Almost there

Just need two more merges and a +Atk copy…


Um… keep up the good work I guess? Also…


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Nope, he’s a 5*, I already merged the 1* Wrys into him. IT ONLY MAKES HIM STRONGER


You think Wrys is a god amongst men?
Wrong, it’s Holdvar

I’m allowing it only bc he’s a meme unit.

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You are not the hero this forum deserves, but the one it needs :bat:

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Why do you want a +Atk copy?

First thing i’ve look after I’ve seen it was you was if he was 1*. He is 5* so i’m disappointed !
It’s nice to see a Wrys merged! He can be surprisingly tanky!

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Please don’t make a new meta

So his damage output will increase, which’ll also increase Absorb+’s heal

I mean, his attack stat is only 34. Even with a +6/+7 attack buff that’s very low. Is an attack boon really gonna change anything?

Boon brings it to 38, bond brings it to 43, and my team support puts it over 50. Its enough

Ah, I didn’t even notice he had a Bond.

I’m still waiting a Wrys Alt like his cipher card. I think It next year for fallen heroes!

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