After 6 months, welcome my newest +10!

So after loving the statline and potential when the unit came out, I decided to make them my immediate merge project.

Now, about 6 months later, I have finally finished merging.

Welcome Felix to the team, everyone!

Now all I need to do is decide on a build an pull the trigger. Do I want Spendthrift/CF/A/D Near Save? Or give him something more offense-based? Either way, I still need Special Fighter for him.


@MissSugarsalt to discuss to felix.

otherwise, looks pretty decent to me!


Thank u @Almond
The good thing about winter Felix is that he has a decent statline for him
He can be speedy enough
And if one wants, he can also be a thank
I don’t really know how is exactly the build with spendthrift as I haven’t used it myself, but he should be good with it, as he has a decent 40 at each defensive stat
I use mine with brave bow and bold fighter, but as I said before he should be okay with any build
Maybe I can change his bow, as I’m having lots of archer food lately and I really love him :feh_felixfume:


Oh congrats! Good choice :fgo_ereshlove:

I’ll join the Felix gang soon. I only need one more merge :feh_felixperish:


Personally, I’d be using him like this, if I give him Spendthrift:

Shown with all effects active

Solid SPD, good ATK and DEF with instant-Noontime for sustain while saving him allies from potential ass-beating. Still need Midori, but she’s the last manual remaining in my Awakening path, so it’s only a matter of time.

Alternatively, I could give him something like this:

Also shown with all effects

Problem with this one is that I no longer have a Louise to fodder, I gave her Ideal to L!Byleth, but this build is far more potent on the offense and is more locked to Armor support in order to move.

Exactly my problem, I haven’t quite figured out where I need to use him the most; though I could eventually give him both builds for situational flexibility. But that’s eventaully.


You will soon learn what you want with him


For a nuke build I would go with candlewax, atk/spd brazen and daring fighter (fighter desperation), your special of choice, and armored march as you have now, seal either brazen or atk/spd session.
For tank build I would go as eternal shade posted or you can change close foil for close counter since he has good mixed defenses.


Bold of you to assume I have Daring Fighter. :feh_tooobin:


Felix gang rising. Blue edge lord supremacy is on the mend. Congrats on the rude boy


My issue with this build is that you want to be together for the armor march and alone for the solos. If you’re going full solo I’d prefer Armored Stride or even Armored boots.

Either way I feel the near save build would be his best niche (sunflower bow would spice it up even more:

Sunflower Bow + : Effective against flying foes. At start of combat, if foe’s HP ≥ 75%, grants Def+5 to unit and inflicts Def-5 on foe during combat, and also, if foe has Def bonus, grants bonus to unit’s Def and inflicts penalty on foe’s Def during combat = current bonus on foe’s Def. Calculates each stat bonus independently.

You can’t give Ranged Armored units Armored Stride




It’s an initiator build. Armored March ups his movement, he moves to attack, is no longer adjacent, gets full buffs, support unit then moves to join him and reapply mivement the next turn, potentially Repositioning or something, if needed. It’s not a difficult thing to pull off. As an initiation build with no potential coverage of his own in CQC, he doesn’t want to be taking hits on thw defensive to begin with.

Also, Sunflower would be all-around weaker than Spendthrift. By dropping their ATK by 7 points, he gains an effective +7 DEF and RES, alongside the +7 he gets, himself. It would inly be under the circumstances of the enemy having a visible DEF biff that it would be better on the defensive, and short of Ashera, visible buffs are not exactly a hot item right now.


Yeah but i feel since he’s got nice bulk he could be acting in enemy phase isn’t he?

if you only plan on using him on PP he’s absolutely ok

Not without a way to reliably fight in EP. He would only be able to fight ranged units, anything CQC would destroy him.

I don’t fully agree but I can see you have a strong determination so good on you! :smiley:

Good luck with your Felix!

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On which game modes do you plan to use him?

I thought about building Felix with Slaying Bow + Deadeye + Close Foil + Special Fighter + Atk/Def Near Save to counter Legendary Sigurd. But using him as a counter for a single unit doesn’t look worthy for a very expensive build.

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Awesome job finishing Felix! :catclap:

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Still figuring that out. It’s paetly why he still has the barebones build I gave him for the TT on his release.

Deqdeye is another skill I was considering running fir a build or two on him. With Special Fighter, he can definitely proc it pretty reliably. Honestly, he wouldn’t juat counter L!Sigurd with it, but anybody that relies on mitigations. If that’s a common problem for you, he could be the solution.

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Honestly he looks great, but I’ve come to realize my own Felix needs a new C slot entirely.


If he’s a favorite, why not give him each of the builds you’ve proposed and change them out as you like?

Spendthrift and SF is going to be a very versatile combo, so the other skills are not necessarily important. I still give my Noire every new bow that comes out (pretty sure she has at least a dozen now.)