Af1899's luck on the 14th weekly revival banner! (9/8/2019)


I hope you like this redaction, I tried to put some effort to make it interesting, I’m not good at this but I’ll give it a shot :eirikabulli:, so…

*“Tapestry” from TRS plays*

It’s been three months… a regular player of FEH that goes by the name of “af1899” hath learnt about a future with great hopes, there he saw a bewitching beauty — pretty as a butterfly or even more — whom could visit his castle more times and gain great power.

That lady hath the name of “Sonya”, she hails from the world of Valentia — a powerful mage with a troubled past.

So, this man — af1899 — from another realm, hath sworn to gather the offerings for her arrival during three long months, t’was a rather harsh trial, some tempting characters tried to take over his saving, granted: they failed miserably.

8th September, 2019: the day hath cometh — prithee RNG, bless this man with the honors of welcoming her many times, and his plea hath been answered… or so the story goes…

Good day everyone!, so today is the beginning of the 14th weekly revival banner — and what of it?, it’s been the moment I’ve been saving for since its announcement!.

So here goes the video:

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Obtained 5★ units
  • 10x Sonya.
  • 3x Linde.
  • 1x Myrrh.
  • 1x Dorcas.
Timestamps (if you don't want to see the entire video)
Time 5★ unit Copy Nº IVs
1:26 Sonya 1/10 +HP/-RES
5:33 Sonya 2/10 -HP/+DEF
6:18 Linde 1/3 -ATK/+RES
11:08 Sonya 3/10 -HP/+DEF
16:47 Sonya 4/10 +HP/+ATK
19:35 Linde 2/3 +DEF/-RES
23:38 Dorcas 1/1 +SPD/-DEF
28:29 Sonya 5/10 +ATK/-DEF
31:54 Myrrh 1/1 +ATK/-RES
44:02 Sonya ?/10 +HP/-DEF
46:05 Linde 3/3 -HP/+DEF
Recommended: go and see from 33:40 to 36:20 before!

4 Sonya in succesion from yolo summons!!! :bigbeauty::royyes::nini::flaynfish:

Copy Nº IVs
6/10 +HP/-ATK
7/10 -HP/+RES
8/10 +ATK/-RES
9/10 +HP/-ATK
Fun facts!
  • 9:41: my first Sheena yeee :nini:
  • 16:22: :feh_bartre::feh_bartre::feh_bartre::feh_bartre:.
  • 33:4036:20: o.0
  • Note that the only non-5★ units I’ve faved are only copies of Nino, this is because I work on her but don’t care for the rest.
  • There were a few times where I had no greens (color I sniped) and blues (fallback for Linde merges) so I choose colorless (I’m hopeful someday I get Nina :catroll:). Times: 26:18 and 39:10.
  • All the obtained Lindes generally have IVs that affect their bulk (with them I got 4 all with really bad IVs :sharenacry:).
Some music I've listened

All from Final Fantasy series! :birbpeek:

  • “Force your way”, “The Legendary Beast”, “Maybe I’m a Lion” and “The Extreme” (FFVIII)
  • “Assault of the White Dragons” (FFIX)

I’d like to thank the GP FEH community — I feel that, thanks to it I could keep my urges on check most of the time.

Also, this may be not a better achievement than @KratosFredi 's B!Camilla — I make a honor mention to his superior patience and persistence for his successful achievement — however I felt sharing would still make you happy, and after all the effort, it all has been worth it — the fruit of the effort of saving:

And for those who have me on their FLs, I hope she does even better than before, I’m proud of what I’ve achieved here and now, I guess I’ll save for the [Bonfire] banner or try to get PA!Olivia :feh_maethink:.

Thank you for reading!, hope your days and summons are succesful :birbpeek:


This was a wonderful read :hridexcited:
You made a good story.
Congrats on the +10 Sonya! You deserve it after saving for so long :birbpeek:


Dang, you +10ed her just like that

Congrats for this! You deserve her. She looks even better than before :hridexcited:


Thank you!, it’s the first time I could achieve such a feat — I’m really happy with this :hridexcited:.

Glad you liked the reading too :+1:t2:


Thanks!, yes she came quite often but in the end I’m glad I could +10 her and now gained more strength!, she’s…

  • My third fully merged unit
  • First exclusive unit fully merged

Impressive. I’m sure she’ll serve you well.

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I’m so happy for you but at the same time so jealous lol. And I love that build!

So, except for Idunn, now you’ll save for someone?


My god…
4 3% five stars one right after another…
I foolishly spent 75 orbs instead of saving and got nothing


She already did and now just gained improvement!, hope you enjoy using her too, your W!Cecilia is amazing :fire:

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Oh thank you!, I hope your luck gets better, what are your plans as of now?.

Glad you liked the build too!, I’m thinking of giving her more but I really love this one!

Yes, apart of Idoun I’ve been hoping to get PA!Olivia — I really like her design there :birbpeek:

Glad you think that, her new build is great fun. I’ll look forward to using Sonya :ok_hand:

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Unveliebable right? :joy:, I was like WOW getting that many in succesion…

Oh it’s alright, think in the future a +ATK Petra will bless you with her visit, I’m sure of it :birbpeek:

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I want to +10 Petra but I wanted a flying dancer and I like Ishtar and Rienhardt’s characters…
But now I have a 4% pity chance so I just have to go until I get at least one five star. Hopefully I’ll get a Mercedes or two one the way

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Yes I use her often :birbpeek:.

Hope she’s great for you, feel free to give feedback or let me know how you liked her :+1:t2:

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Ohh I see, I had the same plans too but mainly wanted S!Ishtar, I decided to ignore since I needed as much orbs as I could…

Good luck!, I hope you get to break that rate soon :birbpeek:

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I give up on Berkut and Ishtar, I don’t need them, so I’ll try to get more copies of Sonya, at least one with any boon except +def and +hp lol. But I’d also like to save since the next banner could be about SoV and I really want Phyton, Silque and Tatiana (more Phyton tbh) and I’m interested in the next mythical banner because I want L!Eirika and maybe the mythic will be Mila.

So many units, so few orbs lol


Oh I see, it’s good anyways since you can focus on more interesting choices (particularly Sonya merges!).

Hoo I feel you :elisad:, I was getting worried mine came with all but +ATK but I’m glad things turned out!.

Oh yes there are the new heroes in some days too :feh_notlikethis:, I hope to see Silque (mostly wanted) and Tatiana there, Python is also pretty cool :+1:t2:.

Yes, I’m too, it could’ve Mila and that’d be too good…! :feh_notlikethis:.

I feel you :joy: :sharenacry:

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You max merged her? Nice. I still remember when she was still +0 and you said you wanted to max merge her someday. Didn’t think it’d be so soon, but congrats.

Now who’s next?


I just realized something…
I should probably also save so that I can get a H!Mia for my Mercedes…
I need to free summon some people

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Yes!, now she’s my lead, you have me added so if you want to try her out at your service :+1:t2:.

Oh I’m happy you remember these details so well!, I’m proud I’ve done it!.

Thanks! :birbpeek:

:feh_bartre: okno but I’ll think about it, I’d max Idoun too but the red pool is a dangerous one… also want to get one PA!Olivia :feh_maethink: