Ah, how the time has finally come

Bonus time for OG.Oboro… the thing I have been waiting for for so long…

59 Def 60 Res on EP… oh sweet sweet bonus stats…


What in the actual f—


Destroy thoses Eliwood for my F!Kana, pretty please ~


Oh she’s going to destroy pretty much anything that’s not ranged, but even then it’s going to take them some time to kill her


If Oboro gets a Resplendent version before we get another viable and easily mergeable lance infantry is released, I may have to build her after all. Can’t resist how beefy and effective she is. Just not a fan of her character or art. The Resplendent treatment will hopefully take care of both. :ok_hand:


My hopes if she does get a Resplendent is Muspell


Only 48 Res from 2 range and no DC so that’s not awful…

This is the third set of bonus units in a row where one of the bonus units is a unit I have at +10. What the frick.

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Well looks like Mila for me. She’s gonna be one tanky dragon lady.

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Guess I’m not going up this Season.

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Damn thoses nice IV you got !

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I don’t like most of the art for the gen 1 units either. It what’s turning me off about giving them a chance to a vast majority of them. Curiously, in terms of liking the character then the only thing I can say is that I would build her because of her Fire Emblem Warriors iteration than Fates Oboro.