Altera Santa extra copies

how do i get altera santa extra copies to np5 her ? it said that u can get her extra in the rare prism exchange store, but its seems that i cant find it at all, this is the first time i got her since i skip her event back then

The RP exchange is only in JP right now. If you’re refgerring to JP I think you need to complete the main interlude to unlock the RP shop copies? Not so sure.

If you’re talking about NA, her rerun is this November.

im talking about the jp version, yes i already finished the main interlude and i got the permanent version of her but cant find her copies in the rare prism shop

Hmm, I’ve yet to look into this much and still completing the main interlude. It doesn’t have any more details on the fandom page so I’m not sure sorry. If I find out after completing the missions then I’ll get back to you.

You have to purchase the event first from the shop and complete it before you can buy her using RP

which one ?

My guess is since the main interlude is free for a bit and once the free period is over then the additional copies (and ability to buy the main interlude if you missed it) appear after it’s free period is over

well that’s sucks if that is the case