All Servant’s Signature Quirks!

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I’ve been meaning to make this thread for a while. The idea here is to discuss iconic and defining habits as well as peculiar things that vividly differentiate a servant from the rest. These things could be just about anything and I’m certain that we’ll have servants with multiple ones too. Some of these might be paired servant relations. I think this could start some very interesting and fun conversations, but here let start with this list:

Some prominent ones:

Nero —> Umu!
Tamamo —> Mikon!
MHX —> Her ahoge is sticking out. Also, Seiba!
Ozy and Gil —> Laughter EX.
BB —> Seeen - Pai!
Shuten —> An Outstandingly Pleasant Voice.
Ibaraki —> Banana.
Gil again —> Mongrels.
CEO —> Achilles!
Ilya + Chloe + Miyu —> FBI open up!
Tesla & Edison —> AC/DC World War
Abby —> Pancakes Dude!
Hokusai —> Number One Artists of …
Cu —> Doggo
Sherlock —> Elementary, my dear
Atilla —> Good/Bad Civ!
Medb —> A top Rider in more than one sense.

You’re welcome to add anything by posting down below for now. Post your own below too!


Yagyu --> Sitting Ex
Benienma --> Dechi
Okita --> Daishori!
Arash --> STELLLLA
Kintoki --> Golden everything
Quetz --> Lucha champ
Qin Shi Huang --> The Mothman
Kingprotea --> Kaiju
Junao --> Farming CQs like they’re dailies


Dantes has joined the chat


Artoria Alter + Jeanne Alter: I’ll cut you, b*tch!
Nero: Padoru! Padoru!
Ishtar + Ereshkigal: Jealous of herself
Ishtar + Enkidu: “There must be something around here I can throw at them.”
Mash: Senpai!
Parvati: Also Senpai!
Archer of Inferno (Tomoe): Resident gamer girl
Nobunaga: Nobbu!
Emiya: I am the bone of my sword!
Astolfo: Trap
Chevalier d’Eon: Gender unknown
Arash: “What’s a victory quote?”
Caster of the Nightless City (Scheherazade): Perfect dogeza
Nightingale: Patient’s arm slightly scratched We need to amputate it.
Zerker Lancelot: ARRRRTHURRRR!!!
Maid Alter: Popsicles.
Karna + Arjuna: “My brother will die by my hand!”
Mordred: “My father will die by my hand!”
Liz: “Deerlet!”
Also Liz: Casterli, Lancerbeth, “Fusion, Hah!” Mecha-Elly, MkII, Adult Elly who is dying inside.
Jack the Ripper: Frequently attempts to dismember “Mother,” AKA Master
Siegfried: Sumanai
Lancer Medusa: Ana
Fran: Uuuh…
Nursery Rhyme: Book girl, too smart for her own good, still acts innocent.
Jalter Santa Lily: “Reindeer-san!”
Rider Ishtar: Self-destructed spectacularly by betting everything on what she mistakenly believed to be a winning hand



YES! THAT! :fgo_coffee:

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Spartacus: ______ is oppression!

Also I’d argue Mephistopheles has Laughter EX+, since he even has it as a skill.


yes very creative and original take



Can you think of one that’s any more meme than that?

I love this one.


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I thought you meant gameplay wise.
I will talk about the quirks of the 50 4* we can get in terms of gameplay:
Salter: strongest Aoe NP damage for saber, beating (almost?) all 5* when grailed.
Saberlot: Star gen star gather and crit damage all in one.
Yagyu: can pull off 80% Atk down on enemy.
Gawain: triple buster deck for great gacecard damage when going solo.
Red Nero: triple guts making her a good survivor and as a good last (wo)man standing.
Suzuka: good star gen and crit damage on her NP.
Siegfried: huge damage against dragon lancers that impresses even ST 5*.
Rama: decent anti demon niche.
Deon: good tank with three turn taunt skill.
Fionn: Only arts Aoe lancer with looping potential.
Li: rare arts ST lancer that can deal great one turn damage.
Vlad III: decent ST lancer with good anti evil damage.
Ana: Quick shenanigans with Skadi
Liz: up to 60% Atk up equivalent buff for female teammates.
Parvati: Quick looper with Skadi and a 10% party wide battery on NP.
Nezha: decent all rounder with good star gen and damage.
Lalter: Great Atk with decent NP and great Buster crit meme with Merlin.
Tomoe: Too moe with decent Buster ST NP and good burn damage.
Emiya: Granting event bonus for many events thus far. (You thought I was going to say good star gen and crit damage after Np?)
Ealter: bulky ST arts archer with good Np damage after interlude.
Tristan: party wide evasion
Atlanta: best star gen NP in game.
Astolfo: 50% battery and Aoe Np, nuff said.
M&A: Hugh burst damage shenanigan at low health.
Marie: three time invincibility, great survival.
Martha: party wide debuff cleanse, heal and single enemy buff removal.
Helena: party wide 20% battery with 20% card performance up for all three types of cards.
CasGil: three party wide buff for arts servants who want stars.
Nursery Rhyme: bulky Aoe Castor with decent Np battery.
Nitocris: unparalleled 100% battery for an Aoe servant.
Edison: Can increase OC of teammate’s NP.
Medea Lily: Best healer in game.
Circe: 100% battery for quick NP firing off.
Sheba: Decent ST damage dealer for castor and have some support utilities.
Emiya(Assasin): great hit counts on many of his cards, which is great for assassins because it means more stars. Only targetable taunt in game.
Carmilla: decent anti female damage and useful effects on NP which effects are more applicable due to good NP generation.
Yan Qing: great star generator. Decent damage dealer after strengthening.
Danzo: two targetable hard survival skills.
Chiyome: I don’t know her well, open to opinions.
Wu: decent Quick support with good damage and utility after strengthening for both farming and CQ.
Steno: She’s pretty and charming. Literally. Decent attack boost for divine teammate too.
Herc: Best bond CE in game. Great on support list to help newbies.
Beowulf: decent crit damage dealer after strengthening.
Ibaraki: good bulk for a Berserker, capable of both dealing damage and utility.
CEO: Buster ST zerk with a battery. Buster support.
Zerkerlot: Quick looping meme with Skadi. Really good at it.
TamaCat: Survives better than Zerkerlot and Fran.
Fran: hits harder than Zerkerlot.
Gorgon: Decent and rare Aoe Avenger.
Lobo: Quick shenanigans with Skadi, decent ST avenger.


This is welcomed too and these are actually pretty good. Maybe it’ll help people in doubt too and lessen the flood of 4-Star ticket threads (which we all know is inevitable. :eyes:)


you want to know how I can tell which master you use?

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Got some more
Heracles: (Roaring)
Rider of the Resistance (Christopher Colombus): Rape face.
Caster of Okeanos (Circe): Piggies!
Ibaraki: “Gimme all your candy!”
Caster Gil: Worked himself to death.
Musashi: Udon aficionado
Archer of Shinjuku (James Moriarty): Coffin Archer
Katou Danzo: Mech-ninja
Kintoki: Mr Golden
Tamamo: Best foxy waifu
Tamamo Cat: Disagrees with above statement
Bedivere: Artoria’s #1 fan
Nezha: Talks. Strangely.
Lancelot (Saber): Eyes married woman. Gets pummeled by Mash.
Tristan: Despacito.
Li Shuwen: One Punch Man
Shiki (Assassin): “If it’s alive, I can kill it.”
Amakusa Shirou: Santa Island Mask
Orion (Archer): Artemis with Orion as a bonus.
Kiyohime: Definition of Yandere.
Sanson + Robin Hood: Frenemies
Caster Cu: “I should be a Lancer.”
Blackbeard: Registered sex offender.
Leonidas: Shields!


XD Yes, I use Gudako. I know that Liz calls Gudao something else, but I can’t remember what.


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On point.


Certainly better than what she calls the male MC in Extella: “Little Piggy.”
Although, I liked her name for female MC, which was Squirrel.