Aggressive grand conquest round

came back to probably the most fought round in grand conquest I have ever seen
and after spending way to much time in paint to create this horrendous masterpiece of a overview of the entire map,

I started to wonder what would happen of all battles are knocked out. have that happen to anyone here?


People like to spend a bunch of their lances on the final battle. Normally towards the end but I think people are learning you can’t do that anymore(Because you get things like this and can literally not spend your lances) so they do it earlier and will continue for quite a while.


Hell, ever since I learned Auto-battle can take care of the 2nd hardest difficulty I’ve been spending my lances like mad just to boost my tier up. I imagine many people are the same way with Edelgard being as busted as she is.


I do my runs manually as its usually quite a bit faster (during Flier bonus anyway - typically take the camp turn 2 trap the enemy base by 5), used to do the top tier but it really isn’t worth the hassle. Tried an Auto Battle and everyone seemed to like to take out F!Edel support so the rest could impale themselves…

I did burn all mine at the beginning of the last Round last time, it worked out pretty well, only needed one run this morning to hit Tier 25.


Oh hey, you’re in the same world as PhoenixMaster :feh_birbpeek:


Don’t you mean PheonixMaster?


I saw that once. Needed just a tiny bit to get to lv25 in the last round but had spent all my lances so need the overnight refill and had to get up earlier to give myself more time in the morning as new days start at 7am. Then found everything was knocked out and I couldn’t get that last orb. It still pains me to have missed it.


that is rough.
so you are just told to sit there and look at the map, was hoping you would have some kind of way to still earn points for that situation specifically. but then again not sure why I was expecting anything else to happen