Altria vs. Sigurd

I didn’t see any topics coparing the two yet unless I missed something. But recently I summoned Altria and even though she’s not the greatest, once she gets her skill 3 upgrade, she’s pretty useful according to the tier list at least… and she has the best aoe of a saber, I think I read that correctly? Anyway Sigurd has a much higher atk but his np is only one target and the extra dmg is situational. But I really like his character design and think he’s pretty cool. Do you think he’s worth summoning for when I already have Altria or is there an even better saber coming out thats right around the corner ? Or should I not even worry about getting a new saber servant ? Very interested to hear what you guys have to say!

I don’t think it makes too much sense to compare a semi-spammy AOE Saber to an ST crit, anti-Dragon focused one, honestly, no less when both can bring value to your roster (despite my honestly thinking Sigurd is pretty dang mediocre). If you like him then that’s good enough reason to summon him, isn’t it? Like I want to NP5 Lancelot despite also wanting Dantes who is just flatly superior to him for farming and for CQs, because I like them both.

If it’s an ST Saber you’re after at all, Hokusai next year is that and is comparable to Lancelot, if you like how he plays. Convenient either way though.
If it’s ST in general I’d sooner recommend Bride (midway through next year), Okita (now or GSSRs), or Beni-enma (this NY). If it’s ST Buster, Musashi, since her kit’s got some various tools for handily dealing with gimmicks on top of circumventing the standard gorilla deck NP generation issue. From the SRs, Munenori, Diarmuid.

And yes, post-buff Artoria is very very useful. 30% charge means she combos well with 50% charge CE and Waver’s S2+3/Merlin S1, and she refunds meaning if you’re packing multiple chargers it’s entirely conceivable to double NP, which is a nice QoL for standard farming or for lotteries (there’s even an Artoria x2/Waver comp for BINY 2 out there I’m fairly sure).


Choose Altria if you want your wife to run off with your best friend.

Choose Sigurd if you want your wife to try to kill you.

Easy peasy! :grin:


If you like Sigurd go for him, gameplay wise he is the worst ST SSR Saber (just because all the others ST SSR Sabers are great servants), the clousest Saber to be release this year is Beni enma in new year.
And as someone already toll you, compare a Aoe Saber with a ST Saber have no sense, and i think that is (no offence) kinda dum or worthless

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Rip okay I was just curious about the pros and cons between the two. I didn’t realize it was a bit dumb to compare two sabers, thanks anyway

Artoria: pros: good for farming, can give a little bit of support, can use a lot her NP
Cons: her damage isn’t that great, have not survival skill
Sigurd: can give 100% star gen for one turn to one ally to gen stars for him, have a guts, have 3 times 100% crit damage up for 3 turns, have good ST damage against dragons
Cons: his cooldowns suck for the things that they give, he need help to gen stars to make crits, his skill are pretty meh in what they give, have no star gather skill because he is a criter that is a problem, his NP isn’t that great for a ST Saber if he isn’t hiting dragons

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Cool I’ll look up some stuff on Hokusai then :)

Happy to help!

Also… in broad strokes, if you mean like that:

Saber: Good:

  • Semi-spammable NP (refund on NP)
  • Star bomb
  • Party support
  • Straightforward
  • Is Saber


  • Has nothing to deal with gimmicks (e.g. invul pierce)
  • ‘Vanilla’ toolkit
  • Will eat all your food

Sigurd: Good:

  • Has a Guts, which is survivability she lacks
  • Has a niche he can work within, which is generally better than nothing
  • His powerful crit skill is very flexible (3 hit, 3 turns), at the cost of simply being for 3T, meaning you have some room to play around in/room for error
  • Has Debuff Immunity for a turn, which is another thing that can help you deal with gimmicks (e.g. ATK Down or w/e after a bar is broken)


  • Sumanai is competitive with him in-niche
  • Crit good! No starpull clunky, and from experience (if not with him, but crit units without pull), is pretty oof
  • His aforementioned general competition all have one or multiple things over him (Bride with her versatility, Okita with spamming and DEF-stacking even pre-Skadi plus an Evade for survival, Beni-enma for utility, etc.)
  • His Guts is tied to his Buster, and that steroid only lasts for 1T while the Guts for 3 instead of 5, meaning you could be making some frustrating trade-offs
  • Has cooler glasses than you by far

Or use his wife with him, that is also hard to get because límited SSR’s

The only thing that matters


Well probably if I had glasses lmao

Who his wife? I know a bit about fate but not much lol

Brynhildr, she is a ST Lancer and she is honestly a great servant that can be use as a DPS or as a crit support


Or you can just make sure of star bombs and/or star regen (e.g. post-buff Hans especially, outside of the premium choices), to where you’ve got enough you don’t need to worry. I’ve done that a fair bit.

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rood >:(


can’t admit the truth???


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Reading all these comments about Sigurd’s mediocrity saddens me because I want to roll him for seiyuu husbando purposes. :sob:

That, and I want to reunite him with his wife, Brynhildr.


Because they’ve basically got nothing in common, it’s silly to compare them.