Almost or Complete Arena Overhaul

My core is so bad right now that I cannot reliably complete a run unless the bonus unit wrecks half the opposing team or I play in the 736ish range. I’m actually kind of ok with being in T19.5 but I don’t think it’s necessary (as in, I think I’m capable of being in T20 or 20.5) and I’d like to be able to compete to enter T21 if I feel like it.

I think I’m going to keep Jorge on the core. The atk+5 is really good, CC+deadeye is really good with all these spurn tanks running around and L.Sigurd and now B.Eirika and B.Marianne.

Considering Y.Innes to have some player phase, or some galeforcer.

Balthus seems to be better Caellach so I’m considering using him to counter slow tanks because his spd is in the perfect zone for it. Maybe even something like hammer + Blue Flame + NFU or QR + time’s pulse + steady breath; A-slot could be…stance 3? for safety, or bond 4 / unity (because Blue Flame) because Jorge is handling the ranged threats.

The alternative is whoever becomes the next Echidna/N.Hana. Traditionally they release one around this time of year with the new BST.

Kind of interested in having a panic bot.

Do kind of feel like having a mage on the team to keep opponents honest and punish them if their entire team sucks at res.

L.Corrin has actually been somewhat awkward for my team to deal with so I’d like to address that. Also don’t have an answer for L.Byleth. Windsweep mages more generally are going to become an issue once I take the dragons off the core.

When is the CYL5 runner-ups banner happening? Maybe the GHB unit will be the one for me?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


You mean like brave redux? We haven’t had one of those in years.


We missed out on one back in CYL3 since they were all Beast Units before the type was added in. Then CYL4 had the more infamous incident with Jorge botting; at this point, I don’t think Farfetched/Redux will happen considering just how many characters are in already since the point was to add popular picks who weren’t in yet

Have you considered Ena? With investment, she has fairly good magical bulk and can handle L!Corrin, L!Byleth, and Windsweep users. She also scores better than any mage except GDI4 Gatekeeper. You could probably run a team of her, Balthus, and Jorge to pretty good effect, depending on your budget for skills.

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Personally I think they stopped so they could put those popular characters on game specific banners.

I’ve come across a couple Dragon Wall Ena and she is bulky as shit. Luckily I have L-Julia to shred through her. I think the only reasons she isn’t more common is because of her giant Grail cost and Ninja Hana being released a month after her and being a vastly more popular investment.

Hadn’t considered her and I actually have the grails to afford the elevated cost from missing her TT. The thing is, I’ve played dragons a lot with Nowi and Fae and I feel like I’ve had enough of the style. I don’t hate it but I want to go for something different. I could consider Ena as an alternative to Balthus for being in the upper 20s in spd were it not for F.Edelgard having as high res as she does. No slaying weapon option and no Rend Heaven also means no playing for OHKO (ex: DC + steady breath), and add all of this to her having started to age and probably never getting a prf and I would have to pay an extra 1000 grails, makes me want to wait for the next candidate.