All the AG apostles have been pretty good so far

Douman is a really good quick attacker, evil team support, debuffer and curse memer.

Muramasa is a broken arts looper with amazing crit and anti invincibility damage.

Vitch is a broken buster support and she can even loop herself if she wants.

I wonder how busted Rasputine will be… and since he is a Kirei pseudo servant he is a must for me.

  • The other 3 Apostles already cover the 3 basic card types

  • DW introduces a way to increase Extra Card Atk Damage

Kirei/Rasputin Extra Card Meta?


I wonder if that would make BB an integral part of that meta or if Kirei would have his own way to lock 3 card hands.

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Cant equip CE except Black Key :fgo_gamerjeanne:


Maybe Rasputin will be the next Quick Meta after Skadi

And the comp will be Caren + double Kirei lol


Rasputin would be a late-game servant with a TON of launch-era CE art. It would be funny if every one of those launch CEs scaled with him somehow.

Mapo Tofu - heal
Iron Willed Training - defense
Black Keys - colour buffs
Before Awaking - defense and colour buffs

If the nature of Kotomine CEs is of any indication of his skill set, this guy might be actually a tanky support. Which fits the lore of both Kotomine and Rasputin.

Although I agree with the need for Quick servants, keet in mind that Bazette hasn’t been released yet. A Bazetteface servant would be a premiere candidate for buffing Quick.


I have been waiting for years for more Bazett contents


It’s always surprising to me how Bazett still doesn’t have a servant. Considering her strong ties to Celtic myths, and how many Celtic servants we already have, there’s plenty of space to slide her in there.

It wouldn’t surprise me to hear they’re holding her back to pair her up with an avenger or something for story purposes, but that seems unlikely.

Maybe a future Fate/Hollow event that doesn’t involve making doujins lol.

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Bazett as Pseudo Servant Lugh pls

Cu joins “my father is a girl” gang

vitch isn’t an apostle. she’s a wild card working to further her own goal, using both sides to her own advantage in an attempt to do so