@af1899's Silque appreciation thread + Valentine's alt +10ed!


This is the third of my appreciation thread series… yes, at this point, might as well make of it a thing, although I don’t have the intent to flood #gamepress with a thread for every single character I like, just the ones I’m more closely attached to.

So let’s get started— whoa!

That’s right, I would like to attach two VGMs I feel would be fitting here, feel free to listen to either/both while reading. :feh_nino:

(Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia themes)
«The Voice That Calls You»
«The Heritors of Arcadia»

And fr now, let’s get started.


In this time, the character I’ll talk about and showcase is… Silque! She’s my favorite [Cleric], as in, the class itself, but I adore her not from a gameplay standpoint even though she’s been a great unit in all the games she gets to appear, from Gaiden to the present FEH, I’ll start with summarizing about her character, I took some bits of info from the FANDOM wiki article available here to help myself make a proper choice of words, but I definitely remember some things about her.

One thing to note though, is that I’ll focus on her appearance in the latter game, since it’s there where she gets a significant deal of development, and it’s thanks to this game that I’ve developed a strong bond with her.
That said, I’ll definitely mention some things about Gaiden too.

I also write based about what can be infered from her quotes in FEH, which you can read from the following links:

:clock930: VERSION :left_speech_bubble: QUOTES PAGE
Epi.: «Adherent of Mila»
Click/tap here
Epi.: «Selfless Cleric»
Click/tap here

Who’s she?

Silque is a playable character in Fire Emblem Gaiden, a game released only in Japan for the Famicom, and its remake: Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, for the 3DS, which was released worldwide.
She’s a cleric from the priory of Novis, it’s like a little church, on a small island at the southeast of both Zofia and Rigel (the northern land ruled by the God of Strength, Duma), a.k.a.: the mainland, she’s a devote follower of Mila, one of the two Gods of Valentia who follows ideals of peace and strives to make of hunger an unknown word (this is metaphorical, meaning she actually seeks to ensure everyone will never lack food).
She became a cleric thanks to her mother, who was one as well, she never learnt who her father was, since she and her mother went on a pilgrimage in Rigel years ago as her mother was actually one from the Duma’s Faithful, as a result, Silque is used to traveling, this has helped her learn a significant amount of knowledge about nature.
She was left behind by her mother in the priory of Novis, Mila rescues Silque and in return, she offers to become a cleric.

We first met her in Alm’s route early in the game, soon after leaving the Ram Village, Silque left the priory where she resided to meet with Alm and deliver to him the [Mila’s Turnwheel], it’s an artifact that allows the user to go back in time… in-game it’s used to undo actions in the map you’re playing.
On her way to meet with Alm, she’s surprised by brigands who capture her in a hideout they have near Ram Village, a former cathedral for Mila’s followers, eventually, she’s rescued by Alm and she gives him the [Mila’s Turnwheel], as well as accompanying him in his quest.
After the war that took place during the game’s event, she went on her own pilgrimage, saving countless lives with her healing abilities.

She’s portrayed as a calm, sweet, caring and wise individual — she knows that someday, the Summoner and her will part ways, but she expresses her thoughts on the matter with all honesty, not hiding the sadness she’d feel when the moment arrives.

«War can leave scars no one can see… If I can ease your burden by listening, please, do not hesitate to call on me.»

«Mother Mila, hear my prayer… May this world become one where people exchange gifts rather than blows.»

She also loves chatting and gossiping, as seen in her (only) support conversation with Faye, in which Silque wants to gossip about men with Faye, but the latter refuses to as she doesn’t like that kind of friendship, she also proposed talking about Alm, but Faye replies it’s not interesting without the man himself, and tells her not everyone has to be friends, but she apologises to Silque soon after, for the rude behavior from before, in the end, they agree to become friends and talk about other topics.

:arrow_right: Silque doesn’t have her own character theme(s), unlike Sara and Idoun who I covered before.

My story with her

Silque has been a character that grew on me rather quickly as I’ve played SoV — the remake of Gaiden — whenever I could snuck some time in to emulate it through Citra since I don’t have a physical copy of the game sadly, I was mainly playing it to learn about Sonya who I first discovered through FEH after my comeback to the game in Aug/2018 and see what SoV was like, more or less, so it was a bit of a rushed run… but it was fun.
However, Silque became one of my most liked Valentian characters as I was exploring her character traits as well as venturing deeper onto her home games — months passed and I’ve discovered ways to better appreciate my favs, and this is how I came to like her so much:

Why is she my favorite [Cleric]?

As said before, do note this is about the [Cleric] class, Sara from Thracia 776 starts at a similar class known as [Sister] and the ability to heal as well, but in the end, they’re pretty different, even though the kind of magic they can technically use is more or less the same, they also play quite differently.
I felt like clarifying this since both classes could be mixed up without having even researched a bit more about their home games, making the question about which of the two from “the same class” I like more, when it’s not a good idea to put them on the same comparison index.

Anyway, it’s true that I naturally have a tendence to like female characters more than male ones, but this actually stems from Irl conditions, in which I could feel more at ease or confident to overcome obstacles when talking (or trying to talk) to a woman rather to a guy, this doesn’t mean I dislike guys, it’s just a matter of preference as to which gender I feel more comfortable interacting with. :feh_ereshdistress:
This is one reason why I like Silque since she gives the player an air of confidence as she expresses care and willingness to lend an ear — in any case, let’s take a look at her official #art by Hidari (the artist that did everyone’s portraits in SoV and the artwork from Brave Alm and Brave Celica in FEH):

This is how we’ll mainly see her, wearing her [Cleric] gown and ready to nurse injured people back to health and following on Mila’s teachings in an effort to bring peace back to a world immersed in war.
As shown in this piece of artwork, she gently gazes back to the front, from which we see her, as if looking at us, while joining her hands, hinting that she’s readying herself to pray to Mila for our protection, this is a way to see how caring she is, as she doesn’t want anyone to die.
Also, I would like to talk about her design, it’s true that I adore the purple color and my biggest favs do share the trait of having a hue of purple hair, but that’s not strictly necessary when I choose who I like (it’s more of a passion than a condition), I also prefer it long over short, but it’s again not necessary either, I still think she’s really cute and charming, and her personality compliments magnificently.

Her development is unfortunately, a tad bland, SoV suffered from a lack of interpersonal communication in the playable cast due to a rather scarce presence of support dialogues, Silque only has a support with Faye, and it’s also really short, but it’s sweet… however, I’ve never allowed myself to like this or that character more than another one because… one has more development than another, this doesn’t mean I prefer underdeveloped characters (actually, I wish more ground about them was covered) but what can we do? At any given rate, this doesn’t make of her a terrible character, working with what I have taken note of, she’s the kind of person I would be truly delighted to talk with about anything she would be happy to, I also feel naturally drawn by her rather simple but charming and sweet looks as I was commenting on before.
I also found myself more in concordance with Mila’s ideals of peace out of the two major influential forces in Valentia, the former of which, Silque shares.

Her Valentine alt was a good staple for my interest on her, I mean, I already liked her a lot but her quotes have shown me a little more about her and how precious she is, but it made me really happy to see her doning a more casual outfit to celebrate the Day of the Devotion with us. :feh_ilovelucy:

This is one of my old posts from last year, back then, it was the third anniversary of FEH, where we got the [Feh Pass] but also, some nice illustrations to celebrate the anniversary, among them, was one with Idoun and Fae drawn by Yamada Kotaro, it was beautiful.
But also! Valentine Silque being announced as the free unit, really hyped me.

«I would like to see the festivities, but I do not know where to start. Care to join me? How exciting this is!»

Her quotes are so nice, but the best part is the artwork, I like more the concept itself than the styling, but I like HAKO’s work in FEH, including Caeda’s OG #art.
Her smile is so bright, also.

Here’s her FEH artwork, it’s so beautiful, but out of the two, I prefer Lack’s, it feels a little better drawn in terms of style but Valentine shows a great concept and a pleasantly looking dress Imo.

OG's artwork

Valentine alt's artwork

:bulb: Neat little detail I noticed last minute: in her Valentine alt’s special piece of #art, she’s drawing a heart with her staff, now I love the artwork even more.

Reviews on her debut banners

In the past, I wrote a review for the debut banner of her OG version: [Zofia’s Call], which can be seen in this thread, do note that the stats analysis is in the last comment because back then, I didn’t think about waiting for the datamines.
A few months after, I wrote another review with Silque getting her Valentine alt, writing and formatting vastly improved and it’s somewhere between this period in which I’ve built the staple for the units’ tables that you see at the start of each section in my #af1899-reviews, said review is here and covers the [Lovely Gifts] banner, she was a [Tempest Trials+] and, although I didn’t get to work on her, after I finished Female Robin, I’ve decided to start working on Valentine Silque since the former was a green unit and the latter a colorless one I really liked from her home games as described earlier, this means that I follow a rather strict pattern, in which I train [Heroic Grails] units in order of color:

Red > Blue > Green > Colorless

At any rate, feel free to read them but I’ll warn you that the first of the two reviews is quite cringeworthy in terms of writing. :feh_tooobin:

Some fan #art

Through pictures that artists on the internet have created, it’s been shown and well portrayed how lovely and precious she is, I would like to share some of the best pieces I’ve found during my copious amount of scouting quests (I probably check Twitter and Pixiv at least five times a day just for this :catroll:), Fire Emblem fan #art is what I have the most of, with a collection that’s been growing for about 5 years… :feh_legion_miso:


:arrow_up: (2×) Drawn by: @firstaid0 (Twitter/Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @eyes_410 (Twitter/Pixiv)

Coincidentally enough, I follow the same artist a known user and friend from this site comissioned some time ago because the artist mainly draws Fire Emblem characters and in such a pretty and unique way as an added bonus, most of their work focus on the Jugdral characters, which is neat. :feh_faedance:

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @ebinkuu (Twitter/Pixiv) • Comissioned by: @MisoSoup247 (GamePress/Reddit/YouTube)

:arrow_up: (5×) Drawn by: くたびれ (Pixiv)

:no_entry_sign: Source is unidentified, no longer exists or can’t be shared, for the following pictures (nonethless, credits to their respective artists):

And I used some of the fan #art shown above to customize the launcher on my phone and the desktop of my laptop. :feh_nino:

(This is how they look rn)




:warning: Do note their builds aren’t finished yet, I’ll post updates in the comments and edit this section accordingly.


She has less merges because ofc, she’s a 5★ unit in the regular pool, and I haven’t summoned as often for her, nonethless, I got a build rocking for her that makes of her a nice mixed tank and is satisfying to see:

Her build has been so worth it so far, but it’ll do much better once I get the last [Dragonflowers (I)] on her, a speed asset and more premium skills because… :crazy_face: The ones I definitely want on her are [Joint Drive Spd] and [Lull Atk/Spd 3] since she has a speed superboon and that’s workable, I think it’s neat to make use of her mixed bulk.
Anyway, she’s been performing beautifully so far, she’s all right at healing but her selling point is how beefy she is — she didn’t play like this in SoV tho, so it was a surprise to see how her statline deviated from how she ends up on average, with her defence being most notorious as it didn’t grow that much.

I would love to make a proper showcase when at the very least, I get more skills on her arsenal.


For a long time since she started, I never got around giving her too much nor giving her a stat asset… until today!

Thanks to the [Forging Bonds], I got the last 36 [Heroic Grails] I needed for that last sweet merge, and boy I’m proud of her.

I had a Brave Veronica at +1 and with a good boon and refine… a waste, I know, however, I’ve been growing more and more distant of her, I sort of like her? But… I don’t feel the same vibe anymore, she just feels like another one to the list, so last night, I decided my Valentine Silque needed whatever I could gather from my available fodder and I could only gather this up for now, I also had 2092 [Divine Codes: Part 1] which was enough to get Kliff’s manual but I waited for today to get Sonia… ofc, Nino tagged along and moped the floor with her, but anyway, after getting one of the copies, I foddered both [Fort. Def/Res 2] and [Threat. Atk/Res 2] to Valentine Silque so that I could get both [Fort. Def/Res 3] and [Chill Spd 3], what a perfect timing this is, and I was thinking about it as I wrote this post. :feh_legion_miso:

And yeah, this is why I waited until today! Because Sonia’s [Grand Hero Battle] was going live at a very convenient time and with convenient fodder, the timing couldn’t have been any more perfect. :crazy_face:
I could clear the [Forging Bonds] in day 1 but it was getting a tad difficult to find a time with a 2× multiplier because most of the time, the multiplier was lower, but yeah, day 1 clear. :feh_nino:

I was hoping I could share her yesterday as planned but being a little more patient was worth it… as from where I got [Fort. Def/Res 3], I had 2092 [Divine Codes: Part 1] from before they stopped to be distributed, and the path with Kliff almost complete, so I got his manual to finish said path and got both [Fort. Def/Res 3] and [Chill Spd 3]. :feh_inherit:
R.I.P. my [Hero Feathers] again lmao, but once more, it was worth it.

Also, I’ve decided I want to build her similarly to my OG Silque, it also felt like the most convenient choice, even if I don’t have [Palm Staff+] to further boost her offensive capabilities (I’d rather save my [Heroic Grails] for merging up my projects ASAP)… so I went for speed since the other options didn’t seem too benefitial Imo, and speed made her ATT and DEF be 44. :balance_scale:
So I decided to roll with it.

Finally, I gave her an accessory I thought would look perfect on her. :fgo_shutenthink:

Anyway, she’ll be my lead for a while before I switch her out with someone else, anyone that wants to have fun with her and doesn’t have me added… my code is 6937089735, but please lmk what’s your name ASAP after/before adding, otherwise I’ll most likely instantly reject you unless I recognize you.
If you prefer to use my previous lead instead of her, make sure to not to update your friends’ leads until she’s switched out!
I’ll also add her to my lead rotation so she’ll show up occasionally, hopefully she’s of help out there. :sparkles:

And, in Gaiden

Sadly, I lost my save file for SoV and my laptop is a potato to run Citra, so here’s her Gaiden version instead.

I knew I had a save file on my tablet but I forgot I’ve left here. :feh_tooobin:
Anyway, she’s so good. :feh_faedance:

And, because I feel I should throw some trivia:

  • As you may have known before, she comes from Fire Emblem Gaiden, it’s the second installment in the series and was released only in Japan, but before SoV was even a thing, she was known as “Silk”, the remake just gave her an official translation and…
  • A definite look! Yeah, before SoV, and as you saw above, her haircut and even attire was different, in fact, her design changed a lot through different sources like her OG game and the official #art, see below:
(Old official artwork)

The End

Many thanks as always for checking yet another one of my appreciation threads, I hope it was a delightful read for you.
I do love working on this kind of thread since it’s a good opportunity to talk about the FE characters I highly esteem and care about, it just comes naturally but I do enjoy doing this, Idek why.

I feel like running a subscriber system for this too, I’ll not create a tag, since unlike the reviews, this side project will likely stop sooner and make the tag end up being yet another filler… and it’s not a good idea to make a tag you’re not certain it’ll be used a lot, I can always create a navigator between all the threads of this special though, because they’re all open to revivals as explained in the conditions below.
Back onto the subs system, would you like to be included in the list? It’ll be just an @ list, I’ll run two lists though, one for people only interested in reading the thread’s OP and bail out after or come back to check on their own free will, or be notified quickly of a finished project. The second option applies to pre-existing apprecition threads as well as coming ones.

  • :white_check_mark: “Yes, just for the appreciation threads.”
  • :bulb: “Yes, but also notify me when you +10ed any of your projects after their threads are made.”
  • :x: Cancel: only vote if you want to be taken out of the list or voted on accident, otherwise please ignore if uninterested.

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The next one I’ll work on is Sonya’s, I’m close to maximize Sothis’ [HM] to get [Time’s Pulse 3] and the build on Sonya will be pretty much done and ready to share. Although I’ll not start right away, I need to lighten up my schedule first, since this is a side project and not a review, the last of which needs to be released ASAP to keep the info as useful as it can be for the most time, since it’s known that the advice and commentary falls into obsolency over time, at least a good bunch of it.

As a side note, this thread has exactly 26388 characters with line breaks.

“Rules” and notes for this thread

  • As said earlier, you can revive this thread anytime, just please post within context before reviving, because necroposting is frowned upon in general, though if you contribute something to the thread then it should be fine.
  • Over time, I’ll post updates in the comments, as well as fan #art as I find it, so make sure to stick around if you’re looking forward to this opportunity.

Now… who’s next?

After finishing Valentine Silque, I’ve decided I want to work on New Year Eir long ago, since she’s my fav OC in the game and she’s too precious as well.
I also only have two red dagger users with Spring Palla which I also like since she’s my fav of the Whitewings, but I don’t have much on her yet, I hope I’ll get something for her someday tho.

Previous appreciation threads

:arrow_lower_right: LINKS
Idoun Click/tap here
Sara Click/tap here


This list is a lot shorter because I only made a #poll within the comments on my previous of the appreciation threads so less people found about it but that’s OK.



And my fellow #silque appreciators. :feh_ceciliaculture:


As always, you put so much work and love in your threads :smiley:

I’m so happy for you, that you have finished one more of your favorite units. <3

Also her Artwork is very very great. :smiley:


The Smile on her Special is so heartwarming. :D


Thanks! I agree, she’s really precious and so is her smile — the fact she was drawing a heart in her Valentine alt’s special #art really surprised me, but I love the detail.


Is Silk how you pronounce her name? :feh_maethink:

I’ve been wondering about that for a while.


it’s pronounced soliloquy

More on topic, another interesting read af :fgo_jeannecheer:


How I pronounce it, is “Silk” like how you’re saying!

Here’s the video about her support convo with Faye, since dialogue is fully voiced, you can hear Faye pronouncing the name at 0:14.


I’m not even gonna ask

That’s one more thing off my mind then. Was hesitant for some reason.


Silque is good girl


Way to go @af1899! These threads you make are a joy to read, thanks for sharing them with us! :grin:


Yay! She looks amazing! I’m so glad you finally finished Silque and I’m excited to see more +10 projects along the way with appreciation threads


May Mila protect you!

Congrats on Silque! She has the caring aesthetic personality IMO!

Accidentally Voted for Just the appreciation option


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Congrats af, I didn’t expect a Spd build but I like it. Hope you can get the rest of her fodder soon

And she was a good choice, Silque is a great character and one of my favourites from Echoes :fgo_ereshlove:

Good luck with Eir :feh_excidunn:


Yay! Your Valentine Silque is finally complete! :purple_heart:

and OG Silque looks nice as well. I hope you are able to get the skills needed for them soon.

Silque is quite a lovely character. In what small quotes she said, her earnest devotion to Mila and overall selfless and caring attitude to everyone she helps makes her one of my favorites as well. Despite her rough upbringing, she chose to travel around and show Mila’s love through her actions.

It’s a shame she didn’t have much support conversations. I know she met Jesse before the events of SOV when he rescued her from bandits and they traveled together until they reached Zofia Harbour. (Poor girl always being bullied by bandits :feh_silquedisappoint: ) I wish they got a support together but regardless, I still like Silque in all she did.

Her Valentine alt is so lovely. The outfit and her smile in her special is so precious. Mines is still +1 but invested.

Here she is

Whether as a Rapport supporter or AR debuffer, I did enjoy using her.

Her extra bulk came in handy in some tough AR matches where my Maribelle would’ve lost.

If only I didn’t have so many grail projects to prioritize and work on. Maybe one day when IS finally decides to shower us with more grails.

But just having her makes her worthwhile.

As you said, her SoV style is the best and iconic. She really stands out with her outfit.

Good luck with NY!Eir!


I liked Faye through the dialogue. Although she is hated. But I haven’t played Sov yet to find out why. Now for the text and design it was great. Good to see something done with feeling. :feh_tobindrip:


I think people don’t like Faye because she’s very one note and a creepy stalker in SoV.

Unfortunately, as af mentioned, very few of the characters really got a chance to be well developed in that game, especially on Alm’s side.

On a side note, although SoV is one of my least favorite FE games, I still have a favorite character from it…Saber!


Great work as always! It always enlightens my day to read one of your threads, because you put so much love into them. I agree on your point, that SoV does not has enough Support Conversations for the characters and most of them are underdeveloped. Most of the time you need to take a deep look into them to actually understand and appreciate a character more. Faye really suffers from this, because she is just so weird. The only thing she has in her mind is Alm and she mentions him so often it becomes creepy. Especially as she said, she would kill someone for him. That was weird and yes I think she is without a doubt the worst character in the game because she lacks depth. Silque is in a similar position, but at least she is not weird or creepy. Just a normal cleric.

I really exicted to read more about Sonya so keep up the good work.


Sonya is one who has more development in that game for sure, given her attachment to Jedah.

Honestly in general Celica’s side is just better developed. All the ram villagers are very one note, and even Alm is only so-so.

Celica’s side has Boey and Mae playing foil to each other, Saber and Celica’s dialogue, Valbar’s story, Valbar and Leon (still pretty weak though), and Sonya.