Summons for GAlex has not been well. I intended to just start with the freebie tenfolds then worry later.

Then desperation kicked in. Big mistake.

I get a ton of dragons, a couple new axes, and wall-to-wall dupes. Also, I GOT F’ING XANDERBLOCKED.

Now I have…no wyrmites. Why must I not listen to myself?


If you land this bird, she’s worth it.

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Good thing I got all the FEH crossover folks from last year’s event. That means that I get to save up after the gala ends.

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You do know they’re adding more FEH characters after the Alfonse & Friends stuff from last year is finished?

Yeah, I’m aware. I just need to gather up as much as I can before the sequel event…

I am not going to get my underwear all bunched up dancing for this collab. Last FEH collab I rolled 6 Fjorms and nothing else.

I’m not excited, not expecting to actually get any of the new stuff. Just meh. One bitten twice shy.

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As for me, I’ll call it a success if I get at least one of the sequel characters. Thinking realistically here.

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I couldn’t wish you luck more. I hope you mop up despite what you lost today.

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On the bright side, even if I don’t get Alex, I did get some new adventurers: Julietta (now I’m missing Hilde and Mikoto from the Day 1 squad) and Lin You.

Leviathan is also finally MUB, too.

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I’m new to the game, should I skip the FEH re-run and just save for the new one instead?

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I pray you get her soon. She is my first Gala since I started a month or so ago, and I was happy to spend what I saved.

I just felt bad that after getting her, I kept on doing pulls. LOL

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I would summon because the old adventurers are all getting mana spirals, but maybe hold off until we know what the mana spirals actually are

On the plus side, Julietta is probably getting a mana spiral once Light adventurers get their turn

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Okay, now I wish a certain Nyarly gets purged from the summon roster.

He pitybroke me AGAIN. Ugh!

Okay, once I max him out and get his sunlight ore, I’m parting ways with that useless dragon!


Update: Yep, Nyarlathotep is OFFICIALLY BANNED. Another pitybreak after the last one!

Once I get that sunlight ore, HE’S GONE FOR GOOD.

Besides, he…creeps me out.

am trying to get Alex too
but gotten GCleo instead

last day to pull

I got so many dark 5* adventurers that weren’t Alex.
I got spooked by 5* swords three times.
I got Leviathan from the gacha for the first time?!

Still no Gala Alex.

At least I’ll be able to get that 3k from the endeavors for the FE rerun banner. Hopefully it won’t be 6+ five stars on rate up at the same time.

I tried for Alex. Got dupes of Naveed and Prince, but also Gellisanne, Siren, and Poseidon.

As for the 5* Dragon Summon I got another Shinobi woo

The Dragon voucher got me the last Arctos that I needed to MUB him. That cheered me up.

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