Alright guys please don't be mad

I know. Another AR thread. I’m sorry I’m just kind of super frustrated (is that an oxymoron?) . I’ve been going back and reading through past threads so I can try to get a grip on AI and AR def. I actually was able to pick up some things so last season, when it was Astra season, I fared pretty well. I had an even amount of success and failures, which is better than I’ve ever done. But now that it’s light season… I’m just having a lot of trouble trying to come up with a good AR defense. I can’t get out of, get this, tier 18. (Go ahead and laugh) I’m just frustrated with myself that after all that reading, I still can’t seem to figure it out. I’m also feeling really hesitant to show everyone what I have because I’m still new to AR defense and so I know it’s not good and so I don’t want people to trash me… If you guys think it’s really necessary for me to show you guys my Light Def for this season then I guess I will. I just want some help where I can actually ask questions and get answers.

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I’ve been playing since launch, although I took a year or so off.

I got to tier 20, but now I’m like tier 12 or something. I don’t even know or care.

I don’t care about AR, because the highest levels just become a bore and a chore. My advice is to not play modes that frustrate you. It’s only going to get worse at higher tiers.

Also, don’t be afraid of people trashing you. Everything you try to do on the internet and in life will get you trashed. Just focus on what is useful and ignore the sad people. They aren’t going to hurt you unless you let them.

That being said go ahead and post your team, I’ll take a look at it

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No worries, we’ve all been through T18, T19 and T20 so we understand the pain lol. Post a screen of your structures and fortress levels, etc etc. and I’m sure myself and others can provide tips!


Okay so my Eir is still base build, I don’t really know what to do with her…
As for my structures, everything is level 2 minus the dark shrine which is 3, my fortress’s are at 5
My units builds, if you’d like to see


Edit: I think I might also want to replace someone with F!Julia once I’m done leveling her??

As a person also in Tier 18, I highly suggest you work on your offense first. My defense is absolute garbage but I could easily climb to T19 if I put in the effort. I’ve just been too lazy to (less than 200 Lift from climbing a tier, and I have tons and tons of Aether in reserve). I’m planning on changing that fairly soon, but I need to prepare for more competent defenses first.


So this may be lengthy, but I will try and help where I can. When I came back after over 2 years (stopped before Book 2 came out and came back when the Tokyo Mirage Session banner came out) I had a lot to catch up on.

First, get yourself some Mythic Defense heroes.

  • For Anima: Thrasir is perfect. Duma can help too. Lif is alright
  • For Dark: Get Bramimond. He is currently the best defensive Dark Mythic. Sothis and Yune are okay but wheelchairs.

These units will help lower your defense loss. Pair them with the appropriate blessed team and it will be reduced even further. This way, you can mitigate defense loss.

Second, now that we have Mila, try and pull her and run her with Peony and 3 light blessed heroes for your offensive. My Light season is really good now since I have Mila, Peony, L!Chrom, Bike and F!Lyon. I cover many bases so that I don’t lose as often.

Astra is a bit more difficult since Naga isn’t as good as Altina.

Overall, most top tier defense set ups these days are IP set ups or Galeforce Eliwood’s using lunge. These two setups always seem to make me lose 1 or 2 units.

Let me know your thoughts and if you have more questions.


Also, read this post. I kinda went off of this.


So like @LadyLuna said, for T18, you def want to focus on your offense first, which should be easy for Light season:

I personally used Eir, Peony, Brave Micaiah, Altina and Duo Alfonse, 4 of which were free. You def need a good tank so if you don’t have Duo Alfonse, I’d suggest the free Brave Ike you should have (gotta add DC and NCD) tag teaming with Brave Lucina. This comp should get you to T19.

For your defense, F! Julia is an excellent choice since I personally use Lysithea. Do you have Bramimond? He’s Dark which will immensely help. Dancehardt is fantastic and so is L! Alm. I’m unsure about the other 3.

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No, sadly I do not

It’s fine, but just a warning, he made life easier to get from T20 to T21 due to the reduced lift loss. Trust me, it’s worth it.

I’d def replace Brave Alm for F! Julia for sure. Eir has got to go imo, no place for her in defense. If you have a DC Vantage sweeper, replace her with that ex. Altina. F! Berkut is also a tough one, don’t have a copy of him.

Also, I personally think you should group the team together in a block so that many spaces are covered by different units. You’d even have shenanigans happening if your Dancehardt had Ground Orders. (I personally use Peony for this purpose in my defense team).

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Oh my God, that Eliwood lunge tactic killed me my first time not because I wasn’t prepared for it, was because I assumed the skill was Drag Back, not Lunge so I didn’t bother reading the description. I was so pissed off lol.

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You can probably get away with your defense losing always as long as you have 2 mythics to reduce loss. Try to win on offense. Winning you can get round 160 if you have a bonus hero and two unmerged mythics and you only lose 50 so I think you can still climb easily. Invest on your ladders and try to get the pots. Defense is not worth it unless you want to get top ranks. My defense sucks on light season but 2 Yunes are all I need to not care about losing. I don’t reach tier 27 but tier 24/25 rewards are ok.

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Always focus on your offense first. It grants more Lift than losing on defense causes you to lose each day, so making sure you can get a good run in each day is probably the most important part of pushing.
Nobody’s going to trash you for being in Tier 18. Everyone was there at some point. :feh_birbpeek:
Tier 18 is already reasonably high in the AR ranks relatively. Most FEH players are probably very casual and hang much lower than that.
Do you get wins that give 160 Lift on Light and Astra? (140 Lift if you don’t have a second Astra Mythic)


No, the most I get is 110. I’ll be sure to start focusing on offense.


Light is the easier one to start focusing on if you’re newer to the higher tiers of AR.
It’s ok to have extra teams that don’t score optimally. They can be useful if you run into a hard team and you’re out of ladders (The Escape Ladder lets you lose a battle without losing Aether on that run) :feh_birbpeek:
But for at least one of your teams, you should be running Eir & Peony together (assuming you haven’t summoned for any more Light Mythics). Blessing the other 3 units with a Light Blessing gets you a score of 140, which should be good enough at this tier. If you can fford it, running a bonus unit that’s also Light blessed with get you the maximum scoring of 160 (You can score up to 190 if you have 3 +10 Mythics, but that’s for whales) :feh_legion:
Do you have a strong tank unit that you can run on Light season?


Offensive tank or defensive tank? I just pulled two Mila’s, if that helps. And I have a few armored units that I can give a blessing to if I needed to. Usually I just run my Berkut as my tank unit and he works fairly well.

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Are you trying to get into t21 for the rewards and coast or do you like the mode and want to take it more seriously?


Focus on offense first

In light season you can score 160 which leaves plenty of room for error

If you get your hands on another Altina or a Naga then in Astra you can do the same

ARDs honestly differ greatly from tier <21 and >21, because the tactics everyone uses is different

Try and get your hands on some defense mythics

For Anima


For dark



I like AR and I want to take it more seriously. I love how it’s like a puzzle and you really get to measure how much you’re improving.


Tanks are used on offense to take on maps. It is usually a strong infantry unit that has high defenses, hp and/or some form of damage reduction. Armored units are not really recommended because of their common weaknesses. This can be somewhat avoided with Spring Idunn. The most common tank is Brave Ike because of his weapon refine. Cavalry units are usually not great tanks either because of some limitations such as the skills they can inherit and they also have weaknesses. The only other movement type I would consider for tanking is fliers since some are really consistent tanks and most offensive mythics are fliers that can provide great support to them.

This is only one strategy for offense and there are other ways to tackle hard maps such as hit and runs or vantage. I suggest trying to have two or three teams for different situations.