After some years, whats your current love and hate about PoGo?


I still love it because:

  • Relaxing mix of walking, socializing and gaming (it is still possible to play like that)
  • Lots of possible long and short term goals to choose from
  • Fun way to get in contact with local people when traveling

But this frustrates me:

  • The nonstop events, it feels like a cheap solution, instead of a deeper long term game structure.
  • The huge gaming roadblock against players playing in rural areas or mostly by themselves.
  • Time limited events (CDs, raidevents, Exraids) are a pain when loads of players have jobs and social life outside PoGo.
  • The negative development of the local community. From being very inclusive and helpful a year ago there are now two major groups. People raiding in cars (1-4 people with 2- 6(!) accounts each per car) who can take on everything by themselves and do not care to wait for or coordinate with anyone else on Discord (driving below the radar they call it). Then the walkers who struggle to get a crowd big enough to take on lvl 4/5 raids and who might walk a mile and then wait half an hour to get enough people. The friction between those groups have been a major factor the last months.


As to your last point, YES! I have been seeing quite a few of those cars recently in my small town. Those players are not interested in raiding ‘above the radar’, having declined invitations to join our Discord group. I was calling it ‘raiding offline’ but below the radar works too. As a result, our Discord group can barely pull off 3 legendaries/week. I wouldn’t call it friction between the two groups because there’s no interaction at all, but it’s very frustrating. It’s certainly everyone’s right to play together with 1-3 friends, BUT in most cases they violate TOS in order to make that happen. One guy built a board to hold his four phones in slots. Oddly, if building community is a goal of the game, then TOS need to be enforced, but somehow I don’t think that will work. It’s not the game that’s broken, community is broken and the game can’t fix it. But Niantic can and should do something to make playing in low density environments as enjoyable as it is in big cities.


Also agreeing with stacysmom regarding your last point. Whether or not they be in cars, PoGo has become very inclusive due to groups who have become capable of tackling raids on their own.

An example for illustration were the CDs for the legendary birds vs the CD for Gengar. For the legendary birds, folks were all too eager to form different groups as large as the full 20 capacity and walk/bike together to take on as many raids as efficiently possible. For the Gengar CD, hardly a peep on the discord about forming raid groups. Just the odd lonely trainer who didn’t have the one or two extra people needed to beat a T4 Gengar. I presume this was because most small groups of friends could tackle Gengar on their own without help from the community.

Not saying that taking the easier route with less coordination is wrong. Just an observation of how the “community” aspect shines through when larger participant numbers are advantageous to the individual.


I agree wholeheartedly with your last point also. Unfortunately, the larger numbers are all too often achieved with four phones in one lap.


I agree, there is a lot Niantic could do.
Unfortunately, most of the new game features introduced have increased the incentive to have mutiple accounts.

  • Gym fighting
  • Raids
  • Friendship bonus
  • Trading
  • PvP (to get daily bonuses and medals).
  • Shiny collecting (bigger chance in raids, and with PoGo+, then transfer to main account).

So much, that in my community almost all of the high level players now have at least one extra account, even those who were very opposed to it in the beginning. Guess I am just stubborn.


Pretty much the only thing I hate is legacy moves. If you missed a community day or other event which granted a special move, there is no other way to get it. So your non-MM Metagross sucks, as does your non-Frenzy Plant Venusaur and Tyranitar without Smack Down is worthless as a Rock type 'mon and so on.

That’s not fair.


There certainly should be a way!
If not, think about the uproar if there are future raid events where Mewtwo, Kyogre and Groudon get exclusive signature moves.


Even though I have all of those, I have my fingers crossed for another 2017 rerun in December. More is better. Plus I still don’t have shiny dratini, which I covet more than anything else in the game.
So I’ll add that one of the things I like is being able to predict what might happen and play accordingly.


Full support of this.

For Automaatio, if the concern is that your Venusaur and Tyranitar have no chance to get a CD move, it is unfortunate. CDs with exclusive & powerful moves were a nutty curveball that I can’t say many people expected.

If the concern is that you can’t obtain high-DPS alternatives, there will be opportunities down the road. The soonest case of this: any Frenzy Plant Venusaur will be outclassed in DPS following the Treecko CD this weekend!


-Variety of different events.
-Pokémon Flexibility via Second Charge Moves/TM’s
-Pokémon Let’s Go integration

On the Fence:
-Variety of Pokémon spawning in the Wild (still heavily concentrated on Urban environments for unusual spawns; even suburban environments aren’t great for unusual spawns)
-Adventure Sync; I don’t bother trying to get the Eggs anymore. It’s a pain in the butt waiting until 9am on Monday to possibly get a 10km egg.

-Number of events (Give us some time to REST between events!)
-EX Raids (my area hasn’t triggered an EX raid in 2019. We also temporarily lost 2 EX Raid Eligible Gym tags for two gyms that reliably spawned EX Raids at the end of 2018 - which are now back to EX Eligible gyms - but haven’t spawned EX Raids)
-Introduction of Big Time FOMO: Timed Exclusive Moves that make some Pokémon barely useable without it (Blast Burn, Frenzy Plant, Meteor Mash, etc.), missing out on certain Pokémon which may not be available after a certain time (Still haven’t seen a Clamperl in the Wild, for example)
-Still cannot delete Eggs
-7km Eggs in general
-Pokémon being rated for things based on Egg distances that no longer apply (Eevee and 5km walking distance!)
-Transferring SOME Event or any Legendary Pokémon has to be done one Pokémon at a time
-Terrible RNG for EVERYTHING. (There is nothing that the RNG touches that doesn’t suffer from it)
-Gyms still don’t work (either too easy to take down or too hard to take down; they’re BETTER now than they were 2 years ago, but they are barely relevant in the game outside of places for Raids to take place and players getting 50 coins a day)
-Raids: Too many Legendary Raids (Great when it’s Rayquaza. Sucks when it’s not Rayquaza.), no Raid Scanner, terrible spread of raid levels (regularly, it’s all Legendary, all Level 1, it’s 3 of the same Level 3 Raid boss spawning at the 3 gyms on the radar, etc.), Raid Timer still doesn’t work properly (if you want to get the full time for the raid, you need to start with NO Pokémon in the party and you get an extra 4-5 seconds), Raid battles are repetitive and boring.

The game MIGHT be moving in a decent direction, with the introduction of Status effects in PvP. But I’m not sure. It’s just gotten repetitive and meh, and for many things it’s regressed back to being a Solo players game - just with multiple accounts. Raids are where Groups are supposed to come together, but the only Pokémon that require a Group (Level 4-5) that get people interested are Legendary’s (sometimes; I’m done raiding Dialga unless it’s not going to inconvenience me in any way. Hell, I don’t even post sightings of them to Discord anymore because I’m tired of having people mad at me for not coming to a raid I posted - even when I clearly post “FYI” or “I’m not interested, posting for the group” or something else) and Tyranitar. And even Tyranitar doesn’t regularly get people out anymore. (Not even me)

It would be nice if the game could introduce Status Effects for Raids, but with intentional operation. And if they would have to be continually used, introducing a different kind of strategy for a Raid - cooperation. Say 3 of us are doing a raid - one of us could use Acid Spray (even if the Raid Boss is resistant) to lower the Defense of the Raid Boss while the other two pounded it, so a low level player (or player with only Aggron as a counter) could be of use in the battle. Maybe this is where Niantic is going?


PvP - I’ve always liked being competitive and this is the best competitive feature in the game’s history so far. Even with all the barriers of entry, I’m still finding several avenues of relevant competition and having fun winning and losing games in tournaments.
Playing with friends - I might have quit already if not for the friends I’ve made while playing the game. It’s just more fun in good company
Immersiveness - The game is still a powerful enough experience for me that I can almost completely escape stress and worries when I concentrate on playing.

Niantic’s game design principles - There’s a lot under this blanket, but I really dislike how Niantic handles the game, the direction they’re taking and how they balance (or don’t balance) things. In particular the balancing of second charge move costs irks me to no end at the moment, there’s no logic to it.
Time limited events - They can be a lot of fun when you attend, but the basic idea behind them is just too unreasonable.
The direction the community is going, there are a lot of negative trends like multiaccounting, fracturing into smaller raid car groups, etc.


I play with 2 acc 2 phones because i mainly play alone because i live in an area that no play pogo until recently.
Sometimes i go to the area where there are a big group of player, but on everyday bases i play alone. Playing with 2 acc make me stop worrying if there are enough people to do raid or not.
It help me a lot when there is event like legendaries bird and rayquaza for example
Now i have a small group in my home area, but i still play with 2 phone. Often we only raid with 1 or 2 more trainers, so my alt will help a lot (it is as strong as my main now for raiding)
And when there is no one come for raid, i still doing a T4 or T5 that possible to duo like recently rayquaza and dialga non draco meteor.
I dont mind people wanna join me.
I have seen a car raiders also, but i dont mind if they wanna me to join then its fine, if not i am doing it myself if i can do that raid.


Things I like:

  • Events - ranging from offering wonderful benefits like extra dust and candy to relaxed events like this Equinox event that focus on the Pokemon, they seem to have a nice grasp of how to have multiple events without them feeling terribly “samey”. People complain about some events not having extravagant bonuses, but those people tend to have everything one could ever need anyway - what do you get the man who has everything?

  • Community - this can vary heavily from one player to the next, and thankfully the community I play with has almost zero toxicity (recently there’s been some drama about a snitch in the group reporting our activity to the local DIscord, but beyond that it’s been drama free).

  • Movement - it’s fun to walk around and just catch stuff. I’ve been almost exclusively raiding during the winter months but as warm weather has returned I’ve begun to rediscover how relaxing it can be to go for a stroll without worrying about being somewhere at a certain time or anything like that.

Things I dislike:

  • Exclusivity/FOMO - Is there a single reason we can’t use TM’s on our Pokemon during their community days or exclusive move windows? This idea of moves being catch/evolve exclusive is an abhorrent game design choice and is completely detrimental to letting players enjoy things in the moment. Caught a 100% Torchic? Better hold onto it for several months until a 4-hour window when you can evolve it for its super super special move!
    Not to mention the absurdity of this being extended to legendaries - with an increasing number of legendary Pokemon that have main series exclusive moves players are catching on to Niantic’s gimping of their move sets until they have a raid day with a special move. My fairly active raid group all but completely loses interest in legendary raids after the first week and a half if there isn’t an exclusive move or shiny to be had because we all know it’ll come back later with one or the other - unless you’re Rayquaza.

  • Communication, or lack of - Admittedly Niantic has had moments where they’ve been real good about this. Rayquaza was announced over a week in advance and giving players a heads up about Mewtwo’s Shadow Ball going legacy was very much welcomed. They’ve also dropped the ball more times than I can count - Clamperl day being announced only a few days in advance, Latias’s re-run being announced the day of as a weekend only event (later adjusted to a full week likely from negative feedback), absolutely zero announcement about March/April breakthrough encounters changing, the Meltan announcement warning trainers about opening their box early despite the announcement coming AFTER the event started… and these are just since last February.



• PvP - there are still bugs that need to be ironed out, but I really like the feature. As a fairly competitive player, to me, PvP is the endgame (as it was for some players in main series as well). I had my doubts about how PvP would turn out in this game and I have to admit, Niantic did a pretty good job implementing it.

• Events - while I don’t love everything about events (more on this in the “dislikes” section), I do like that they keep the game fresh/interesting with some events being better than others.

• Raids - the Discord group that I’m a part of really took off when raids went live back in 2017 and it has continued to grow ever since! Raids have been a continued driving force for our community in terms of keeping people interested, engaged, and working together as a team.

• The Community - I consider myself very fortunate to be part of a community where very little toxicity exists. People are generally very kind, helpful, and welcoming. I’ve met some pretty fantastic people and made quite a few friends through this game.

• Shinies - I’m sure this one won’t make the list for some people, but I really like the surprise factor when you stumble upon/hatch a shiny. For me, it makes the thrill of the hunt more exciting. Typically, I won’t hunt specifically for shinies (because I would probably burn out), so I just play how I normally do and take shiny encounters as a welcomed surprise.


Communication - While Niantic has gotten better about this in some regards, they’ve also dropped the ball plenty of times. Not to mention when the info from their Tweets sometimes differs from what their in-game announcements say.

• Capitalizing on FOMO - This is the part of events that I don’t like, especially when special (and often amazing) moves are given to Mons that are limited to a window of a few hours. The fact that these moves can’t be TM’d onto existing Mons is annoying, but the worst, Imo, is that several Mons go from zero to hero with these moves. Venusaur? Metagross? Charizard? They’re amazing with their community day moves. If you missed out though, then they’re actually very mediocre.

• 2nd Charge Move Unlock Cost - I feel like the cost here is far too high, and serves as an unnecessary barrier to entry that keeps more casual players away from PvP. When I’ve talked to people in my local group about why they don’t PvP, usually the #1 answer is they can’t afford the hundreds of thousands (in some cases, millions) of stardust it would cost them to unlock second moves for their Mons. And that doesn’t even factor in the candy costs. Niantic can add all the new/cool features to PvP, but they won’t necessarily draw in new players if they feel locked out due to a cost barrier.

• Gyms - while I will admit that gyms are far more accessible to newer/lower level players these days compared to the old days of 10-deep Blissey towers, I feel that they are now far less interesting. In my experience, gyms are either a) exceptionally easy to tear down, (if left demotivated, you can plow through the whole gym with the random crap your Plus caught on the way there) or b) borderline impossible to tear down if being watched by multiple accounts with GR to spare.

• The dodge bug. Need I say more? :wink:


Here’s the things I like:

  • Being able to use lots of fan favorite Pokemon. My personal favorites are Heatran, Latias, Metagross, Tangrowth and Regice and I can get to actually “have” them in a game…Or if you can even call this a “game.”
  • Most battles in this game are pretty easy, that most decent Pokemon can clear them.
  • Pokemon are being more accessible compared to in 2016, thanks to weather, raids and increased quality spawns.

Here are the things I don’t like:

  • Dodge Glitch
  • Raid Timeouts or Selfdestruct > boss auto repairing
  • Insane instant flee bullshit. Please make some of the rare pokemon flee rates exactly 0%, It literally sometimes DOES NOT matter what you do they flee instantly, EVEN with GRB Ultra curve excellents. I mean rare Pokemon like Blissey, Dragonite etc.
  • Please lower the attack rates good god…It seems like now it takes at least 2-3 balls to catch ANY trash because when I throw, they attack, when I throw they jump, If I do not throw they appear to just stare blankly at me. Sometimes a Pokemon can just stay completely idle then as soon as the ball touches it, it ATTACKS. Screw this SHIT.
  • Some moves seriously need to be fixed. For example, Earthquake needs to be made much faster, Acid Spray should not be a 2 bar 20 in the first place and Brave Bird needs to be a 2-bar.
  • Do not let me start about how EVERY POKEMON IS LIKE A GROUP OF IDENTICAL, FEATURELESS ROBOTS. This is true since all of the Pokemon HAVE NO DIFFERENCES save for stats and typing.


Personally I think it’s absolutely hilarious , that some of the very people that used to complain about raids being hard and how that was unfair and you should be able to do them with small groups… Now are basically complaining that raids are easy, and how that is unfair, because people are doing them in small groups …

As far as Pokémon community becoming toxic, what did people expect was going to happen when a majority of players are constantly upset and complaining that someone has more or better versions of a Pokémon or has more of a hard to get item ?

Especially when one of the majority asks whats the best way to get said items or Pokémon, gets a well thought and reasonable answer… The reply is almost always without fail “I can’t do that!!! I have a job!!! I go to school!!! I have boyfriend or girlfriend, I have kids, I don’t live in a major city, I HAVE A LIFE!!”

Which way more than just implies that someone who plays a game they enjoy and plays it well is some sort of sub human loser that can’t afford to live in the suburbs and could never possibly have any sort of life oustside of Pokémon Go … Seems far fetched? Never heard of such a thing? Don’t believe it could possibly be true? I suggest you log on to your favorite social media App check out the official Pokémon Go account there and scroll through the comments and see for yourself…

Sooo is it any surprise that someone that has the ability to do a legendary raid short handed would seek out fellow players with similar ability or if they had the financial means to get a secondary device would do so and avoid playing with people that hold them in such low regard?


Well in my community the vast majority of multi account drivers are people between age 30 and 65. We actually do not have many “hard core” players below age 30 here and the “top 5” are all above 50.

It seemed that a lot of people here got stressed out by the friendship/trade race last summer. When you have a job, family, maybe kids, then every new major addition to the game is either something you may skip or something that adds a stress level. Probably not the whole explanation but it seems reasonable by the comments I got from some of them. Several of them discovered that it was more efficient to raid alone in a car with four phones than walking and waiting for people to show up. I see that one, but the social aspect of the game go down the drain.


The bossed received after a raid, even after getting many premium passes most are bad one and niantic claim there is nothing they can do about it.


Three strong ones should do pretty much everything since BF bonus…however, losing IS still an option since very likely a tenuous phone signal/overloaded phone(s). Lag makes some just not register any damage. Players just need to quit if they are not in yellow by 160-165sec. It is a challenge and you need discipline if you are trying to use how many it takes for everyone (you flat out need 3 for neutral weather Dialga)



Regular events
Exclusive moves

Don´t like:

More and more features require players to play in groups yet there is not IN GAME way of finding or talking to other players. As a current solo player I am missing most of the new features of the game (trading, lv 4,5 raids and PVE).
Cheaters: Spoofers, multiple accounts, etc.