the latest translation by Dark Twilkitri, instead of the more updated Project Naga because I’m a diehard elitist /s… jokes aside though, I was never too fan of the newer names, although I’ve grown to adapt to them without problem thanks to FEH, I like more the special charm I feel in those older translations, like… [Volcanon] > [Bolganone]. :feh_ayratea:
Plus the UI fonts used in Project Naga really look worse compared to the ones used on Dark Twilkitri, which feel more FE-like Imo.
…Yeah, no. :feh_tooobin:
However, since Dark Twilkitri’s translation freezes the game during the ending, I had to switch over to the Project Naga translation…

All in all, I appreciate all things Jugdral, although I’m not a resident expert of its lore, I’d be happy to continue indulging on it and help others with character usage, be it on the vanilla game or in FEH.
It’s probably known that I’m extremelly fond of Julia though, who I will post about in 9 days because I would like to align my post with the day of her OG version’s weekly revival, and I’m planning to make it something grand, so please look forward to it.

I’ve also finished my first run rather recently. :catdance:
Too bad, but I was close enough to all As.

I’ll end this section by sharing a theme I offered to extend, it’s a rather obscure one but not as certain well hidden pieces (and I meant it in the sense it’s kinda ominous but I love it) — it plays in chapter 9 of the game after Leif talks to Altena (it’s NOT a character theme for anyone!) and the latter goes to ask Travant for confirmation about the truth of the Aed Massacre and her parents:

The End

Thanks for coming to my TED talk yet another appreciation post of mine! I hope you have enjoyed the read, and feel free to throw in any suggestions.

As a side note: coincidentally enough, it was also the 122nd anniversary for my favorite football club during the 25th anniversary of FE4!

Their story is summarized here, it’s a rather unexpected coincidence and over those years sticking to the Fire Emblem series, I’d have never thought about this until 2021 in mid-May. :fgo_ereshdistress:
But it’s so nice, that means double the party. :fgo_ereshlove: Even if they’re not the best performing team, I don’t care, I support them because it’s like a passion and their legacy has been no small talk in my country.
So, happy anniversary for them too!

As per usual, feel free to revive this kind of thread if you would love to share any form of appreciation to the character in context, in this case, Altena!


Very nice and interesting build. :smiley:
With so much premium fodder. :D

Also very nice appreciation post for Altena. :smiley:

Will we get a genealogy bridal banner?!^^"


That’s a great looking Altena you got there! Congrats on finishing her :catclap:


I know I made my own post about it, but man she’s been really good for me too.


Queen of Gen 2

No doubt





I love Altena she is very badass but also kind and compassionate and I love her design. She got translated into feh very well, top tier art and very good voice acting, also good statline and being a 4 star is even better, she is at +9 but I haven’t figured out a build I’m satisfied with yet :feh_tooobin:


Altena’s story is very good. I think I come to like her more than Leif. Actually, I do not know.

She is a literate and older Nino. But it reminds us a lot of the kindness, only more mature.

Her being downgraded to 4 * and having her gun was great. And its design I think is very beautiful. And a woman in Wyvern looks good. It refers to Minerva’s words why she chose Wyvern and abandoned the pegasus.

The idea of ​​Genealogy / Thracia is brilliant. Just see uncovered with Sakurai, Sakaguchi and others.

Not to mention that it also had engineering and ideas from some of the greatest geniuses for me in games. Gunpei Yokoi.

Kaga left for fights and we know the reasons. But Nintendo has a cool thing. Keep the essence. And it gave me joy to know that he talked to the people of Nintendo and everything was fine. When the remake of the New Mystery came out.
He left us that legacy.

Triangle of weapons, permanent death, each character is important, supports and inherit power.

She is also not very well remembered but Yuka, although not very well remembered, made great tracks and was one of the first women to compose for games.

And to think that Fire Emblem was already modern for its time. But unfortunately it was only playable in Japan. There are good stories about that.

And just thanking you for the post is not only your favorite game but also Mr. Sakurai’s.

Your Altena is great and happy for your conclusion.
I like big text even more if you want to write. The only big text I’m afraid of is the Prf in Feh.

And your club is big here in South America. I hope soon that the fans will be able to go to see their team in the stadium and feel the human warmth.


I think I had an opportunity for Spirited lance but it was that or some other premium skill like Guard Bearing or Bracing stance, so I chose the skill instead. I really wanted it for a pseudo special fighter build.

Still need 200k feathers to +10 her.

Kind of thinking of running deflect melee to block first and second attacks to charge up her eventual Ignis and go BIGnis, or maybe just sol/noontime to really screw with people since she has Fatal Smoke.


Hello all, it’s been a long time since I even thought about this thread, but it’s time to bring it back with a few updates (as per usual, you’ll find the changelog at the beginning of the OP). Hope you like it!

This morning, I also realized I could do this, really good times:

Kind of related that I’m also going to finally build Seliph, but since I don’t have much copies of him because of my dumb reluctancy to build him in the past he’s neutral for now, but I’ll go with +att later:

This really can be improved, but I have little skills to spare for him, most of them are placeholders until I get something better like [Null Follow-Up 3]…

:candle: Manifesting her Ascended alt as well. :candle:

I’d absolutely love an alt for Altena, Ascended sounds great for her and there’s a good chance she might be on the next FE4 banner which should cover second generation units. :brown_heart:
My guess is that the rest of the banner could be Patty, Tine and Arthur, and Arion would be the free unit. :feh_eirikathink:

Also, thought you might be interested in an update so I quoted here instead.

Also, other than in my appreciation threads, Idk where to post it but I wanted to share a little interesting something that happened to me in FGO the other day…


So, I’ve only logging in only for rewards, the most I did now and then was summoning with my daily freebies and perhaps leveling up my Archer of Inferno, but 4 days ago I noticed an interesting banner which had Raikou and Francis, Medea Lily was also on it, so I pulled and, after 90 [Saint Quartz]…


Well, that’s certainly a sweet surprise, I now have a Raikou at [NP2] and I couldn’t be happier, I’m still in awe specially considering that when I pulled for her she was sharing with another SSR and the rates for a SSR character are of 1%…

So thanks to that I’m playing when I can again, for more than daily rewards, though I’m slowly leveling her, she’s around Lv.35 as of this post.


This is amazing




Here’s the full pic btw!


Lovely, thanks for sharing! :pleading_face:

I really like how they draw, on a more realistic approach, they even have some more Jugdral art of Ayra and Linoan, I’ll follow the artist.

Also, we need that Ayra alt and Linoan for next year, @Intelligent_Systems be sleeping on them. :breadsive:


I know, I commissioned one of them!

And the Altena one


Also thanks guys! Soon after I posted this, I noticed in FGO there’s a banner with Musashi and celebration stuff for 17M downloads (crazy, but we take the rewards), but I pulled for her with what I had left and 20 [Tickets]… and of course got nothing. :fgo_musashipain:
I literally used up all my luck for the rest of the month when I got Raikou lol. :feh_tooobin:

I saw we can get a free SSR servant and keep it by [Ascending] it once and getting [Bond] level 5, I’m picking Jeanne d’Arc after a little difficulty trying to figure out who I really want, but I remember playing her story arc and she was rather pleasant and likeable.

Btw, if anyone would like to add me, my code is 017534999 but I don’t have much to offer yet, I’m playing on NA only.

Anyway, back on the original topic, I don’t have planned updates to the OP for now but I’ll post here once I have a major update planned and done.


I love the gen 2 Jugdral love, Altena and Larcei are easily the best girls of the second half

Glad she’s getting more love. Super underrated


Nice! And I see you’re investing in speed as well. :feh_navarreculture:
Also, same, she even has little fan art. :breadsive:

Btw, do you have plans on giving her other builds and/or a support partner? :feh_eirikathink:


AF plays FGO now huh :feh_sigurdeyes: must have missed that. I’ll have to add you sometime. Can’t say my support setup is the best out there but whatever. Also nice pull!

Also I’d post my own Altena again but nothing about her has changed lol. She’s still fun to use though :feh_arvisboneappetite:


Oh and btw, that was apparently Musashi’s last known banner (even looking 2 years ahead in JP) so rip if you really wanted her.


She’ll be back on rateup 2 more times, it’s a daily rotation, and we’ll be getting a good amount of tickets and sq with the campaign so there’s still a chance.