Alright, it's time for a follow up L!Lilina question

For context, see this post: L!Liliana build question

Now that I have been convinced to save Guin to either merge or fodder later, the question remains of what L!Lilina’s B slot should be.

Her native skill is fine, but with double LnD it’s unlikely to affect the targets where the debuff would actually matter.

So, what to put there?

@spenser suggested windsweep, which I think is an interesting idea. It won’t activate vs. most units, but would against matchups where there’s no way Lilina could one-shot (i.e. FEdel).

Other ideas would be nice as well, though no guarantees I have the fodder.


She’s a nuke, so far trace would be the ultra premium option.

Her native sabotage or a chill would work, like @SafCar suggested.

I’ve seen some WoM ones that are always scary too


If you’re using her in Arena, I would highly suggest avoiding LnD in any slot unless it’s T4. It just hurts your score unless you remove Pulse Smoke for a 300 SP Skill (which would have far less utility as a bigger stat stick than a Pulse counter in Arena).

Otherwise, Chills and her native B slot do the trick nicely, though I would also recommend going for Heavy Blade seal to ensure she can still keep GM charged after Guard Stances/Crafty/Special Fighter targets