Alfonse's speed quest

Yesterday I asked if a speedy original Alfonse was possible, and the conclusion was what I expected: yes, but you need to be either really crazy or have a ton of food
And my answer was:
Yes, with the Fateswakening Route of the ephimera codes I could obtain another solo with corrin, is rare, but gratefully it cames in unexpected ways
And also the fact that I’m going to try the 3H 2021 banner for Dedue, which means Ingrid could yeet here and there

So I have come here to be funny

The list of things that I need for a speedy vainilla lord:
Trait fruit: I would need a time to collect it, but during that time I could obtain some more food to it, so until I get him +spd, I won’t fodder anything
Sword: Preferably ninja katana, but the problem here is that I prefer wasting orbs in getting characters I like that fodder itself, so until I obtain it, I have two grails weapon, The parasol, which functions as giving speed by debuffs, and the carrot, which gives more defense, I would probably end up using the parasol…
Special: moonbow,
A skill: Atk spd solo 4
B skill: probably Lull Spd def, thought a skill with dodge could work for his bulk
C skill: atk spd menace, but again I don’t want to pull for food, maybe if I obtain another brave Eirika, specially because I also want brave Marianne, but for now it would either be rouse spd def if I choose the carrot or spd smoke if I choose the parasol
S skill: Spd def solo for bulk reasons, if little
Dracoflowers: at least 5, I have them
I think I’m going crazy


@Lesk moment :feh_sharenacry:

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Who are they :feh_nahquestion:

Old user who made a speedy Alfonse. They aren’t active anymore.


But I’m here
I still hope I can stay here for a lot pf years, I love this place