Altera Santa's Rare Prism

Did anybody burn their welfare Altera yet and recieve rare prisms after the SIN update? I really grab those 5 RP but my game’s telling me that it’ll only give me normal MP.

Because burning any ‘welfare’ will never give RP. If you didn’t already get them, then odds are you won’t get them at any point. Did you get her last year? If not, you don’t get RP this time.


You never get RP from burning a welfare

You get only them if

A) You already 5 copies of the welfare
B) You receive the extra copies from your present box

The rare prisms will automatically appear in your box if those conditions are met


I found the Rare Prisms. Thanks for the help!

lucky you :stuck_out_tongue: I missed mine because I was waiting for more news on them and the stupid long maintenance happened and I completely forgot to exchange them.

The rare prisms should have appeared in your gift box if you were eligible to get them, there shouldn’t have been a need to redeem anything (except the copies of Altera Santa, of course).

That’s what I meant lol.