Alex and the Calamitous Calamity (Literature)

I will tell you all what you need to know to understand my series.

I have called the series, “Alex and the Calamitous Calamity”

The (current) protagonists are Alex and Alex. One Alex is me (as in the me you know me as), and the other Alex is my sister, even though I don’t have a sister in the real world. We are twins, and are practically the same in looks, emotions, and fighting style (which will all prove useful later in the stories). Don’t worry, I use gender pronouns so you can tell the difference between us both.

The Alexes are actually Alexanders, but they refer to themselves as Alexes. Other characters later in the story will refer the Alexes as Alexanders. You, the reader can choose any of the names for them.

The main antagonist is the Calamitous Calamity. It will be referred to as the Calamity, as a person. If the Calamitous Prophecy is being spoken about, then it will be referred to as the Calamitous Calamity.

This is the first chapter to the first book in the series named “The Beginning of the End.” The first book is also called “The Beginning of the End.”

I hope you all enjoy what I present to you today.


Chapter One: The Beginning of the End.

“Good morning, Alex!” Alexander says to his sister.
“Good morning, Alex!” Alexander says to her brother.

Ever since the Alexanders were born, they really were the loveliest pair of twins anyone has seen. Everyone loved them, from when they were just born, to now when they were 6 years old. Everyone loved to say hello, and the appreciation was really kind. The Alexanders and their parents lived within a very lovely mansion in the state of New York, and it really was a sight to behold. The mansion’s interiors were really beautiful, along with the outside, with a nice green lawn, and a small garden to accompany it. But now, summer had begun, and it really was time to begin enjoying the change the season brings.

“It really does seem quiet, huh?” Alexander says, him noticing that the only sounds were just the conversation him and his sister were having.

“It really is quiet, Alex. I can only hear ourselves and nothing else.”

“Well, lets see how mother and father are doing shall we?”

The twins got up, and went to greet their parents, for they were business people, and they recently got back from a business trip so they most likely slept in.

“Umm, Alex?”
“Yes, brother?”
“Where are mother and father?”
“They should be here right?”
“Well, they did say they would be here today.”
“Huh, well planes do take time to go from destination to destination.”
“Oh well. We can wait.”

The twins went downstairs to the kitchen to prepare themselves breakfast. The family liked traditional breakfasts, so they decided to make pancakes today. As soon as they were ready to serve, the front door opened.

“Hey Alex, that must be mother and father!”
“Yeah, that must be! Come on brother!”

As the Alexanders went to the front door, two figures were standing there. They most certainly did not look like their parents. The two figures looked as if covered in scars everywhere. They had red eyes and hair that would fade in all the different shades of red, and they looked and felt menacing.

“Uh, hello there? How may we help you, and how did you get in?” said Alex. He had never seen these people before, and he sure had a lot of questions for them.

“So, these are the Defiers, huh?.” said one of the scarred figures. His voice was really calm, yet menacing.

“Hey! Can we begin with why you are both here?” said Alex. She, too, had many questions about why two mysterious figures just appear out of nowhere.

“I guess they are. Let’s kill them now, and prevent another War of Extinction, shall we?” said the other scarred figure. She, too, had a voice that was calm, yet also menacing.

“War of Extinction?” the twins said. Extinction definitely was a harsh subject, but a war composed of it?

“Yes, let’s end them now, and not worry the Calamity about defiers in its path.” said the male scarred figure.
“Well, Defiers. It seems your time alive has come to an end. Any last words?” said the female scarred figure.

“Last words?! Well, we both have never really considered death already, but I guess we could say-”

“Silence, Defiers. Your fates have come.” the scarred figures said.

All that the twins felt were the extremely sharp pains of the swords that were wielded by the scarred figures. The swords slit their throats. It was so fast, and so bloody. Their bodies were flung with the power of the swords, straight into the wall. And there, they waited painfully for their lives to end.


Other information to know after you hopefully read (and enjoyed) the first chapter of the first book in the series.

The War of Extinction is the war commenced by the Calamitous Calamity along with the Calamiguard, and ended by the Defiers of the Calamity. The Defiers of the Calamity (sometimes referred to as the Defiers) are the ones that defeat the Calamity, and save the universes from the catastrophic results of the Calamity. The War of Extinction always repeats itself in any world and universe, so there will never be an actual end to it.

The Calamiguard is basically the army of the Calamity. Soon, it will be revealed how the Calamiguard came to be. Calamiguard is a portmanteau of “calamitous” and “guard”.


Hopefully you all enjoyed reading the first chapter! I will post the second chapter soon, and you all will find out what happens next. Any opinions or any words of feedback are greatly appreciated!

(This post was more PC user friendly due to the sheer amount of “=” for a line. I will make it better for everyone in the next post.)


I liked it, I thought it would be an adventure and fantasy. Out of nowhere a beautiful brother and sister crash. At least these brothers are not the same as the Fire Emblem


It will become an adventure and fantasy pretty soon. And I have planned basing a book in the series in the Fire Emblem universe. But more information will be revealed soon. Thanks for reading!

Also, it’s nice to meet you @Erk


Oops, I liked it. You can always post. I am also writing a story based on the emblem of fire. But with the same elements and the Nordic culture itself.

Pleasure is mine. I am happy to see a writer and be able to focus his ideas.



Your story sounds interesting! I hope it goes well with you.


Interesting. Looking forward to reading the next parts, and I won’t say much as of now, since the first chapter is not really enough to judge it on.


I know the first chapter isn’t much to go on about, but it hopefully makes a good first impression. Thanks for taking the time to read the chapter!

Also, it’s nice to meet you @nobody625


I like how you set up the first chapter. It’s a really good hook for a story. I may not be a writer but I love reading and your story has me hooked.
Excited to see more @Calamilex


Nice! Another writer in our Ranks

I’m writing a story too, if you would like to know about it, why don’t give it a look?


It’s nice to hear that there are other writers, and I would sure like to take a look at your work!


Welcome to the second chapter in the first book of Alex and the Calamitous Calamity.

If you have read the first chapter, you hopefully should know what has happened.

There isn’t much to say, other than I hope you all enjoy the second chapter.


Chapter Two: Becoming Defiers.

It was certainly a painful way to go. Just watching the blood flow out of you and onto the floor. Nothing could have been done to prevent this. The scarred figures just watched and waited for the twins to no longer have life.

“Well, sister. I guess it was nice knowing-”

Stabs from the swords came upon Alex, as the figures just wanted the twins to be dead. No more words were spoken from the brother.

“It was nice knowing you-”

Yet even more stabs were inflicted on the sister. That, too, also made her quiet.

The twins just gazed at each other with the dead stares from their eyes. They were indeed unconscious, and no longer moving.

“Well” said the male scarred figure. “It looks like we have prevented another War of Extinction. All that’s left is for the Calamity to conquer this world.”

“Indeed it is.” said the female scarred figure. “They sure did have the strength to survive one fatal attack. But no matter. They are dead.”

“Let’s go back to Perilia, shall we?”

“We shall.”

“Woah. We are alive?” said Alex. He was in his home, and he thought he was dead, but he most certainly seemed alive.

“Alex, you’re here!” said his sister, elated to see her brother.
“You’re alive!” he replies, also ecstatic to see his sister alive.
They hugged each other for quite some time, mainly feeling as if they didn’t say farewell in a good manner.

“Indeed you are both alive.” said two other voices.

The twins turned around to see two other figures. The figures weren’t covered in scars, and their eyes and hair faded between the different shades of red, yet also many tints of green.

“Who are you both? You aren’t planning on killing us again?” says Alex, although he saw that the people had a kind expression on their faces.

“Don’t worry, Alex. We aren’t planning on killing you. But we have a story to tell. Would you both mind listening?” said the male figure, and his voice was also calm, but not menacing.

Huh. So the people knew their names, and well, they weren’t planning on killing them, so there couldn’t be any harm in listening to the story, right?

“Sure! I guess it could answer the question of why we are all here.” says Alex, and she, too, saw that the people looked really kind.

“It does tell you why you are both here, but before we begin, let me just see your necks.” says the male figure.

The necks of the twins were extremely scarred and bloody, but they didn’t hurt. The people reached out to the twins necks, and they were healed, as if nothing had happened.

“Wow. Thank you so much!” said the twins earnestly.

“There is no need to thank us, as you two will have that power bestowed upon you.” said the female figure, and her voice was also very calm, and not menacing.

“Let’s begin, shall we?” says the male figure.

“We shall.” responded the female figure.

“The reason you both are here is because we are in need of you both. You see, there is a never ending war called the War of Extinction, and well, you are both part of it.” said the male figure.

“The War of Extinction?” said Alex, remembering that the scarred figures were talking about it. “That’s the war those scarred people were talking about. They called us Defiers, and said that it would be wise to kill us both, to not start another one.”

“Scarred figures, you say? How did they look? How did they sound?” asked the female figure.

“Well, they were scarred from everywhere we could see. And they had red eyes and hair that would fade in all the shades of red. Their voices sounded like yours, but more menacing. And they killed us with the swords that you both wield.”

“Huh. That means that it has happened then.” said the male figure.

“What has happened?” asked the twins curiously.

“Those two scarred figures you saw are the both of you. To be more specific, the “yous” of the future.”

“Wait a moment.” said Alex, and she was worried if her question was going to be answered. “So, you are saying that the us of today were killed by the us of the future?”

“I’m afraid so, yes.” replied the male figure. “Those scarred figures were the Calamilexes. They are the Defiers of the Calamity, but they have succumbed to the Calamity for some reason. There was a male and female one, yes? If so, they are linked to you respectively.”

“Oh my.” said Alex, for this really was a lot to take in, and his mind was still processing everything. “Wait, so if they were Defiers of the Calamity, doesn’t that mean that we are Defiers too?”

“Indeed.” said the two figures. “You are both destined to save this world and the universes from the Calamitous Calamity.”

“Wow.” said the twins, for they really were expecting to just be dead.

“Let me continue with the story.” said the female figure. “The Calamity conquered worlds with the Calamiguard. The Calamiguard is the army of the Calamity, and is formed with the Calamity tainting the people of the worlds it conquers. The Calamity can also create it’s army by shedding its own blood, although it hasn’t done that in a very long time.”

“But, how do we defeat the Calamity?” asked Alex, because she really thought that the Calamity was practically invincible.

“Well, first of all, you need your weapons. Not any weapon can harm the Calamity, but the Weapons of the Defiers are what you need. So now, we present you both with your Weapons.”

Armor, along with a sword, a spear, an axe, a bow, a staff, daggers, and something that appeared to be magic, were conjured from the people. They all really did look awesome, and powerful.

“You both will need these Weapons to make your way through the trivialities that the Calamity presents. Hopefully, you will master the use of them, and defeat the Calamity.”
“Thank you so very much!” the twins said, still in awe of what was presented to them.

“Now, the Calamity resides in its kingdom named Perilia, and that kingdom is located in the world of the Calamity named Menacealon. To get to Menacealon, you will need Portalios which is the gateway to go to other worlds. You will need World Charms to open the way to those other worlds. But for now, focus on restoring your world, for the Calamity has already tainted everything and everyone as we speak.”

“All right then!” said the twins, for they were now the ones to restore the worlds.

“Oh wait. I have one more question.” said Alex, because he had been saving this question for when it seemed an opportune moment. “Who are you both?”

“I’m glad we peaked your interest, but we both cannot answer that question, or else, even more catastrophe will occur.” said the people solemnly.

“Oh, well that’s okay, as long as you both are on the side of purity.” said Alex, although she had now begun wondering who the both of them really were.

“Now, the both of you must commence the adventure. Cleanse the worlds and universes, and stop the Calamity.” said the people, as they now had begun fading away. “Wake up now, Defiers.”


Other information to consider after you hopefully read (and enjoyed) the second chapter of the first book.

The Calamilexes are the Defiers of the Calamity that have been consumed by the Calamity and many other terrible factors. Calamilex is a portmanteau of Calamity and Alex.

Perilia is the name of the kingdom of the Calamity, and I have named it basing the name upon the word “Peril”

Menacealon is the world of the Calamity, and I have named it basing the name upon the word “Menace”

Portalios will be shown later in the series, but it’s how the twins travel to different worlds and universes. The name Portalios is based upon the word “Portal”


Hopefully you all enjoyed reading the second chapter! I will post the third chapter soon, and you all will find out what happens next. Any opinions or words of feedback are greatly appreciated!


oohoooo I enjoy portmanteaus and the creative names people come up with them :feh_birbpeek:

Menacealon definitely is my favorite from the names so far :feh_flaynfish:
It rolls off the tongue pretty well
Can’t wait for chapter 3 :fgo_gaooo:


Thank you for enjoying the second chapter. Portmanteaus are really fun to work with, and I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying the current ones.

I will try to release a chapter a day, and maybe I can share the whole first book!


Sorry for replying so late, but thank you for enjoying the first chapter! I will release a chapter a day, so stay tuned for that, and hopefully you will still be hooked with my series!

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Sounds good to me


Hello to all you lovely people, and welcome to the third chapter in the first book of Alex and the Calamitous Calamity.

There really isn’t much to say, so enjoy the chapter!


Chapter Three: Mastery of the Swords of the Defiers

After the twins had just met the two people in some strange form of dream, they had been told that they are the Defiers of the Calamity, and the ones to bring purity, peace, and prosperity to the worlds that the Calamity taints. The last words from the people were to wake up, but how?

“Wake up?” says Alex puzzled, because he felt awake, and he couldn’t wake up when he was already awake.

“Yeah, how do we wake up?” asked Alex, because she also did not know how.

The other people were gone, so there was no reply.

Well, they were in their home, so they could go to bed. Although it really didn’t feel the same. The armor was very comfortable, but definitely a new experience. The twins hadn’t noticed, but their eyes and hair had been fading in all the shades of red, like the scarred figures and the people they had just met. It certainly was a new look, and a nice look at that. It really was hard to sleep, considering everything they had just been told, but there were worlds and universes to be saved.

After what felt like a long time, the twins had finally fallen asleep. Sleep felt more plentiful than it had felt before, which was a good sign. When they had woken up, they definitely were awake. They were back in their bed, with no slits on their throats, and this time, with armor and weapons that definitely were powerful.

“Good morning, Alex!” said Alex to his sister.

“Good morning, Alex!” said Alex to her brother.

“Well, we have changed, haven’t we?” said Alex, considering that he and his sister were now Defiers to save everything in existence.

“Indeed, we have changed.” said Alex, because she also considered the new responsibilities that were presented to her and her brother.

“Well then.” said Alex, him now knowing what they both had to do. “We have to learn to use these weapons if we want to have a chance against the Calamity, right?”

“Yes we do, brother.” said Alex, because she had been remembering that weapons were bestowed upon the two of them.

A sword, a spear, an axe, a bow, a staff, daggers, and magic were bestowed upon the twins when they met those kind people. It sure was a lot of responsibility, but for the sake of everything in existence, all the effort was worth it.

“Let’s start off with the sword.” said Alex, for he remembered that it was the first weapon that was conjured.


The sword was definitely a valuable possession for the Defiers. It had a beautiful look to it, from the hilt to the blade. It looked like no blade ever seen, and its material seemed unknown. It really had a powerful aura to it and gleamed brightly when in the hand of its respective owner.

“The sword looks really amazing.” said Alex, for he was taken by awe of how the sword looked.

“It really is, brother. I guess we duel, huh? Not to the death, but for practice.” said Alex, for it would be a fair duel, the same sword against the same sword.

“Absolutely.” said Alex, for he was very excited to see how it worked in battle.

The twins collided blades once, and they doubled. The second sword that appeared for both of them was the same as the one they had currently.

“Woah! Two swords?” said Alex, because he wondered if it meant that he and his sister would learn to dual wield and fight with two swords.

“That was surprising! It looks like we are dual wielding now!” said Alex, notably because it felt nice to have swords in both hands.

“Here we go! The best of luck to you, sister!”

“You too, brother!”

Swords clashed and many new abilities were seen in the Swords of the Defiers. The swords could also work like a whiplash, which really was a fascinating feature, that definitely will come in handy if the twins dealt with large parts of the Calamiguard. It also seemed to turn elemental, which definitely will be useful if dealing with specific enemies. After what felt like a very good amount of time mastering both swords, the twins decided it would be a good time to move on to another essential weapon.


Other information to consider after you hopefully read (and enjoyed) the third chapter of the first book.

You could say I practically predicted the Sword of the Creator. There is no Ruptured Heaven to come along, but the Swords of the Defiers do have special powers that will be revealed later when the twins are corrupted with Calamity.

The Weapons of the Defiers practically set up a sort of collision with the worlds of Fire Emblem that we know, so look forward to that.

The next couple chapters will be about the twins mastering the Weapons of the Defiers that have been bestowed upon them. Don’t worry, as soon as weapon mastering ends, the action will begin.

Chapter Ten marks the end of weapon mastery.


Hopefully you all enjoyed reading the third chapter! I will post the fourth chapter soon, and you all will find out what happens next. Any opinions or words of feedback are greatly appreciated!


I just read the first 2 chapters as a good night Story and I will Keep an eye on this threads and will continue reading your Story.

I really appreciate the work you put into it, I have been trying to write a short book myself but have pretty much given up on it cause it’s so darn time consuming.

Maybe it is because english is Not my native language but I find you writing style Interesting. It’s very simple structured but also written very fancy. If that’s an Okay way to put it. I don’t have the words to describe what it sounds like in my head. But I will try and say it reads like a Black Butler Episode.
That’s the best comparison I can get. In my heads it’s somewhere between a caricature and a serious Story line and I don’t know if that’s intended but I like it.

Keep it up :feh_flaynsmile:


Thank you so much for reading the first two chapters, and thank you for wanting to keep reading.

Being an author is not for everyone, but I am sure that you will most certainly find your purpose in life.

From what I have seen from your profile, you live in Germany. Germany seems like a very nice country, and I presume you speak German. I have been trying to learn German, and I am doing great, but still, learning other languages is pretty difficult. It’s okay that English isn’t your first language.

Simplicity is nice when writing stories, and thank you for considering my story to be very fancy. It’s okay to critique my story in any way, because after all, I am still (hopefully) improving as a 14 year old author.

Thank you very much for your kind words!

It’s nice to meet you @Joschka


Hello! Welcome to the fourth chapter in the first book of the Alex and the Calamitous Calamity series.

I just want to say, I love you all so much! Your words and kindness really mean a lot to me! You are all really kind people, and I thank you for that.

With that said, I hope you all enjoy the fourth chapter!


Chapter Four: Mastery of the Spears of the Defiers

“The Swords of the Defiers really are interesting aren’t they, sister?” said Alex, after the twins finished mastering their swords.

“They really are, brother! But there are other weapons to master, so let’s move on, shall we?” said Alex, because she wanted to see what the other weapons had.


The second weapon that was conjured by the other people was a spear. It looked very menacing, yet also very beautiful, and it seemed to be made of the same material of the Swords. Like the Swords of the Defiers, the Spears had a powerful aura, and also gleamed brightly when in the hands of their respective Defier.

“So.” said Alex, most likely preparing for the Spear to double, like the Swords of the Defiers. “These are the Spears of the Defiers?”

“It appears that they are, brother.” says Alex. “Lets get practicing shall we?”

“Sure thing, actually wait!” said Alex, because he expected for the Spears to double. “Lets collide Spears and perhaps they will double like the Swords!”

“Oh right! Let’s do that, brother.”

The twins collided with Spears, and indeed, like the Swords, they doubled. Having two Spears definitely can make it so the twins defending themselves is easier.

“Are you ready brother?”

“I’m ready if you are, sister!”

As the twins were preparing to fight, a knock came from the door.

“Wait. How do we greet people in armor, and with weapons? Wouldn’t they find that odd?” asks Alex, because he realized that it definitely would be odd to greet people with armor on, and weapons in hand.

“Umm. Change your armor quickly!” said Alex, because she never considered having other people see them in armor.

“I’m sure they won’t mind. Maybe it’s just to say hello!” said Alex. After all, they were in the state of New York, and they had many friends, so it was nice to receive a greeting.

The twins walked to the front door, and they hadn’t noticed, but the sky was blood red. It was also much quieter than the usual streets here in New York State.

“Who is it?” says Alex, for he was the one opening the door.

No response came. Alex opens the door to see if there even was anyone, and that’s when the twins noticed.

“Woah! The people weren’t kidding when they said that the Calamity was already conquering this world!” says Alex as she noticed the blood red sky.

“Look! There they are. How are they alive!” said an unfamiliar voice.

The twins turned to where the voice came from and saw people like the Calamilexes. They definitely weren’t friendly, and they were charging for the Defiers.

“Get ready, Alex!” says Alex, preparing himself with his Swords.

“You too, brother!” says Alex, also preparing herself with her Swords to attack.

The people were most certainly part of the Calamiguard, for they looked like the Calamilexes.

As they prepared to strike, the Defiers fought valiantly. The soldiers were falling, and as soon as they were lifeless, they just turned to nothing.

One soldier slashed the left eye of Alex, and he collapsed on the ground, definitely in pain.

“Ah! That really hurt!” says Alex, as he felt blood flowing onto his face. He got up quickly, and panicked when his left eye’s sight started fading, and he still kept fighting, because death is not an option.

Another soldier managed to also get the left eye of Alex, and she collapsed too.

“That hurts terribly!” says Alex, as the sight in her left eye slowly starts to fade. The blood stained her already red hair.

The twins finished off the soldiers, and quickly headed inside their home. The pain of having an eye slashed was way too much. The scar looked horrifying.

“Are you okay, sister?” says Alex, after the pain of the eye was manageable.

“I’m fine, I think. Are you alright too, brother?” says Alex in response.

“I don’t think I’m fine, but I’m alive. Let’s pick up where we left off then.”


With hesitation of the potential loss of an eye, the twins spent their time practicing with the Spears of the Defiers. They were really useful like the Swords of the Defiers, and the abilities were very powerful. The Spears made the pain of their eyes go away, and their eyesight eventually returned, which definitely was a relief. They wondered if that healing property applied to all their weapons. The Spear could also turn into a Lance, which had the same properties as the Spear. After what felt like a good time mastering their Spears, they definitely rested because a sudden confrontation with soldiers of the Calamiguard was very surprising, and indeed painful.


Other information to consider after you hopefully read (and enjoyed) the fourth chapter of the first book.

The next couple chapters will be about the twins mastering the Weapons of the Defiers that have been bestowed upon them. Don’t worry, as soon as weapon mastering ends, the action will begin.

Chapter Ten marks the end of weapon mastery.


Hopefully you all enjoyed reading the fourth chapter! I will post the fifth chapter soon, and you all will find out what happens next. Any opinions or words of feedback are greatly appreciated!



Spears/Lances are one of my favorite weapon class besides bows so this chapter was great to read :feh_flaynfish:
I love having more range than the enemy

Overall I’m enjoying the story so far
Sure it’s just exposition right now but every good story has a good set up

Also quick question can the weapons heal any injury like losing an arm completely? :feh_birbpeek: