People in Dragalia Lost automatically get him at 5* rarity?


Whaaaaaa!? :scream:

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Dragalia has made a grave mistake. Theyll have to deal with FEH levels of powercreep now

Also glad hes still hot


Who else is on there?

I think Alfonse is the only one? I’m not sure, I was on YouTube and saw a video briefly about it.

You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about

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I’ll explain, since I play Dragalia.

Everyone who logs in during the event will get Alfonse for free for the event duration. However you have to use him in enough battles to get him to join you permanently. It’s not too bad because Dragalia events are fairly lengthy.

As of now no one else has been confirmed, although some eagle-eyed people have pointed out a character model that appears to be Fjorm in one of the screenshots.

Like FEH we get a peek at who will be on the next banner a day or so ahead of time, so we’ll wait and see who else shows up!

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Too bad it’s not that simple for us as far as 5 starring units. Lol

O that’s neat, guess ill be grinding the get Alfonse to lv 80 with max mana circles when he appears. Makes me wonder what party raid it’ll be with him though…

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There are 3 and 4 Star units in Dragalia that can be promoted using a resource called Eldwater. Unlike FEH there’s no foddering, so any dupe characters automatically get turned into Eldwater, with the amount based on rarity. Generally though, promotion isn’t needed except for the most endgame content. Thus Eldwater is best used on your favorite characters/endgame content characters and for powering up co-abilities (passive buffs that help the whole party)

Eldwater is also going to be used to purchase equipment called Wyrmprints in the next update. Previously these were part of the gacha pool but this update is scrapping them from the pool altogether. Eldwater rewards are going to increase and everyone is even going to get bonus Eldwater for their dupes up to this point to compensate for this change.

I don’t play Dragalia, but this is low key cool lol.

Dragalia Lost sounds like it has some pretty extensive mechanics. I may have to try it.

You are missing out, its a really good game but its very grindy, im at lv580ish on my castle so far just to boost stats and im not strong enough for the high dragon raids, course im just doing dailies and not further pushing 24/7 on it compared to the youtubers


Yeah, the grind is real. I’m at about the same Halidom level as you and also nowhere near High Dragon Trial levels. But I’d lose my mind grinding constantly so I’m content with proceeding slowly.

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You really should try it, ive been a day 1 player and it doesnt feel like you have to rush to be with the top players for end game raids, even missing 20 days havent felt like iv been behind. Taking your time with it is key

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I agree, ive told myself after i have all lv 30 element towers with said weapon towers at lv 30 each, then maybe i can run said raids. Sadly i only have 1 weapon tower apiece so far at lv 10 and been foucusing on the element ones, have BOTH fire towers at lv 30 finally though

I maxed my tree and mines first because the cost of 5 Star weapons floored me (just 1 T3 5 Star weapons costs 900,000 Rupies, not including the cost of the T1 and T2 weapons required to even forge it), plus I keep purchasing mats from the shop every day. RIP my Light Orbs…

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Thank god i meet somebody who knows economy is the most important thing to upgrade first :fgo_jeannu:, ive been planning just to run 5* t2 maxed weapons and be done with it. I dont see the point besides the extra stats and element ability when it hits that t3 stage, it locks the weapons ability out if the weilder is a wrong element type

I just downloaded Dragalia Lost for this event. Hopefully Sharenna and Anna are in the game as well.

I want Fjorm on my team but… My water team is already stacked :sob:

I just want a fire adventurer. Like, literally at new years wind was the only team i had that was somewhat useable with Fire close behind and literally nothing else.

Fast forward 3 months and Dark is my strongest team, closely followed by Light. Water and wind are ok but i’m missing dragons for some adventurers and Fire is absolutely worthless in terms of adventurer diversity (literally 2 swords and 2 wands, no 5*) and wyrmprints, but is the only team to have all 5*dragons+Phoenix (Agni, Pele Prometheus).