Allegiance battles, 3 pair up units or arena +10s?

I never really did much but “get by” in this mode. But I have accumulated a bit of pair up units. Since their not merged, it brings my base score down. But every kill would be by a pair up unit, so in the end would I score better?

You only need 1 pair up unit because that’s all you need to cover the triangle since your last slot is a free pair up slot

If you bring more you’re screwing yourself out of points


3 pair ups. You may only score 720 to start, but it makes the triangle matchups easy as hell (bonus 150 score), and once you get friends bonus score added to yours, it’s nearly guaranteed top tier rewards every time:

738 for the win, +150 for the TA matchups makes it 888. Friend bonus of 24 and match bonus of 25 make it 937. Synergy bonus (for me it’s 65, goes up every time) makes it 1002. Top tier is only 950.

Like @TMFM said, you just want one in-season Pair up unit of your own + the 4th slot with the freind’s proxy, you can have all 4 colors with that. The other 2 slots should ideally be filled with high-scoring units that can hopefully offer support to the ones that should get the kills.

Of course, if the other 2 can be highly merged Pair Up units as well, that would great, but it’s not generally going to be possible for most people.


top tier

rank 1934

Top of the tier list smart-ass, who gives a ■■■■ about the number if you get the highest rewards.


Armor dragonflowers? Well now I’m sad about these rewards… And aren’t 2 of the 3 AR rewards flowers armor as well… And the hall of Forms is giving them too…

Screw you IS, I have no use for these 1000+ armor dragonflowers… Just let us freaking trade one df type for another…


Well they rotate. This just happened to be armor flower rotation week for AB and AR

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Just have a +10 Legendary Pair Up unit, problem solved.

No but seriously, it’s either or. Having a high scoring Arena team with one Pair Up means you can have a much better base score, but you need to get every single KO with the Pair Up, or the Arena Core member who gets an ally. Which is tough, especially if you don’t have many people in your friends list with good units of the color you need. On the flip side, bringing all Pair Up units starts you out low, but it’s much easier to get the max score for getting KOs with triangle advantage and a paired unit.

It depends on what you want. If you’re playing for rank, I say go for the Arena core, but know that the Arena core probably still won’t break top 1k even with perfect KO bonuses no matter what you do. Top 1k seems to require +10 legendary pair ups. If you’re just worried about the scoring rewards, then I say use three Pair Up units. You’ll get less for rank, but that’s only an issue in terms of dragonflowers. Three Pair ups make the maps significantly less stressful to beat, and you should still be able to hit 950 for score just fine.


I use my unmerged L-Alm, my +5 L-Julia, and my +10 Rutger for AB so I have a compromise between merges and pair-ups. There’s no possible way I can hit the very topmost ranks but I rank decently well and can usually hit the topmost scoring rewards consistently.