After 3 years he's finally done

I’m sooooo ■■■■■■■ happy guys holy crap. The funniest part is I couldn’t STAND him and his stupid green hair at first 'cause he would always pity break me so he started off as an accidental merge project. Then I actually sat down and played sacred stones, fell in love with a lot of the characters and now I STAN him

Fast forward through 3 years of terrible decisions using my orbs and I finally grabbed my last merge using just 5 orbs. He’s also my first +10 5* exclusive and I just cant help but feel all tingly and proud of my sweet boy :sob: now to save for V! Catria


Congrats! That’s a nice Innes!
Though 35 resistance isn’t a lot for Iceberg…


It goes up by 2 for each nearby ally thanks to Nidhogg’s base effect, capping him at a more respectable 41 Res.


Right, I forgot what Nidhogg does for a moment. All I could remember is the refine that makes magic and dragon foes unable to counterattack.


To be fair it’s very forgettable (remember when Owltomes were super big? Me neither), but it got a bit improved thanks to Bond skills and Sorcery Blade.


Thanks <3

Yeah I’m grinding flowers to beef up his res more, im dirt poor atm


Very nice! :feh_flaynsmile:

Now to get him some flowers :fgo_meltbirb:


He looks cool. I remember when Tana and him were released. I had just finished Sacred Stones so I tried to get them both or at least one, but I never did it, at the moment I don’t have nor Innes nor Tana.

I’ve read what you’ve written about Nidhogg and the Res for Iceberg, but (as a huge fan of Def/Res reduction specials) I would use Moonbow so you have a 2 cooldwon special Bering always ready for the first strike thanks to SS. But well, a 41 Res Iceberg is also a lot of damage


Eyyy, that’s an awesome Innes!
I had a laugh at your story. I’m happy to hear Innes grew on you, because I like him in Sacred Stones, too. I still can’t get over how funny his supports with Eirika are (and I like how the Eirika and Innes BHB is a callback to their C support) as well as when he fired Tethys and Gerrick to try to get him to flee a doomed fort but they just replied with “You fired us, so we don’t have to listen to you anymore!”


Nice ! That’s cool that you were able to finish your fave ! Have fun with him !


Holy poop, Xander Mobus voices Innes?! Time to get him now.