Already have two Alter Ego but interested to get Okita Alter


Hello, y’all. With the release of Okita Alter, I don’t pay much attention to get her as I already have one ST (Mecha Elizabeth) and one AOE (Kiara) Alter Egos but after watching her goodbye scene, it makes me want to pull her but my main target for this year is purely for Skadi. Is she worth to be invest?

Unless you really like her, save for Skadi

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I consider Kiara to be outright superior, but if you really, really want her… why not? Not like she can’t put in good work, or like you can’t get something good out of her.

The gameplay choice is to skip and roll for Skadi though.

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I already have NP2 Kiara, but I still went hard for Okitan out of love, and im really enjoying using her so far.

That being said, if your big goal is and has been Skadi, I don’t think I’d risk it this close honestly (atleast with my bad luck) Plus you could always go for her later.

Gameplay-wise, I very much prefer Kiara. Much more utility in her kit than just steroids even if she might not do as much damage on her own like Okitan.

Between Okitan and Skadi, Skadi is superior gameplay-wise. But if it comes down to who you like, just decide who you want to get more, considering there’s only a few weeks left until Skadi arrives so if you plan to save SQ then there’s not much left to gain between now and then.

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Okay, I’ll drop something people don’t wanna hear. Okita Alter is a mixed big. Her being an Alter Ego is her strength and weakness. Ofc she can do better damage in a mixed cavalry node but the issue is Berserker Classes does their job better than her. Arguably, I can’t deny that she has a great NP animation and is waifu tier. Only roll for her if she’s your waifu and never for gameplay.

And like everyone else says, you’re better off saving for Skadi. Gameplay-wise.

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If you really like Chokita go for her, what is more important for you, gameplay or having the servants that you love?

I think you’ll find that most agree that Okita Alter is a “mixed bag,” for reasons including her class.

As far as comparison to Berserkers, though, Berserkers with both AoE NPs and NP batteries are rare. Okita is easier for many players to work with when it comes to cavalry and extra enemies.

Once Arjuna Alter hits, though, all bets are off in terms of gameplay comparison. He’s going to define what there is of the Buster farming meta, and most other Buster farmers will be jockeying with each other to be the backup option.

If you have to choose, I would say Skadi as it sounds like you’re focusing on gameplay side of things and, well, she makes farming essentially braindead ( which is nice :fgo_rinlaugh: ) and also this is basically one of her few rate-ups besides a Downloads Campaign a year or so later from now, so get her while you can. Meanwhile Okita Alter has now, next years Re-Run of this event and the Re-Run of GudaGuda 4 for chances to get her in the summoning banners, so you’ll have plenty of chances.

Besides gameplay reasons…well, heavy bias here, Okita Alter is hard to beat. That goodbye scene got to you, and now there is no escaping her cute clutches. Roll for that waifu!

Honestly, that sometimes (almost usually) happen in after every event story lol.

Choco Okita is good tbh, but since you already have kiara i think you better to skip her banner.
I’m not gonna recommend having 2 same AOE DPS from same class, unless you have more SQ to spend.
If no, i think save for Skadi.

Not necessarily.

Berserkers deal x1.5 damage to most classes as opposed to the Alter Ego’s anti-Cavalry only, true. But Alter Egos, in turn, receive neutral damage from most classes where as Berserkers receive double damage from EVERY class except for fellow Zerks (x1.5 damage), and Shielder (neutral damage but is a player-only class).

Offensively, yes you could say that Zerks are the better option as they aren’t limited to only Cavalry classes, and I’d certainly pick to bring a Zerk to multi-class fights along with proper defensive and/or healing support. But defensively, provided we are not fighting any of the Knight classes, Alter Egos will have better survivability even with minimal support while still providing that offensive class advantage against Cavs, Zerks, and the rare Foreigner enemy.

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Only if he have the ce’s and servants to make that work in the first place

True, but it’s like that with most farming. Although the requirements for looping consistently with Skadi are a lot easier to manage than others.

Arts servants usually need Tamamo/Paracelsus/Nero Bride/K-Scope and maybe 2004 Mystic Code for added NP Gain.

Quick you just mainly need 1 Skadi/K-Scope (or Waver if you don’t have one I guess) 2004 Mystic Code and you’re set.

Mainly referring it to be more braindead because you don’t have to do too much. Just start mission, Skadi skills and you’re off to the races.

And you forget that you also need the 2004 MC for a lot of quick loops

I thought I wrote that on there. Lemme put that back on the post.

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It’s not that difficult, even at the absolute minimum budget level.

MLB IE Arash.
HNS/Tenkihime/etc. (preferably HNS/Tenkihime) Zerkerlot.
Ticket a Zerkerlot, then another.

These are bare minimums, and incredibly accessible. It’s not the 5 slot, but it’s still decidedly painless altogether. I’m not the first person to speak on this either, I distinctly recall Inka commenting on this angle as well. People need to stop hyping up Skadi Farm as if it is exclusively high-end comps. Yes, it can be, once you really want to wring every last bit out. The worst 2x Skadi is still a step up from the best that we got prior unless you’re absolutely stacked with high-charging units which is whaley. And, Arts is even worse about it, in terms of accessibility.


But it’s rare for me to shed a tear especially considering I have never watch any Fate series other than Fate stay/night


Hmm, then roll for her maybe :fgo_mordredthink:
If you really feel like that then roll for her?
At least minimum roll (maybe 1 multi-2 multi roll) so you didnt regret about skipping her banner.

I feel like Solomon could be used on websites to test whether the viewer is a robot. Tears merely confirm you have a soul.

Well if it was that simple then people with Waver could afford to skip Skadi completely, since most people are saving for her i assume that looping doesn’t work as efficiently with only one.

That alone doesn’t make it so easy since that’s just the first step to make it work. Not saying making Arts work is easier but they’re both not that accessible to everyone and certainly neither is budget friendly.