After two years and half, it’s time to play my first Fire Emblem

The question is: which one?

  • Fire Emblem Genealogy of the holy war
  • Fire Emblem Thracia 776
  • Fire Emblem Binding Blade
  • Fire Emblem Blazing Blade
  • Fire Emblem Sacred Stones
  • Fire Emblem Path of Radiance

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I can testify that the GBA games are good entry points

Jugdral is probably too extreme rn


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I would start with the GBA titles because of their simplicity
(or better said, more basic/lite gameplay) and they offer tutorials, if you play anything Jugdral (#genealogy-of-the-holy-war or #thracia) you might be overwhelmed by the lack of tutorials and all the advanced gimmicks going on).
The Archanea/Akaneia games are about as fine, but in the older ones, there aren’t tutorials (there are tips some villagers give though) and might be a tad difficult, the NDS remakes should be fine, however.

I would still recommend the GBA titles but particularly, #sacred-stones, not only it’s well explained how to move around, it’s a “standalone” game with its own plot (i.e.: no sequels or prequels) Sothis means you don’t need to play another game to understand this one better, or worry about what to play next to follow the plot.
And finally, #sacred-stones has optional battles, this means, skirmishes with monsters and two buildings with a lot of monsters, you can train your characters for as long as you want before the point of no return (in chapter 20 or so).
And it has a map feature to explore the continent a bit.


Yeah I agree with this.


Not Thracia Not Thracia Not Thracia Not Thracia


Like everyone’s saying, GBA era is a really good entry point, but I also think Path of Radiance is a good option if you can find it. It’s a really great story and is straightforward to play, so I feel like it’s a great entry point.

I will say that, depending on what you’re looking for in a story (if that matters to you), then Sacred Stones may not be a great start. It’s arguably the easiest in the series, and has the ability to let you level grind with the tower of Valni as needed, but the story of Sacred Stones is really weak in my opinion.

Also those like 4 people recommending Thracia are crazy. That game is ridiculous.


For beginners it’s Sacred Stones, it’s really good and I like all the characters but specially Ephraim :fgo_meltbirb:
The Jugdral games are really difficult and if You Don’t have patience with the big maps on Genealogy or the weirdness of Thracia, I don’t really recommend playing it, I mean I love the games but I don’t have patience with the gameplay, I have anger problems and I get frustrated easily, so I recommend playing them when you think you are read :feh_flaynfish:


Sacred Stones is where I started with the series, and I recall it being very beginner friendly. Didn’t change the fact that I kinda sucked and thus still haven’t beaten it, although that’s also partly because perma death just isn’t my thing so it’s a bit tougher for me to get into the older games.


I would say you start were i started, on blazing blade, you get 10 tutorial chapters, Lyn babysits you most of the time (in her route) and then you get to the actual game with eliwood and it offers extra challenge if you want to go Hector’s route.
It doesnt have the best cast or story but is a good starter entry, gives you the basics of the series and the difficulty is well made.
Sacred stones is also a good option but i dont recommend it because its open world so you chose where to go and when, while most of the games in the franchise are sraight foward chapter to chapter.


3H? IMO it’s the best FE game and is beginner friendly.

Of the ones listed, sacred stones and FE7 are the best places to start. Thracia is a madhouse, and genealogy isn’t representative of the series. 6 is still a bit outdated compared to 7 and 8. Tellius is also fine, with a great cast, but 10 can be annoying at times, while 9 is straightforward to the point of boring (despite a very strong cast and story; the only objective is to kill boss, capture throne and nothing else.)


Like others have said, Sacred Stones is a good starting point I think

Personal bias aside, it’s got a lot of features that are very beginner friendly, like the Tower of Valni and optional battles so you can always have your units levelled up enough

Personal bias included it’s got an amazing cast, my favourite in fact, and a good story too


Dragon Prince is such a good show. Honestly still waiting for the next season since the last one they release felt pretty short.

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Maybe, but I felt it very satisfying
Anyway yeah, it’s a really really great show! :feh_flaynsmile:

Awakening is the safe choice because of the quality-of-life upgrades from the previous generations. But I recommend starting with one of the GBA titles first. If you get used to Awakening (and later titles), you might find the GBA ones too rough or unappealing.

The ones before the GBA era are, in my opinion, too outdated in terms of mechanics and balancing to be enjoyed by most, but you can still give them a try.


Agreed. The pre-GBA ones (not really the remakes though, so that only leaves 4 and 5) are best played last if you are going to play them at all. They are rough and unforgiving and assume you know what you are doing even on easier difficulties.

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