Affinity or Bonus

For doing the event which one is better to do:

-Focusing on Affinity so we can clear the battle faster but less bonuses
-Focusing on Bonus so we can clear the battle with more bonus but slower

I believe on bonuses plus sometimes affinity works perfectly fine against the enemies. Example: The Jungle nodes has Archer enemies and you have to field Lancers for Wood drop bonuses.

Either way, drop bonus is the most relevant thing to consider because THIS IS A GRINDY FARMING GAME. Let’s just (pretend or not) think of it as fun by fielding Servants we don’t field quite often.

The only node that may be a huge pain to farm without full bonus is the Cave node. Everything else can be done neatly with full bonus even if it may take a few more turns. The Cave node is actively malicious by having both Berserkers and then a nasty Archer at the end while only Rider and Alter Egos give a bonus drop.

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Actually it’s Moon Cancer a.k.a BB that have iron bonus drop…

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Oh right, yes, sorry, same conclusion.