@af1899's Altena appreciation post & +10 showcase... plus a surprise! :feh_altenafeelings:

That I do, although I’ve been a player for months actually, sometimes I was inactive but I’m returning now that I finished the semester. :fgo_jeannecheer:
Also no worries, my lineup doesn’t have much of interesting either, but I’m doing my best. :feh_nino: Then I’ll be looking forward to your friend request to accept it.

Oh oof, if that’s true I’ll be without her for a long time, but I can always save up for someone else, for now not entirely sure after looking at JP events of mid-to-late 2020…

But memes aside, if there’s another rate-up coming up soon for her I’ll give it a shot if I get any :fgo_rainbowapple:s and hopefully share some good news, for now I’m sitting at 9 IIRC, haven’t logged in today yet.


I’ve given her so much fodder and I have a legendary Lief waiting in the wings. Also considered either of my Seliphs


I’ve also fed her the obligatory distant counter, aether, and any lance that falls into my lap. Been torn between flow refresh, flow guard and wyvern flight for either her or my Cormag.


We’ll be getting 10 tickets for login streaks, 10 sq for easter and a few other sq for story clear milestones. Musashi will be back in like a week I believe.


Hello all, I don’t have updates related to Altena appreciation or her build, but something still somewhat related.
While I couldn’t prepare anything for the anniversary of #genealogy-of-the-holy-war, it did take place yesterday in Japan (it’s still 5/14 here though).
This is a really special day, not as my birthday, but it’s nice that both my favorite football club (turning 123 years) and the main Jugdral game (turning 26) both have their anniversaries today, I hope it’s been a great day for Nacional as a whole and for one of the greatest Fire Emblem games personally. :partying_face:

I’ll now just drop a small showcase of some of my best FE4 units’s builds:


Also, some of the music I’ve extended on the past, for playback up to 30 minutes on YouTube with simple SPC700 status view:

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and wishing you a good day. :feh_deirdrehappy:

Edit: oops, last one I attached was from FE5, anyway I’ve replaced it with an actual FE4 one. In any case, feel free to check out my channel for more of these.