Agito Ciella is out

Unfortunately, unless all the DPSs can time their Skills perfectly to dodge attacks, Ciella demands a healer of some kind. Wellisanne can work, but if you’re running Ranged allies they have to huddle up which makes this fight trickier.

Good thing I built Lowen up as soon as he appeared

A good chunk of High Mercury picks are viable here too, but in my opinion slower characters are gonna have a harder time without good i-frame skills. Lin You in particular has it real rough imo, the AoEs feel like they’re just fast enough to force roll spam.

If you want easy picks, Lowen is actually the best option despite his heal not curing Freeze. He charges skills faster than W!Xania and his S2 works as both a pseudo heal and a buff for Ciella’s burst attacks.

Also yes, you have to take out Ciella’s Crystal Arrows. If she hits them with Freeze Ray they’ll do a slow Purple burst attack, though Lin You’s S1 destroys them easy. Haven’t tested with multiple out at once in one spot but if there’s just one it’s nbd.

Aside from Crystal Arrow, Freeze Ray, and the Veil Follow Up Ciella’s attacks are i-frameable.

Post your thoughts and experiences with the fight below! I’m gonna try to get in for Expert in the morning.



If you’re super over-geared for standard it doesn’t matter what you use :feh_tikiga:

Standard is…well, pretty easy. I can literally set my usual wind team to auto and they clear it just fine so long as I make sure they’re not in the veil follow-up.

Expert…expert is a thing. I’ve cleared enough times so far using Sylas to craft a lance with 2 unbinds. Clears have been 5-6 minutes, phase change after 2 minutes.

She’s pretty tough. A healer is straight up mandatory and while I’ve seen every wind healer I’ve only gotten clears with either Lowen or Grace (she is so busted it isn’t even funny) on the team. Not only does she do a lot of unavoidable damage but her attacks apply the vulnerability debuff which cause you to take more damage, and it stacks. So not getting hit outside of her unavoidable bursts is really essential. Basically, git gud at dodging her attacks.

She also gets ridiculously tanky the longer the fight goes on, so some pretty hefty dps is required, which in this case involves abusing poison as much as possible. This makes Sylas an almost must since he can reliably apply it and keep it on, and his teamwide skill haste and max hp buffs don’t hurt to have around either. Outside of Sylas and a healer the other two spots need to be heavy dps like Lin You, Hawk (she’s immune to stun on expert but he still packs a punch), Tobias, or even a second Silas.

Biggest issues with people surviving I’ve seen is either a ranged gets sniped by one of her charged shots, people don’t destroy all the arrows, or get got phase 2 by the tracking arrows.

On a personal level I hate her arrows with a passion since Sylas isn’t bog res and unless I know I’ll take them out I can’t use his s1 to help try to break them since being anywhere remotely close to them inflicts bog, which makes not only the upcoming freeze beam a pain but also the tracking arrows after. I’ve learned now that it’s best to just leave them to Lin Yous and Hawks or plink them from a very safe distance with standard attacks.

The minute we get a wind unit with a dispel she’ll get much faster to clear because having to deal with her ever-increasing def buff in Lowen comps sucks. Grace keeps the def buffs down but obviously she doesn’t contribute much dps wise.

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I’m making Templar Hope my dedicated Ciella hunter. Helps that he could contribute to healing using his innate doublebuff.

Got a couple clears with him (no eCiella until his circles are filled, which is just two eldwater nodes away), and he’s got his Excalibur! No unbinds yet. Looks good on him, though!

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This is going to sound really silly but me and some alliance mates were doing some practice runs and rather than pub a fourth I had my Lowen set to be controlled by the ai and it’s absolutely stupid how well it was working.

There are a few points in her second phase where I would have to swap to him temporarily to make sure he got behind an ice block or something but otherwise the ai was better at staying alive and keeping us alive than several Lowens or Grace’s that I’ve seen in pubs. It helps that ai doesn’t get targeted by the tracking bolts so there’s more room for the rest of us to breathe during them.

We didn’t end up getting a clear because my alliance pals were still getting the hang of the fight and would die to the tracking bolts or get clipped by her freeze beam but it was kinda hilarious.

Edit: just to clarify, this was on expert


Update: Right before the day rolled over yesterday I got my clear on Ciella Expert!

Took our pub like seven tries, and only reached Phase 2 twice. Grace host came in clutch at the second attempt and nailed the safe points, and Wellisanne rescued me from Freeze Status at one point