Always fun when you find another user in Arena

@SaltLobster look who I found :eyes:

Yes, I score this low, am yet to actually make an Arena core

Gotta say, killer Legion :ok_hand:

Azama, Ryoma, and Kliff were there as well (he killed Lon’qu :tooobin:)

Probably should’ve sent a Friend request, but I’m all out of space :elisad:

Still, neat bumping into you :popcorrin:


Tis :)
I ran into Tandor the other day in AR, I kinda lost tho


I bumped into @Banraku’s team a few months ago, I wonder if anyone will ever find me


I’m pretty sure I ran into you at some point @Chippaponi , I’m not sure if I sent a request since I wasn’t on GP back then.

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Oh you did? That’s pretty cool, it must have been a while ago given the community’s only been around since March

If you want to send a request now then my ID is 9564288043, my +8 Libra is my lead at the moment but I do switch him around with Marth or Cordelia sometimes


Congrats! You met my main team of boys! I hope they gave ya good run for your money!


Sent a request! Nova is my ign by the way!

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That’s pretty cool. XD
Don’t believe I’ve ever ran into a GP user before unfortunately, but I always that’d it’d be pretty neat if I did. I wonder if anyone has ever ran into me in AR/Arena? :thinking: