Alright, I have SONYA

Actually first summon after my post, no other units (or for that matter other Sonya’s) to come along side her

She’s +Speed -Def; kind of disappointed but at the same time the second best IV I could get.

So special spiral glimmer and high attack really make her Tier 1?

If so is it worth letting go of a lewyn (who tbh IDC about) and giving her Swift4 (and either darting blow or +Attack in her seal)

Disappointed why?

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Idk, because she’s supposed to be a one shot nuke, this making a +attack “best” but on second though she has good enough speed to double majority units (not the high speed reds but why would you even attack in the first place

Her base weapon effect+ weapon refine + SS allow her to always have her special up and gives her the ability to nuke immediately when she initiates combat. Her refine is crucial to this as it lets her get past needing an infantry pulse support ally (that is if you’re using glimmer/moonbow, if you’re using AoE or Iceberg builds she needs the IP support) to fire her special right away.

Sonya’s major strength is that she can end a fight as soon as she starts it. She likes to mostly stack attack (though also increasing her speed is nice as its rather low, but if you’re focusing on OHKO potential she wants attack the most) so she kill an enemy right away.

Here’s a rather cheap sample build (outside of special spiral obviously) I use on her. Like you I have +spd instead of atk.

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I mean, I could try summoning on the banner with what few orbs I have left in hopes of getting a second copy of her, but I’ll just save up and if I like her enough, I might even try to +10 her.

Atm, I could just stack attack speed on her since I don’t even have DB4 nor do I have an extra copy of ATK/Speed Push 4.

Should I give her darting blow 3 in her S or +attack 3

If you want to use the rest of your orbs you can. 4% Summon rate for a 5* on a 3 person banner is actually better than usual %s iirc. She hasn’t appeared super often until this last month or two so I can’t say if she’ll come back anytime soon (especially considering she’s gen 1 5* so you’re not going to get pitybroken by her on new release banners). Its up to you really, depending if you want to save for upcoming units.

DB4 is honestly not super needed, its only a +2 improvement over DB3 (which of course is still useful but its still rather rare) to her attack and Death Blow 3 would work just fine.

If you want to emphasize her speed boon you could just do

A Slot : Swift Sparrow
S Slot: Darting Blow

Attack emphasized build would probably be like mine imo:
A Slot: Death Blow 3/4
S Slow: Attack +3 or Sturdy Blow 2 (of course she doesn’t need the def but its currently our only +atk blow seal right now).

Also on either set you could also just run Fury 3, as it help improve every stat she likes (Her ok attack, speed and res). Of course this can hurt her ability to take multiple magic hits so its up to you, I personally don’t use Fury though.

Well why no one @ me and @NickofTime80 :feh_notlikethis:

Jk, I know it’s late to add my tips about summoning for her so I’ll just add my experiences with a +spd/-def one I used to have.

My current one is like this:

Before the start of the previous revival banner I used to stick with one that had the very same IVs as yours and had the same build you see above (efficient?, maybe not much but it still worked wonders a lot on PvP (mainly AR-O’s)).

What makes her top tier is likely the offensive potential she has (and magical bulk), you can make her speedy, nuke or even magically tanky), I chose to make her more deadly and on cases where the enemies are glued together like in AR my build has been very effective to me :ok_hand:t2:.

To finish: +spd/-def is the second best set of IVs you can get and can make her really good with the right set of skills (although I don’t know if you got more copies since I just see the thread).

In any case I hope this has helped, and congrats for getting her :birbpeek:

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You should be using Life and Death if running an AoE special. AoEs only take visible Attack into account. :birbpeek:


Aha, yes I’ve been thinking of foddering the skill to her (I know it’s overall better but no idea WHY I still haven’t given her that — now I need another Sothe), oh well… thanks for pointing out though! :ok_hand:t2: