Alright, what do we do here?

I don’t really know how to build mages beyond CC tanks and AoE spammers. I see people would build her as a ranged tank? Is that it? I could also just simplify it and turn her into a oneshot nuke with like double Death Blows.

I would, ideally, make her into a CC tank with +Def boon somewhere down the line…but we’re not there yet, and I don’t have CC, either.


I think using her as a tank is pretty much her only option. Though I can see a build like this functioning alright, Lilina works way better.

You could build her cheaply as a tank with a couple stances if you have no DD or whatever.


I think a good cheap build for her is double Mirror Stance, plus Vantage.

Meme builds aside I run my Sophia as either a CC user or DD4.

Quick Riposte 3 is a must on her if you run a defensive set, either as B slot or seal. If you choose to run it as a seal, you can put Guard or Dull/Lull skills. I wouldn’t use her as a offensive user, Lillina just outclasses her.

Well some psycho out there is running her with a Spd boon and LnD 4… So I suppose anything is possible.

I absolutely hate everything in that sentence.

You’re welcome

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That’s lame.

You’re lame

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I actually am making a sophia meant to be high damage output via brash assault and mirror impact. Basically a mage like tibarn who is also tanky

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