Altaria Advice

So I’m reading up on Altaria as I’m about to FINALLY reach 400 candies (who thought it would be a good idea to make a niche pokemon take that much work?) and this site seems to suggest that the only real purpose for doing all this work is to have a great league PVP attacker.

That means I need to choose my Swablu carefully. I’m not likely to do this again any time soon.


What LEVEL/CP Swablu should I evolve to get my <1500 CP Altaria?

I have several good Swablu saved up by now, ranging from level 20 to level 35…

Is there a general number that is safe to get a good CP without going over?


My 84IV Altaria is at level 26.5, and it’s sitting at 1491 CP. It’s an absolute beast in PVP. Download PokeGenie, screenshot each Swablu with their IV, and if you hit “power up and evolve” you’ll see where it would be when you evolve it. It is 100% worth it for Great League. It’s one of the best in GL.
EDIT: Generally for PVP, you want a very low attack stat, and high defense and high HP, but the difference is very minimal, and it’s really only noticed when you fight the same pokemon, with the same stats, and the same exact moveset. Basically, try to get as close to 1500 without going over and you’re good.

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Duh, I have pokiegenie and forgot that it can do that.

My lvl 34 and lvl 35 are out then. Looks like my lvl 27 is not gonna fly either.

Those high IV lvl 20’s are starting to look better and better…


If possible, you don’t want the highest IV possible. Try to find one with the highest HP+Defense stat. If that won’t work, just try to get close to 1500.

Buy a second move while you’re at it, and the moveset you want is Dragonbreath, Sky Attack, and Dragon Pulse.

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Yes, I saw where it has a cheap second move - I think - 10k stardust?

I didn’t realize that I should concentrate on DEF and STA. Is that because it already has plenty of ATK?

My level 27 14/15/14 IV96 won’t work then… :-(
I may have to keep looking all over - I usually save high ATK first…

Most of what I have is too high.
I have a LVL 27, 30, 34 and 34 and then I have a

13/11/15 IV87 LVL 20 and
12/13/15 IV89 LVL 20

Time to go back to the drawing board. Or do some trades…

Thank you for this info!


Attack has a larger effect on CP than HP and Defense. So in some cases, a 93 IV could actually have a lower CP than an 89 IV due to the balance of the stats. Focusing on Defense and HP will allow you level up more and be below 1500 CP. But again, it’s not the big of a difference and it’s not noticeable. If your 96 IV is below 1500CP, just evolve that one, there will be very little difference.

Maybe this one then?


If you really want a good Altaria for PvP, I’d disregard any you get from eggs/research as these have 10 in each stat as a minimum.

Basically you want rock bottom ATK, but high DEF, and STA. The ideal spread for Altaria is 0 / 14 / 15 - the odds are finding this specific one are incredibly low, but something along those lines are what you should look out for and, if you’re lucky, one around level 27-28 so it’ll cost you minimal startdust to level.

At least around my way, Swablu is fairly common.


Thank you!

The thing that sucks though is that powering up Altaria is something abysmal like 28 CP per power up. So you’re gonna need a decent chunk still of candies and dust for level 20, and then the additional dust and candies for the extra move. So just be warned this is gonna be a project, haha.

0/14/15 will have 1497 CP at level 29.

There are calculators on the GamePress site that can help you with CP after evolution, as well as dust and candy costs.

It might be worth a look

PvP is quite complex in terms of IV’s, but the general idea is to have the highest IV’s without surpasing the 1500 limit.
Atk impacts CP way more than def and stamina (as stated above), so best possible combinations are low atk and high def and stamina (bar some exceptions, but not altaria’s case)
That been said, in most cases it won’t impact much in a battle. But when it does, it can win or lose you a match. So, if you are not in a hurry, better keep looking for a good swablu to evolve (you don’t know when you’re going to collect 400 candies again).
Iv’s matter in giving you an extra point of defense or stamina. One point or two is not much, but few scenarios can be decisive. If you play competitively in silph cups for example, mirror matches are quite common. Losing a mirror is losing a match more often than not. In altaria’s case, a mirror in 2 vs 2 shield scenario ends in dragon breath battle, so a single point can give you the win.

This boring talk is necesary. I used to not pay attention to this, until I lost a jungle cup using a bad vigoroth…
Goos news is that finding a good IV mon is quite easy. You don’t have to find the #1, but a good one.
1 in 40 swablu you find is top #100 on average. 1 in 20 is top #200. It’s not so difficult to find a good one. You can save high defense and stamina ones, evaluate them at home and see if they fit.
The 14/15/14 you have is #3342. It’s not bad by any means, I mean, is still an altaria and will beat mons like any altaria. But if you can find a better one, why not?
Here you have a list of the top #25 altarias, to give you a general idea. My advise is: keep looking, there are a lot of swablus out there this week, and who knows you can even find a shiny one, just to flex

You can have this one if you like? :wink:

I can be there in 9-10 hours if I get to the airport quickly enough…

I sure wish they would come up with a way to trade without having to be in person. I get that unlimited trading would result in total ruination of the game. But surely a very limited (ultra friends or best friends only/one per month or week or something/ and MAYBE a high stardust requirement) seems like it would be doable without flooding the game with everyone having perfect Pokémon’s.

Right now, it just limits the game to people who LIVE pokemon go. Casual, or even semi-serious players aren’t going to ever be competitive, or have some of the more interesting critters.

I’m sure that has been complained about long before I got here - but it does seem disheartening sometimes.

As usual, the thing that makes games like this actually worth playing and keeps them going long after they would have died off on their own, is communities like this and good people who help each other out…

Thanks as always,

Where did you get this? Calcy or Pokegenie or something else - here? That is a handy dandy list! Exactly the stuff I come here asking all of you about all the time!


IMO - the trading function is tied with gyms as the most overlooked, underserved aspect of the game as of now.

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I agree. As I learn more about the game, I realize it is actually quite a few games in one. It is very complex if you want it to be, or it can be very simplistic if you want it to be. I have a friend who travels and she has been playing since day one and never heard of IV’s until I told her about them recently. She was level 31 when she learned about them.

But for her, it didn’t matter - if I were to tell her about movesets, she would probably quit the game. She is better off just knowing that high cp = good and certain Pokémon’s are better than others and she wants to collect her Pokédex as full as possible and battle in raids and gym battles and rocket stops and such.

The good thing, is that you can dig into a site like this and be a pretty outstanding player (compared to 99% of the players) with a little work.

The bad thing is that you either need to play like a maniac if you want to be good at all parts (and have MULTIPLE versions of the various mons) if you want to be good at ALL aspects of the game, or CHOOSE which parts you want to be proficient in and leave the other parts to the side.

Obvious examples are PVP vs RAIDing and DEXING (is that a word or thing?) vs competitive play. Even PVP is kind of a choice in which levels you want to be best at…

So - as you mention - I think the app also suffers from that. There is only so much they have the time and resources to focus on, so some parts of the game suffer as a result.


(P.S. Anyone know where that list came from? Thanks!)


Hi what app is this? PokeGenie or something else? I was actually going to post this identical question so this thread is great and perfectly timed. One question : I have read posts / websites where they suggest the best Swablu / PvP Mon would be 0 attack / 15 Defense / 15 HP but I have also seen some that suggest one should just get as low an attack and close to 0% IV as possible. For example a few IV calculators show my Level 18, 16% IV (2/0/5) Swablu powers up to a higher level (30.5, CP of 1492) than my level 20, 36% IV (0/9/7) Swablu which maxes out at level 29 (CP of 1470). Both should be fine, but which strategy do you PvPros use? Thanks

The site is: @tsteele93
That page is quite clear, you can even search the best possible combination of raids or eggs, mythical encounters… (jirachi and deoxys cases) where the mon is 10/10/10 base.
PvP is quite complex, and Iv’s are good to look at, but not essential (bar some cases). Again, if you have the chance, go and power up a good one, so you have the advantage in every single case!!
Iv’s are important, but the most important thing in PvP in my opinion is team composition… then pokes… then movesets, and after that: Iv’s.
For example a legacy charizard will always be better than a regular #1 PvP Iv charizard (mine is 15/9/8 and work wonders)

Answering your question, is not the pokemon level wich makes it better or worse (in that case a 0% will be best in all cases), but stat distribution. The page I told you about does all the work for you, you only have to put the numbers and tap calculate (now that we have the exact numbers provided by the game itself this is a piece of cake).

What I do everyday is catch all pokes, and evaluate: If they have low atk and high def/stamina, I keep them. Then, when I’m at home I calculate them, and keep the best one.
Keep all #200 or #100, is a good start I think. And if you’re not in a rush, conserve unevolved forms until: you need them to play, or you find a better one to replace. I still have a #1 wingull, waiting for niantic to give wing attack + surf to pelipper, fingers crossed.
Glad to help pal!!!