Alt Class Servants - Interesting Ideas?

I’m interested to see which Servants y’all would be interested to see a new version of in a different class? Not so much in the vein of summer Servants and that kind of thing as like Gil and Caster Gil, or the Saber Diarmud on JP. Especially since the summer Servants are always female I’ve been thinking about male Servants I’d like to see worked over with other parts of their legend as inspiration or just with updated gameplay. A few of my thoughts:

3* Ruler Georgios: a 3* Ruler to keep our 3* Avenger Salieri company! I imagine him either taking the tanking role to new heights with the Ruler bulk, or, to avoid being to busted, more focus on Georgios’ ability to apply the Dragon trait to people, buffing allies and debuffing enemies with that trait.

Kinda cheating but Proto Merlin: I envision her as… one of the Extra classes, probably Alter Ego, maybe Foreigner? Maybe even Saber, since Merlin taught Arthur swordplay. It’d be funny if she was the total opposite of Merlin with an entirely selfish, damage-centric kit, but maybe also specific support for the King trait? Being a kingmaker and all that could be nifty.

Heracles as… well, there’s lots of choices but probably Archer (as if Archers aren’t jacked enough already). I’d like to see something more explicitly referencing his Twelve Labours, maybe powering up as he defeats enemies? (Lots of Berserkers have potential lol)

Avenger Medea could be cool, focusing in on the end of her story where she takes her revenge on Jason. She could focus on debuffing enemies, and then punishing them if they’re carrying that debuff, kinda like Robin, or kill off allies for benefit to mirror her killing her children. As if we need more Chen Gong nonsense… this would be pretty similar to her regular form character-wise anyway.

Thoughts? Feelings?

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There are a few threads on this topic already, but good ideas.

As for the Georgios idea, they could finally give him his NP that gives him bonus damage against dragons, it was bad enough that he doesn’t have his horse NP as a rider, but as a dragonslayer he lacks his dragon-slaying NP.

Always wanted avenger medea and avenger boudica. Also agree on georgios not being a ruler.
Im not too familiar with lore but alter ego nursery rhyme with alice’s mind can be interesting.
Would love an benkei that has skills similar to george and focuses on his legend of dying standing up instead of monk aspect

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Saber Koujirou like we see at the end of Shimousa

And… Caster Holmes (since he mentioned his spirit origin was originally a caster before he became Ruler) and that’s it. I personally like the ‘original’ class of each servant (i.e: Saber Arturia as opposed to Lancer, etc), but I understand others like variety and some other ideas.

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We already have a thread for this same thing, but how care?
Caster Fionn: we know that Fionn is good enough to be summoned as a good Caster, so we could see the things the his druid mom teach him

What could he do as a Caster that he doesn’t already do in his current class though? It’s not like he knew modern magecraft.

We already got his whole detective conceptualized noble phantasm + Baritsu.


Artoria Caster to complete the family :fgo_buster: