All-Enemy NPs + Swimsuit servants banner....why?

So the AOE banner got announced today, while this is considered one of the worst banners in FGO, I was wondering if people had any theories on why they made this banner so terrible.

I realise that this was mid Covid so resources were probably tight, but it seems like it would have been a much better option just to have the Swimsuit Servants on rate up and rotate through the main SSR’s. I don’t understand the logic of putting ALL the AOE servants in there (unless it’s just to make it harder to summon).

Then a week later you can release and Summer ST banner with Malter and Squirtoria etc, seems like that would be a much easier way to actually get people to roll.

Interested in your thoughts.


I asked this myself too.

They could have simply put some old and good summer servants sought by many players in a few rotation banners. And they would have earned much more money than with this terrible banner known by all as a bait banner.

And when all or almost all the internet community calls a banner a “bait banner” , the result is very bad for buisness.

Maybe they’ll learn. In the meantime, it’s a missed opportunity for a well made banner featuring ( Artoria Archer, Nitocris Assassin, Kyohime lancer, Mordred Rider, Nero Caster, Raikou Lancer, Ruler Martha and so on. )

But that’s only my opinion


Saint Quartz Bait :fgo_badciv:


I guess this is currently the last known rate-up of BB summer, Jeanne might get another one but it’s a Blu-ray release, so probably not. Nero get’s one more for Nerofest re-run.

So if someone is desperate for those particular units then they might risk it, but otherwise, bait needs to actually entice people to roll.


That’s the point.
We are potentially enticed to the banner because there are some good servants, but we don’t bite the bait for the simple fact that the most important feature is lacking: the rate up.

This banner is like showing a donkey a carrot but keeping it out of the donkey’s reach.


My guess is it was intended to be a past summers banner, then too many hands got involved and it turned into a mess. Just summer AoE got turned into, “but what about this also good unit?” which spiraled into 58 Servants and in prime covid JP no one actually double checked the banner until it was too late.



this is the most chad banner of all time


I would have rolled for Summer Nero NP levels as well, especially in the wake of Servant coins.

Seems like a missed opportunity :man_shrugging:


İ will roll on this since it got Rider Martha on rate up but dont understand why they included the old even ces

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Because I’ve seen it mentioned a couple of times already, a bold reminder so that no one misunderstands:

There will be NO rate-up for Servants on this banner; only rate-up for the CEs.

Do not roll this piece-of-shit banner unless you truly don’t care what you get. Even in that case, blowing SQ here so close to anniversary is crazy.


So are we getting a roll thread for this? :fgo_bblaugh: i won’t be rolling but the comments should be funny.


Damn no NA-exclusive ST banner smh


I wanna see someone blow a thousand sq on this banner. It’s been done for story before anyway


Would be like having a roll thread for Story…

Actually… someone do the math for me, does Story even have more than 58 locked Servants? Cause it might have better odds…




I want to see people getting baited into rolling this and then crying about getting Bradamante instead of Jeanne or Suzuka instead of SurfMo


The one good thing about this banner (or rather, it’s timing) is that the “roadmap to anni” becomes clearer by the day.

I bet next we’ll get the next set of Hunting Quests starting on the 13th, then after the HQ week we’ll get the SE.RA.PH MI from 20th to 26th (which has its own banner and Interludes, so an overlap with the AoE banner like on JP would’ve been a bit dumb anyway), then the pre-5th-anni campaign (Memorial Quests, RUQs) from 6/27 to 7/3, then anni itself on late 3rd/early 4th of July, and Ooku afterwards.


Thank goodness that there’s no rateup or else I would have gone all in on np5 summer Mordred and blow my Castoria funds


…even the 58 servant lineup is crap.

Sure, specific servant rate-up would’ve been hard cuz then no GSSR money for DW but they could’ve gone with all summer servants plus the usual 3* with the usual CE craps. People would’ve taken that bait. :feh_lucyshrug:

I wonder how many got fired after this banner. :fgo_medeagrin: