Alternate L!Ike Builds

Okay, so I’ve been using Legendary Ike as an omni-tank for arena for a while now and I am really satisfied with my current build with him (atk/spd unity, spd/def bulwark, atk/spd oath 4, but I want to do more with him. I have plenty of fodder in my barracks that I would like to use and Ike deserves it.

Player Phase

I love Alear, but man I want to fodder her soooooo bad…


I know, it will not fix his problems with dying to EP units, but fun >> winning. I have Ophelia, but no TP 4 or bridge fodder for atk/res finish 4.


sorry for the ping noodle @dimitrisnoodlehair

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yet you did it anyway you bastard


i’m conflicted by my want to show my friends the things they’re interested in and not wanting to bother them at the same time :catlie:


nah man you can ping me if someone needs help with a build lol

I like the second build; looks a lot like what I want to do with mine eventually (mine currently runs Swift Stance 3 with Special Spiral 4, but I want Spd/Res Finish on him eventually)

Finish 3s are pretty solid by themselves with the stat buffs they grant, though they don’t have the healing that the T4 version gives plus the shiny border for collector’s/aesthetic purposes. I also wish they gave us Atk/Res Finish 3 on an accessible 3-4* unit but I was impatient when giving SS4 lol

Also the first build should be pretty good for Resonant Battles RD season if you don’t have enough harmonics to fill your team slots. I run Florid Cane+ and Tempest OG Ike in PoR RB season and it’s a pretty fun build to use there lol

though admittedly I’m not much into the PvP modes like arena and AR so I’m not sure how they’d do there, I’m sorry


For the first built I’m staying away from a speed boosting A slot as there is no good way for him to compete with most speedy units. I have the necessary harmonics for resonant battles so that’s not much of a concern. The idea for the second build is to KO glass cannons, run away, and have the durability to tank one or so additional unit. I think it’ll do okay, but it needs careful team consideration to take out EP tanks (Maybe Y!Innes?). It looks really fun but I’m unsure if I should spend thr fodder yet.

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