Almost got enough fruit to change an IV

Just 5 more to go. Question is, who should I prioritize? I have a lot of units that could use a tweak.

First unit I did was Sharena, and I have no regrets.

But the second priority is a lot hazier, so I narrowed it down to some of my top candidates, listed their pros and cons (and intended modes, ehen applicable), and place the out there for your input to help me decide, because I am terribly indecisive. The candidates are all 5* units who are 2 or less merges away from +10 (thus less likely to get the right roll), Forma units, or Grail units.


Use: Quad-killer. No specific game modes in mind.
Pros: I like Alm, and his weapon makes it pretty easy to stack SPD solos for quads.
Cons: Faces incredibly tough comoetition as a swordie.
Double Lion could hurt sustain if he takes damage beyond the burn. Could pair with healer


Use: Bulky mix-phase DR bruiser. No specific game modes in mind. Not currently accepting comments on the build. Not using +REF because of HP check, may not always proc.
Pros: Decently beefy, 59 SPD makes for solid, fairly reliable mitigation. Noontime offers sustain with Spurn.
Cons: Still faces tough competition as a Sword user.

Soirée Eldigan

Use: Generalist Dancer.
Pros: Already fully built and mostly merged at +8, used very frequently as part of my go-to team.
Cons: Works well as he is at neutral, can’t decide on +HP for survivability, +ATK for better initiation damage, or +DEF for better bulk.

Ninja Hana

Use: Astra-offense Galeforcer, shown here with season stats included, paired with Altina, Naga, and Reginn.
Pros: High stats, especially SPD. Easy to mitigate damage on, lower ATK make her less likely to 1-shot enemies to more reliably proc Galeforce. CC makes escape easier, if kill can’t be secured. Already blessed.
Cons: Could be replaced by Echidna, who is already merged and build, just not blessed.


Use: Physical W A L L. :b:ignis.
Pros: Got this build during his Forma season, bought the Forma, so he is already fully built. Just needs merges.
Cons: Don’t really use Cavs much besides Elise, so he doesn’t have much synergy with team. Could argue that this makes A/D Solo easier to proc.


Use: AR-D global debuffer.
Pros: Already merged, flowered, and built, just needs a roll. Can easily break up a formation. Used often, +HP makes global debuffs easier.
Cons: Not sure if she’s still “meta.” Roll may be relatively useless, comparatively, and fruits could possibly be used on someone else to better effect.


Use: Universal omniwall.
Pros: Ridiculous defenses. Already has Blackfire Breath, DC, and Null-C, so really just needs merges and flowers. I don’t really have an effective red wall.
Cons: Would be competing with N!Hana and Eldigan (mostly Hana, Eldigan’s almost done) for grail usage. If either of them get the roll, they get priority grail use.

These are all my top candidates. Obviously, I have others. NY!Velouria, for example, keeps dropping at +RES when she wants +SPD, but she’s at +4, so there’s plenty of time before she’s +10.

So who do you think I should give my next IV fruits to?

  • Alm
  • Marth?
  • S!Eldigan
  • N!Hana
  • Walhart
  • Aversa
  • Ena

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sees Hana on poll, immediately clicks

sees +res in the details



Note: I could also give N!Hana Slaying Axe +SPD.

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B a l a n c e.

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+spd Hana or +def Eldigan, but not with this build

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Builds aren’t up for debate.

Then none of them. If you’re not gonna optimize the IV’s then why waste trait fruit? Not getting Hana her Spd Superboon for a measly 3 points in Res which is offset by her Close Call is just a waste.

Whatever, It’s your game, do what you want.


Hi, you must be new here. If you weren’t, you’d have already known that I balance defenses whenever possible and have done so since launch (or at least since Inheritance was added) and will continue to do so. This is not new information and is not going to change. If you don’t like it, then tough. The builds are not the topic here, and input is not being accepted on them.

haha okay pal. You asked for advice, next time put that info in the OP, instead of assuming everyone on this forum would know exactly what you want, like it revolves around you.

Like I said. it’s your game, do what you want.


I asked for opinions on who to prioritize for rolls, not a single thing about whoch roll to pick or what build to use. As for having to advertise how I build units, at this point it’d be the same as advertising “my screenname is TheEternalShade,” or “my favorite unit is Elise.” This stuff ia literally all commin knowledge at this point, you not knowing it is not my problem. This far into GP, you’re just not paying attention.

You say “do what you want,” but you’re the one who was getting play over me not copy-pasting a feneric build and roll for Hana. Whatever helps you sleep, though.


Go Hana she fun :feh_faedance:

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My phone is smaller than my hands.

You should see how bad it gets on my buggy-ass Tablet. Instead of tapping where I tap, it will tap everywhere in a vertical alignment from my finger. I’ll be switching tabs, hitting the wrong key, clicking out of the text area, hitting wrong keya, switching to emojis…it’s pretty bad. I’m constantly having to correct shit when I write there.

My Surface is old. I should probably consider replacing it.

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Oh shii :feh_sothishook:

my apologies :catroll:

accept my apology cookie :catlie: :cookie:

hopefully you get a better one soon :feh_faedance:

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Here’s hoping I do. Mine’s a first-gen model.

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Case-in-point. I apparently voted for Alm at some point while fighting my computer.

Anyone know how to un-vote? I don’t vote in my own polls.

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You can’t. You can only change your vote


Damn it.

Either Ena or Hana imo. Hana is great but you have Echidna already. Ena has a more unique role in your barracks from the looks of it.

That said, since you’re already building Hana, then maybe her is also a good option.

They’re both pretty much built. Ena’s completely built, Hana needs Galeforce and mitigation. But you’rr right about the two of them. Hana shares a role with Echidna, who is more of less completely done, wherras Ena would really have to cokpete with just Garon (who she outclasses) or W!Tharja (who is nowhere near merged enough to compete with Ena).

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Unrelated but I’m still really salty that during my break I missed the free 100 IVcados :feh_elisad:

Unlike with the divine codes, you don’t get anything the first time you enter the menu