Altria Pendragon (Lily) General Discussion

Not sure if there ever was a place to discuss Saber Lily on her.

Anyway, bumped into her while I was doing the CE checking/updates. The writeup was not in a good state, so I figured I might as well just redo it so it stays relevant for, oh, 2 years at least.

TL;DR delicious NP Damage, crappy everything else, mindblowing stuff, I know.


At least she’s freaking adorable, so her sole redeeming factor being an NP that hits like a truck is entirely worth it.


The curse of being the “first welfare”. They still do odd things these days, imagine back then lol.


Can’t remember how the old one looked but it feels inline with other profiles.

That is more than enough of a reason to use someone… and for some odd reason I prefer her to OG Saber outside of gameplay. I like that her appearance isn’t static.

Just being adorable can get someone far, Serenity has that going for her as well.


True that, true that.


Well, the old writeup noted her weak NP Damage and how she has no trouble charging her NP - which, uh, no bueno.

Also Halloween Princess on the CE list always tells me I haven’t looked at it for 1.5+ years. That CE is on my sh- uh, crap list along with Guda-o and any CE that dares to mix crit and NP Damage.


You don’t like HNS? :cry:


Lily, Lily… Poor little Lily. Shame DW seems uninterested in giving her any buffs. Seriously where’s her obligatory Instinct Upgrade? It won’t save her in the long run but would make her CE choice much more flexible for her primary duty.

I mean, they put her in FP gatcha. Kinda says everything you need to know, right there…

She is adorable, though.

Caught me out there, that’s what I replace Halloween Princess with. Whoops! I think you know what sort of CEs I mean though.


HalloPri, it sure was useful for… like a year, or whatever, before we got enough pure ATK 2K CEs to functionally match if not obsolete it.

Better than could be said for a plethora of other early free CEs lmao.

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I do haha

Halloween Princess
One Summer
I don’t even like Sumo tbh because attack buffs are so common

I used to like Merry Sheep and Midsummer Moment but now I’ve gone back to using Hot Springs on crit servants.

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I mean common or not, it’s a widely applicable and very powerful CE. It’s pretty good.

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There’s a part of me that’s glad I missed Sumo, because it forces me to be slightly more creative with my CE choices.

That part of me is a damn liar who just wants to vindicate his own delusions used to hide his crushing disappointment, but I digress…


I was wondering if that was just me, not sure I’ve used mine in months.

I definitely default to hns, but I’ve been using sumo more lately now that it’s lvl 94


I’ve actually been neglecting HNS. Some of my favorites do best with BG even for farming, and Buster memers are disproportionately represented in my Chaldea, so AD is my go-to default for a lot of miscellaneous stuff.

Sumo is a great CE, but I don’t find myself using it much now except when the Servant is going to be short on ATK buffs (rare) or otherwise has a weirdly balanced deck that might not be served consistently with a specific card enhancement.

Forgot to mention that scope is of course a farming staple, so that’s yet another CE option.

It comes down to Sumo basically being the safest option for non-gacha CEs to max out first. That has a knock on effect of it suddenly being the only viable DPS CE you have (outside farming with kscope/Imaginary) until you get the next CE to a very high level where the modifier change outweighs the attack stats (especially hard for low rarity Servants).

Then there’s stuff like, do you need to hit after an NP, deck type, etc.

It’s not a big deal anyway, the hardest encounters tend to be ones where you can’t even select your own bloody DPS CE (Nero Fest). But boy does it make farming easier.

looks at Lv 100 HNS and AD

looks at Lv 36 Sumo


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It’s just the opposite solution. Especially so considering Golden Sumo could be acquired half a year earlier and some of us had it at lvl 90+ on release.

Anyway, Sumo is a superior target to level IMHO to HNS given its broader benefits when not doing 3-turn farming via NPs.