AK Next Event

So, maybe I’m just blind but does anyone know what the next event is (potentially) going to be, purely because I wanna know whether to use my potions for Grani-rerun or save in case it’s actually DM.

Thank you in advance.

Rumors are its DM no hard evidence for now.
Regarding farmable stuff for DM it has stages for kohl, oriron and sugar.

There was also datamine of En translated files for Ceobe’s Fungimist which was held together with Gavial The Great Chief Returns event.

So really, we need an official announcement to know what to prepare for.

A dead week, please

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Those are just myths though. :fgo_gudako:

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I feel like DM is unlikely since on CN it started just before the anniversary. Assuming they’re going for that same general timing, we have a whole month left, enough time for probably two more events in between. I’m guessing Gavial and Rewinding Breeze, though since they’ve been jumbling it up I wouldn’t be surprised if they did CC2 or the Maria Nearl Event. I would be surprised if they did the summer event rerun so soon after this one though.

The JP social media accounts tend to announce the next event a two days or so before it begins, so we’ll probably know for sure by the end of the weekend. We might have a couple dead days, but I imagine the next event will start around Tuesday, Thursday at the very latest.

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You play FGO, you know myths and beliefs are important :fgo_gudako:

DM is a 3 weeks event, and one week overlapped with the anniversary afair. So there is probably time to push one event before that, especially if HG adds two dead weeks (one before, one after). And I think Gavial was sort of a follow-up to Grani rerun?

Also, please no summer rerun, I don’t have rolls for Thorns :fgo_deadinside:

Yup, that was my math. But I’m assuming there’s not gonna be any dead weeks, so those two weeks would be the perfect amount of time for a second event. And it looks like Rewinding Breeze was only one week, so they could pretty easily fit that in and still have a few dead days between each one.

Also, HG has heard your plea for no summer rerun, and is now rushing plans to squeeze it in before DM :smiling_imp:

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But honestly, dead week with free farming would be nice x_X

and is now rushing plans to squeeze it in before DM

Then at least Thorns can spook me on Phantom’s banner :fgo_gudako: or they both can just ignore me xD

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Cool so it’s still up in the air lol, but hopefully something fun comes sooner rather than later. Again thanks everyone for the response.