All The StatesMen Rerun?

Just a quick, simple question.

But as someone who did the entire event last year, thus has both Bunyan and the CE, is there any real reason to do the rerun this year?

As is I don’t remember there being any Grails or Lores attached to the event, just Bunyan and the CE. Thus I’m wondering if I should skip the Rerun and focus on farming until the rest of The Anniversary stuff goes live.

There’s some random drops from Quests :feh_flaynfish:

Otherwise you’re good to skip.


More laughs re-watching the cut scenes? Don’t remember if the drops were that good, but I think the quests were at least low ap.


Don’t we get SQs for each main quest? That’s a good reason enough.

I think we’ve got a copy of Bunyan for each main quest section, and the CE for the last one.

No sq, just Bunyan, a seed, a fluid, random gems and pieces, and lots of laughter


begins list
EXP and fou cards from shop
Skill and ascension mats from shop
Class pieces and monuments
The fact that later on in the game you can sell of extra Welfares(or at least their ascension mats) for one million QP.
Whatever other rewards the event brings like QP
The lore

This isn’t a full event. Literally just 6 5ap main quest and done


Literally none of this are applicable to this event


Even the wellfare servant breaks the mold in being a 1* and using standard ascension materials.

Anyone who doesn’t have Bunyan get her she’s amazing 1* berserker plus the Story is quite enjoyable.


Jesus what kind of event is this even
opens the wiki

The best event of the year lol.


If I remember correctly it launched along the anniversary last year and was a bonus content that could give us a respite from the half AP farming.
The setting is also kind of a parody.

For players who have already picked up Bunyan and the CE, unless if ya in it for the laughs then your all good to skip this mini event(ftr this ain’t a traditional event, no lores, embers, fou, grails, mats or any that stuff. Just Paul and CE)

bunyan is the closest we’ll ever get to an np animation skip button. Lover her, care for her & treasure her. - experienced fgo farmer


to get a 2nd bunyan to put at lvl 40
9/1/9 for
esports meme


^ This right here!

I was about to mention the same thing for that’s how I’ve been treating my Bunyan in my alt account with PG except she’s at lvl 1 with S1 at lvl 10. Gonna do a lvl 40 version once the event drops.

Also lots of teasing interesting potential American servants that still aren’t in JP. :fgo_gaooo:

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I actually remember there being a few Gallstone drops along the way, and since I’m low on them I’ll do the event.