After months of saving, the day of reckoning has arrived (now with results)

I’ve been saving up orbs to merge L!Chrom ever since his debut. It has been brutal saving orbs and skipping banners, but now it is time!

I’ve saved up 1200 orbs (previous record was around 550), and I need 8 more copies. Statistically, I’m unlikely to fully merge, but I can only dream.

I even drew some art of Chrom the other day for good luck.

My secondary colour will be red, due to the good units I could get from there. I also plan to post my results here.

But now, it is time for me to summon. My fingers and toes are crossed for good luck. Thanks for reading this, and have a Quark-tactic day (yes, I’m finishing this post with a Ratchet and Clank reference)!

Update: I have spent all my orbs now. It has been a frustrating and bizarre clown fiesta… I only got 4 L!Chroms, plus I hit a whopping 14%!!! That is so unlucky.

And to rub it in, I got a +10 L!Azura instead… while I get she’s broken, having to deal with her shenanigans has really soured my view of her. But I guess I’ll take it. In fact what L!Azura boon is best here?

  • +spd
  • +atk
  • +res
  • +def
  • +hp
  • neutral

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As for L!Chrom, he can now be +6 with either an atk or spd boon (not sure which one. I really don’t want to spend another 4 months just saving, as I want to actually focus on fodder now so I can HAVE FUN. But alas, legendary banners are a cruel mistress…


I wish you the best luck :smiley:

Hope you’ll get the 8 copies of him within the 1200 orbs :smiley:

I’m looking forward to your amazing pulls :D

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Good luck, hope you can +10 him, this could be your lucky day.


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Good luck!

Good luck! Hope your saving work out!

And nice drawing too :eyes:

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Thanks! Alas though, my luck was not with me today. Only got 4 L!Chroms, a lovely 14%, and 9 L!AZURAS (can be fully merged now)!


Yeesh :feh_notlikethis:

I mean a +10 Azura will come in handy but… that wasn’t the objective.

And 14% pity is very very bad



Ouch, that 14%
I’m sorry for you
Good luck!

Spd doesn’t matter on him, he’s super slow, go for +atk.



+spd if you want to be the most evil person ever. It is his best boon at high merges

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RNG = RNG :frowning:

Sometimes you get a perfect summoning result, and the next banner ist MEHHHH. :frowning:

IS Should implement the 40x Spark Summon an all banners, but not for 1x an each banner.

They would still earn a big amount of money.

Or they should increase the 5 star rate.

EDIT: you got no Peony?! :frowning:

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I did get 4 copies of Peony. Guess I forgot to mention that. Not sure what to do with them though.


Peony is awesome :smiley:

So your pulls are not that bad. 1200 obs : 17x 5 Star unit (9x Azura, 4x Peony, 4x L!Chrom) = ~70 orbs per 5 Star unit. (sure you could get better rates, BUT RNG :frowning: )

I could go much more wrong. ^^"

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RNG :confused:

~70 orbs from me

2x L!Chrom
1x Peony
1x L!Seliph

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+10 L!Azura is amazing in top-tier (21) Arena. There simply aren’t other units that offer more utility than her there because of the score requirements, and we all know how exceptional her refresh skill is in any mode. At full merges with a speed boon and 5 DF, even with B Duel Flying, she hits 46 Spd without skills other than her weapon. She’s awesome, man!

Also, Peony is fantastic for AR. Keep two copies so that you can use 2x Peony on a team if you want, or even 3, but I think that’s a little overkill when you could run a Mila and 2x Peony instead. Prioritize speed boons for the keeper Peonys. Merge to remove banes and whatnot.


Yee-ouch, I feel sorry for you getting so few Chroms for your Orbs… But at least Azura is fantastic for Water season Arena. She is one of very few refreshers that can optimally score, after all.

I got two of her trying for Chrom and Julia last time they were around so I feel you.

I’ve only gotten a Mirabilis for my trouble so far on this banner and I’m gonna wait until we get the New Heroes Banner before I spend more. I’m still patiently waiting for Felix…