Allready got Martha. What to do with her?


She seems extremelly similar to martha as in rider with low damage but high survival potential. Is there any poing in using her instead of using martha?


Many reasons.

BAAAQ decks mean easier with Arts chain either for her or for the team.
Her NP might not hit hard, but has a considerable Defense down debuff (20%), and it’s AOE so it can help you melt through Caster waves. Also it’s buster, so it can starts nice chains.
It’ll receive an strengthening too, with a 20% Buster up buff before deploying.

Her 2nd skill has a Teamwide Debuff Cleanse with a good heal. Really, really good for hard content and to help teammates survive.

Her 3rd skill can further decrease an enemy’s defense (30% at max), and it’ll remove any buff they have.
In fact, she can reduce one enemy’s defense 50% (3rd skill maxed and 100% OC, 70% Defense down with 500% OC))

Rider Martha is a very valuable support with some offensive capability, good staying power and very important utility, so you’ll want to eventually raise her since she can come very handy in many challenge quests. She’s pretty unique at what she does.

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I haven’t raised her yet so I can’t really say much regarding Marie.
For me Martha has a more useful kit, she proved extremely valuable during Solomon prior to those pesky buster debuffs getting removed. Debuff clear plus buff removal are nice support options. The defence reduction is also handy.

As for Marie her kit could be useful in a team along with Cu types. The bonus healing plus that she have Invincibility instead of Evasion also makes her a bit more durable. Well Emiya is her nemesis.

There are times it is pretty good to have an option for extending fights, either because of turn limits or if there is a gimmick that requires you to survive long enough to be allowed to kill the enemy.
If you enjoy some RNG then she could also be part of the charm teams that sometimes makes challenge quests trivial.

Her NP also has some nice effects so she could theoretically cover Martha’s niche if you can boost her NP gain. Perhaps fielding her with a star generator so her weight can allow her to crit reliably.

I think one difference is that Martha is a great Servant to keep in the backline in reserve as you wait for the enemy to do something troublesome while Marie could be a better fit for frontline to soak up damage and build her NP gauge. If you are feeling less generous you could even slap on a Taunt CE to give shelter to fragile teammates.

While there might not be an urgent reason to raise her I would still suggest doing it eventually as it provides additional options for battles, might give advantages during events and it would provide some SQ.

Huh. Found a video of a someone using Marie to solo the 6M Ushi Gozen (even if it was np 5).