AHHHHHHH! I just did an entire run of Advanced Arena Assault deathless!

I’m so proud of myself! Jeez! That was a lot of +10 units!


Surprised you aren’t scoring more tbh :eyes:

I do intermediate and score more than that :feh_eirikathink:

Still, nice job :feh_flaynsmile:


looks at your team and score

Well, I guess it’s not hard when you aren’t running into the cancer at the top


Congrats! Arena Assault is brutal, especially for Water season.


Oh, believe me, I saw +10 Brave Edelgards at least 4/7 maps. It was a pain and took many tries, but I’m just proud I was able to do it with no deaths.


You use 1 merged unit, suddenly your entire enemy team is all +10 or mostly high merged and optimal units. It’s insane. +10 L/BEdelgards, LegChroms and LAzuras everywhere!


Yeah, Arena scoring is nonsense. I hit score cap matches pretty often, and sometimes there’s just, like…a Peony. A regular Peony. And it’s like…how the heck are you scoring this high? How are you still hitting like 758 with a bunch of units with Reposition. And Water season is just extra stupid with how good Chrom, Leif, and Dimitri are. And of course, L!Azura. Getting a full clear of seven matches at any level in Water season is hard to do.


Yeah I just use a merged cav team to start off so my scoring is around 726. Deathless turns out to be around 5100. I’ve found Arena Assault to be such a time sink every weak, so I just take it easy on myself and don’t think about the feathers I’m missing


The Colosseum quests motivated me this week. I usually lose a unit on match 6 or 7 and call it good. I just wish the scoring was more consistent. I started my final run on a 758 and proceeded to get 746 for the second map. The Chrom density this week was exceptional, so congrats on the run for sure.

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