All-Out Nobunaga Assault GUDAGUDA Final Honnoji 2021 Event (Ends July 3rd 10:59 PDT)

Event to run from June 20th to July 3rd

Info page on the Event

Summoning Banner

GP Page


I wonder if that means the Anni is coming on July 4th?


A surprise to be sure (no week long DL), but a welcome one.

Guess we get anni on the 4th.


I don’t care what anyone says, I’m getting an MLB copy of the warlords CE.

Give me every 2 color, starting gauge, ATK-only CE! :fgo_nobutea:

I also want some copies of Nobuzerker, so Maou has a good chance of showing up. If I get Mori, then I get Mori.

Who/what do people want on support?

I have:
I’ll be putting up my grailed Izo, both Okitas, EMIYA, and probably Nyalter on my main. Skadi? Waver? Both?

On my F2P I’ll put up my newly NP2+Grailed Nero, Sitonai, Medusa or Ryoma(there are better Ryomas than mine), Nyalter again… and um… Skadi, probably.


This is my support setup.




I’m most likely to borrow Wavers with Bond CEs, but generally it’s gonna be whoever with Bond CE as I’ll field my own mixed front row due to lacking Skadi.

For fun I like borrowing Okita in Guda events, even though I lack Quick Up Queen.


Something interesting to note is that the event ends on July 3rd at 10:59 PDT. This is an unusual time that’s way earlier than the typical end time of 20:59 PDT meaning that the Anniversary might even start on the 3rd right after GudaGuda 4 ends.


Uh, I actually wanted this to start after the current Download campaign and not overlap. I need too many embers :fgo_lipburrito:


I hope not - well, at least in terms of catching the live stream since that would be super awkward timing for me. I guess I can just rewatch it on youtube however.

EDIT: nevermind - I forgot about maintenance!

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That would be pretty awesome if true as the usual 9pm is 5am here.

I didn’t even notice that.

There’s a second banner for it right ? Or is it only the Nobuvenger and Zerk banner ?

Events normally only have one banner and this is no exception (the rerun next year will have Okita Alter on rate-up as well tho if I recall correctly)

The Anniversary typically lines up with Anime Expo but I can’t find any information on the Anime Expo site for FGO or Aniplex

Aniplex is running an online show on July 3rd at UTC-7 which is 12:00 PDT or 1 hour after GudaGuda 4 ends. But I also can’t find any information on the Aniplex website on if they’re going to cover FGO the game.


Ok thanks for clarifying

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YESSS. Very excited. Get to finally spend my SQ, the wait is over one way or another.


Toooooooooooooooooooooooooooottally not excited to fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally have this goddess on NA…


During events, my Waver/Skadi with 2030 or a stardump CE tends to get a lot more use than Waver or Skadi with CTT.

That’s assuming they don’t have an event mat CE.


It would probably be more fun to use actual performance CEs but main quest nodes tend to give so much more Bond EXP than farming nodes!

Oh, now you mention it. Event mats! It’s been so long since events I forgot that I udually borrow MLB drop CEs.

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