Altina's Banner Summons - Quite a few in-depth questions for varied units

Sorry for my first tl:dr! But I think it is worth it please trust me :smiley:

After spending a few mexican pesos on all the Black Friday Packs and because my Orb stash dried out from so many GBA nostalgia that I could only use +250 orbs, I gotta say I feel incredibly happy and thankful for all the summons I got from this banner, eight 5* and 2 out of 3 wanted 4* (Selena just does not like me). I sniped red and got a lot of desired units but that brings quite a few questions regarding builds and decisions accumulating for the past few months, so thanks in advance for your help, I’ll be as concise as possible:

1 Altina +DEF -SPD: Great IVs, want to try Atk/Res Push 4 to snipe archers or biggest threat first, Vantage, Atk or Def Smoke and Brazen Atk/Res SS for sweeping later, good idea? If not, then she will stay in vanilla set to hold L! Leif fodder for the future.

1 Athena +DEF -RES (+10 project): Already have RES-oriented-refined OG Lyn and too many speedy/fragile swords, DEF is superboon and tempting to make 2 build ideas with Brashperation (Refine Despo + SS Brash Assault): 1) Pseudo-Inverse Mareeta (F. Blade 4, NullFU) for powerful Moonbows or 2) Special-Spiral Bonfire (Atk/Spd Push best A-slot?). I have Lewyn and Mareeta combat manuals. Problem is surviving until 50% HP threshold, so is it worth it or should wait for +SPD or +ATK for more common builds? Oh I just realized NullFU and Brash Assault are sometimes redundant, am I correct?

1 L! Julia +ATK - SPD: Best blue pitibreaker with best boon but I already have a +SPD - RES one with Life and Death 3 and Light and Dark B-SLot and she works just fine. But because I originally wanted to fodder her an Igrene manual for L&D 4 and Special Spiral but wasn’t too sure, I see now that merging into the +ATK Julia AND foddering Igrene gives me -1 SPD (-3 from changing boon and +2 from L&D4) but an insane +7 ATK (+4 from superboon, +2 from L&D4 and +1 from merge) plus the patching of the RES bane. Should I go for it or am I crazy for not foddering Mirror Impact? Problem is I love Speedy Julia so much and I don’t have a clear candidate for Mirror I. so I feel merging is the right choice. AND I could use more conventional RES-based skillsets. What to do?

4 L! Marths: My best blessing of this banner, Hero-King is the peak of unit performance in my entire roster since he came out and he is the center of my complete attention when summoning for teammates or skills that improve him in any way, he has carried me since he came out. Here is the result, just one more merge and he will be done.

Suggestions are more than welcome of course, just bear in mind that his 3 most common teammates are Velouria (S-support), Kaden with his buff-drives or drive-buffs and L! Eliwood, the best cheerleader ever. Of course I fear Panic, my worst nightmare, and I’m still lacking Null-CD (of the tier 4 skills, only the ones that help with survivability have my interest for him) but he pretty much is the bread and butter of my game. Oh I also have Bonus Doubler on him for those non-DC-ultratanking times.

1 Seliph +ATK (to merge to my +RES one, result is +3 merges): Just want a reassuring comment that +ATK is best boon on him. My build is Divine Tyrfing, Warding Breath, Seal Def, Threaten Def, Deflect Magic SS and AoE special for tanking, charging special and revenge killing a lot of mages. However in my experience he has been in need of more attack more often than resistance to secure kills and survive matchups, and he can’t tank the most powerful mages anyways so change of boon is best decision, right?

2 Sothis (one is +ATK –DEF, the other the exact opposite): Finally I got her after failing so much on the past, and since I am a Bonus Doubler Addict I will feed her the Black Friday L! Roy, the dilemma is, do I merge on the +ATK or fodder one for skills? If so, which non-red units are good options for her skills? Or should I go for the +DEF – ATK one?

1 Black Friday Winter Tharja: Already have her at +ATK +1 Merge, my H! Jakob already has her kit, V! Lyn and H! Henry both have Bladetomes and are Speedy RES Tanks (my infantry Bladetomes have CC-Vantage and no bulk because offense oriented), that leaves me with H! Kagero, W! Cecilia and W! Eirika, so who could be the best recipient of Tharja’s fodder?. If they are not worthy of inheriting both CC and VF then I won’t do it.

I am a dolphin player, not even nearly as half a whale but definitely not a “fish2play”, nevertheless I have some good varied fodder and patience to wait for good chances to summon good units like these when Lady Luck blesses me.

ANYONE BUT +ATK SELENA. That girl has been abhorring, loathing, despising me since day 1, I apparently am not worthy of such tsundere. However to rant about it with such blessings will be inconsiderate, so my best wishes for everyone, may you have the best of luck and make the best decisions when in adversity, remember to control your impulses! And have FUN, that’s what this game is about after all :v: