Ah, she's beautiful. And so very, very dangerous

A good bit back, I was deciding between units for a Blue merge project, since most of my best unjts are green and I need more variety. After getting a Scion Lewyn with his fodder, I was debating between two. Ultimately, I decided on Sonia over Tatiana.

And now, she finally has her last merge.

Has a small foddering priority question, but pulling a L!F!Byleth on her most recent rerun cleared it up, allowing me to give Sonia the Ruptured Sky and Ideal that she so dearly wanted. And with Rouse 4, she’s deceptively quick and still retains a lot of bulk as well. Drifting Grace even lets her support heal with Ardent Sacrifice without wholly conflicting with her Ideal.

I'll give her flowers eventually, but at the moment they're going to my new-and-improved Alfonse.




He’s also surprisingly dangerous, now.

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